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to Zach on 13 March 2021

Right this guy is HANDS DOWN the nicest, most genuine guy I’ve ever had a show with! Personable, honest, decent and hot! Will be having more!

Zach replied...
Thank you!

to Travis Maverick on 21 December 2020

Fuck! This guy is amazing! Such a nice chilled show and was happy to accommodate me. Will have more!

to Billy Bill on 13 October 2020

Amazing show! Sexy, cheeky, naughty boy! Will be having more!

Billy Bill replied...
Thanks ????????

to Mr Latz on 15 May 2020

Great first show! Make me cum loads! Sexy fucker!

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks for trying me out. Looking forward to more shows in upcoming future. Thanks again my man

to Michael Bradley on 27 March 2020

What a lovely, genuine and hot guy! Loved it! Love him! Will be back for more!

to CrissMyke on 12 March 2020

Amazing guy! Sent me a few naughty videos! So hot! Will be back for more!

to Cgbprivate on 8 March 2020

!!!!AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!! Until he sells wank n cum videos on here he is and always will be a massive scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer

Cgbprivate replied...
How can you say that when you’ve received your content?

to Blondmuscle on 4 October 2019

Amazing first show what a guy! Happy to please and no complaining! Stunning!

Blondmuscle replied...
Issue is solved, gave him a free video.. You don't have a heart to leave me such a bad review in this crisis..

to Salvo Flex on 4 April 2019

Amazing! Will have more! Stud!

Salvo Flex replied...
i enjoyed to flex for you! :-)

to muscleflexgod on 13 September 2018

Shouldn't even be a 1 star he blocked me as soon as I paid!

to Handsome Troy XXL on 13 April 2018

I have had 3 shows with him and he is very accommodating and super friendly! Very hot man indeed! Can’t wait for more!

to Tyson Carter on 20 January 2018

Great first show hoping there’s more in future! Turns me on so much!

to Caleb on 2 October 2017

OMG!!!!! Hands down the best, sexiest, cockiest show I have ever had! His ass is to die for and he is so handsome! Will be back!!!

Caleb replied...
;) il be waiting thanks!

to leanyoung on 2 September 2017

Just had a show with this guy and it was great! Will be having another!!!

leanyoung replied...
Thanks, was great will do more for sure:)

to Young flex on 28 June 2017

2nd show was hotter than the first!!! Having more!!!

to Young flex on 12 June 2017

Amazing show will be back for more! Gorgeous guy!

to MA fitmuscle on 21 May 2017

Had some technical issues but sent a 12 min video and some pics! Very hot!

MA fitmuscle replied...
Thank you :). Technical problems are almost solved.

to angusconnor on 14 May 2017

Doesn't respond to any for of contact :(

to Bradley Summers on 2 April 2017

The 4th show was incredible! This guy is cheeky, honest and genuinely a nice guy! Book him now!

to Bradley Summers on 2 April 2017

The third show drove me crazy! Book him asap!

to Bradley Summers on 2 April 2017

The second show was even better! He is so nice and accomodating!

to Bradley Summers on 2 April 2017

I have had many shows with Jay and honestly the guy is amazing! I am going to give a review per the amount oif shows I have had so I am not scamming a rating score just being fair as he has only just started to advertise on here. The first show was so hot I had to have seconds!

to theghostmuscle on 4 February 2017

2nd show in less than 10 hours and it was better than the first!

to theghostmuscle on 3 February 2017

WOW WOW WOW WOW! Incredible first show! Having another in less than 10 hours!

theghostmuscle replied...
Thank you man!! <3

to CuteCamBoi on 4 October 2016

Yet another amazing show!!!!!!!!!!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Loved it too!

to Handsome Fit Stud on 1 October 2016

I've had 4 shows from him and all were great! Super hot naughty shows!

to Jhony on 13 September 2016

Amazing show!!! Book him!!!

to alexlondon on 7 September 2016

Bought all the videos and I love them my only complaint is that he doesn't show his face as he cums - please alter that!

to YoungKris on 23 August 2016

just had a show! Amazing! so happy to please! Book now!

