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to Forbidme on 24 April 2021

“Cruelty comes only from the weak, while gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”
- Leo Buscaglia

I had been burned on TheBestFlex before. Lots of guys get requests and it’s obvious (based on their execution) that what we are is a dollar bill and nothing more. I came to the website a touch disillusioned last night after a bad experience with one of my favorite flexers, who’d led me on for... longer than I’m proud to admit, and then just dipped with my money. Against that backdrop, I watched ForbidMe’s re-debut video and I knew this would be my next purchase. So I contacted him on Skype.

ForbidMe responded immediately. He was polite, respectful, and methodical. Clearly he’s done this before, but there’s a way he speaks to you where you still feel valued and appreciated. I suppose professionalism is the right word. Making one feel like a person is a rarity in this field, and ForbidMe does it well. What’s more, he respected my boundaries and asserted his own while he did so, firmly but politely, to the point where it felt more like a mutual agreement than his request. I told him what I wanted—not particularly unique—and he asked me follow up questions, which is also rare. Usually my experience is to agonize over the message of what I want, because I want to make sure the other person understands exactly what I’m asking for. ForbidMe clearly wants to make sure that what you want, you get. So we agreed upon the video and the price, and he said I could use this website for payment. Another good sign, honestly. It’s hard to dispute claims on other money transfer apps, so it seems that transparency is another value. I sent him the money, he gave me a quick timeframe for the video’s delivery, we exchanged polite goodbyes, and I sat back, nervous that I’d set myself up for another expensive disappointment.

Today he popped up saying the finished product was in my inbox. This was much, much earlier than expected—which is either great or horrible on this site, without much of an in-between. But when I get one of these, I don’t wait to watch it.

My fucking god. You guys. My fucking GOD. It’s beyond perfect. Not only is it exactly what I wanted—literally exactly—in terms of the script I asked for, but the lighting is perfect. He knows how to get into a role. The camera is in HD. As far as the technical aspects, it’s bang on.

As for his physique—words do not do it justice. I mean, look at the photos up there. See how awesome he looks, and realize it’s somehow even better on video. The flow in his upper body, cannonball delts and razor sharp bicep peaks a huge pec shelf and one of the best cores I’ve seen on this site... it’s superhuman. And that’s exactly the attitude he portrays, and it’s why he’s in such high demand. Put shortly, he’s just GOOD at this, and there’s at least some part of him that legitimately enjoys it.

He’s been genuine, he’s been polite, he’s been punctual, he’s been consistent, and he’s been a blast to work with. He’s also earned my repeat business in the near future, and he should yours too. He nailed it on every possible level. Buy and support ForbidMe, and get ready for a fantastic experience start to finish. 5 stars

Forbidme replied...
Wow! Lost for words for your amazing review! I thank you so much for getting in so much detail about it. I do appreciate it and I hope we will work together in the future again!

to Jacob Greene on 24 April 2021

Man, I really wanted this guy to be legit. Paid him for one custom video and it was perfect. Paid him for a second one and it was excuse after excuse after excuse, and I’m finally making peace with being scammed again. Avoid this guy. Will remove this if my second custom comes in as requested

to Flexmode on 6 April 2021

Ich war sehr beeindruckt von Flexmode. Er hat dafür gesorgt, dass ich genau das bekam, was ich wollte und es war gut gemacht. Ganz zu schweigen von seinem Körperbau ist unglaublich! Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder :)

Flexmode replied...
Thanks man!

to Gato2510 on 6 March 2021

Amazing video! I ordered a collaboration video with J Vicente. They knew exactly what I wanted and made it come to life. Such a great custom video experience!! :) coming back for more absolutely

Gato2510 replied...
Thanks for you rate I hope keep playing for you

to J Vicente on 6 March 2021

Amazing video! I ordered a collaboration video with Gato2510. They knew exactly what I wanted and made it come to life. Such a great custom video experience!! :) coming back for more absolutely

to Jax Rain on 13 February 2021

One of the fastest turnaround times ever for a custom, and it’s exactly what I wanted. This guy is a real pro and I’m definitely coming back for more!!

to Travis Maverick on 10 February 2021

Travis is quick, professional, charming, attentive, and he gives a great custom! Will be back for more, 100%

to CaptainFlex on 5 February 2021

CaptainFlex is reasonably priced, super professional, and friendly to work with, but most of all—he absolutely nailed my custom video. Damn near perfect. Will definitely be coming back for more!

to Jacob Greene on 7 January 2021

He’s quick, he’s nice, he’s professional, and his custom for me was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I’m not even all the way through it but five stars. Absolutely nailed it start to finish. Fantastic experience overall. Will definitely order again.

to Roland on 21 January 2019

I really wish this could have gone differently. I truly do.

Ordered a custom video from Roland--via the email he provides on this profile--right after Christmas, and I gave him the money via PayPal on December 31. He asked me to give him the email where he could send me the video, and I gave it to him on three separate occasions. When it didn't work, I gave him a different email address with no response. It's now been three weeks since I sent him the payment, and I still haven't received any video whatsoever despite giving numerous email addresses (and attempting to contact him on Skype as well).

He seems like a charming guy, and I have no ill will towards him as a performer. I'll delete this review if I ended up talking to the wrong person by accident, or if I get the video I paid for, or if I get a refund for that video. Otherwise, I'm sad to say this was not a good experience, and I hope that I can be proven wrong.

Roland replied...
Fake people fake account...

to alexlondon on 18 June 2018

I have worked with five guys on this website directly before Alex; I asked each of them for roughly the same thing and Alex was the first to deliver exactly what I wanted. I am beyond impressed at his professionalism, his candor, his charisma and his promptness. He was a bit expensive by my standards but in Alex's case, the quality is so unbelievably worth the price. DEFINITELY coming back to him for another custom. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks man! Was great working with you too ;)

to James Branson on 30 May 2018

Ordered a custom video from him months before I got it. The video was everything I wanted, I was happy with the quality. He's a nice enough dude and his prices are reasonable; it's just that communicating with him is a little difficult.

to Atlas on 26 March 2018

So I ordered a custom video from Atlas a few months ago, and the