YoungKris replied...
your welcome :)

to Teenmuscle18 on 21 August 2016

AMAZING show! He just gets better and better and is so happy to please!

to Brett Mycles on 16 August 2016

paid him then he said bank card wasnt working. Waited 2 hours + and then when he did the show he was on his phone the most of it and just blocked the camera with his chest and then when i said 'you weret bothered' he said 'i did tell you to wait til later' Absolute time waster!. DONT bother!

Brett Mycles replied...
I apologize for my lack of professionalism in the past. hope to make amends

to ClassicPhysique on 14 August 2016

2nd show in one day and all I can say is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

to ClassicPhysique on 14 August 2016

OMG! I am in love! Just had a show and got a preview video too to put me at ease that he was legit! What can I say I am going to be having many more shows with him!

to alexlondon on 13 July 2016

I own both videos and would love more! Especially with oil, in a shower, louding dirty talk/moaning... but he is a god!!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks!! It will only get better ;)

to Handsome Troy XXL on 11 July 2016

wow 2nd show and even hotter than the first! Book now!!

Handsome Troy XXL replied...
always aiming to improve lol try my best

to Handsome Troy XXL on 10 July 2016

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! This guy is so nice, so hot and is very open to ideas! Book him NOW!

Handsome Troy XXL replied...
lol anytime for you :)

to Malachifit on 21 June 2016

This guy!!! He is amazing!!! He never disappoints! Book now!!!

Malachifit replied...
Thank you so much xoxo

to Jason Genesis on 5 June 2016

Got a super hot video! Very Very sexy and hot!!!!! I will be having more!

to GeorgeyG on 3 March 2016

had a few shows with George and all I can say is he is the best!!

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks as always buddy! Hope to talk to you soon

to Teenmuscle18 on 6 February 2016

So good! Cute and huge! Nice guy too! Will have more!

to Aaron the Muscle God on 22 January 2016

Wow an amazingly hot show! Really nice guy too!

to GeorgeyG on 17 December 2015

WOW I am in love! Very Hot and accommodating! Having more n more x

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks a lot i appreciate it :)

to CuteCamBoi on 15 December 2015

Holy shit I just had THE best show from this guy! Never never had a bad show! Book now!!!!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Awesome mate. Cam again soon! Love our regular sessions together.

to Ripkid23 on 15 October 2015

another show and it was better than last time x love this guy

to Ripkid23 on 13 October 2015

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! Book this guy! After so many con artists this guy is legit! 1000% having another show!

Ripkid23 replied...
Thanks for the positive feed back!!

to KAIN on 18 September 2015

Omg amazing guy so sexy and friendly!

to kevin beast on 13 September 2015

amaaaaaaaaazing!!!! so hot and friendly! Book now!

kevin beast replied...

to BigBoiChoi on 1 September 2015

3rd show with him and just gets hotter! Book now! Very accommodating!!!

BigBoiChoi replied...
Can't wait til I show you my new and improved physique ;]

to BigBoiChoi on 9 August 2015

2 shows in one day and this guy is just amazing!!!!! Book and you wont be disappointed!

BigBoiChoi replied...
Rest is for the weary....Let's keep going;]

to BigBoiChoi on 9 August 2015

Nothing to say but good things! Hot show! Ripped sexy body! Confidence through the roof and sexy as hell!

BigBoiChoi replied...
All the best;] Thanks bud...;]

to Mike Milan on 3 August 2015

super hot show!!!! will book again!

to Mike Milan on 2 August 2015

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Such a great show!

to Dreamcaster234 on 14 July 2015

so hot! Book this guy!

to Italian Strength on 30 June 2015

Amazing show! Book this guy and you won't be disappointed! HOT!

to Xander Flex on 22 June 2015

WOW what an amazing show and such a nice accomodating guy! Having another tomorrow!

to CuteCamBoi on 21 March 2015


CuteCamBoi replied...
Ha thanks man!

to CuteCamBoi on 17 February 2015

OMG this guy is the best BEST!!! U will not be disappointed! Just had n amazing show that blew my mind! Will book again!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks buddy!

to Six Pack Matty on 4 December 2014

amazing guy had a few hot shows now BOOK HIM UP

to CockyBoy on 22 November 2014

OMG just had a show and he is without doubt the best one this site!!!!!!!!!! Book NOW!!!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you AMAZING time with you my friend



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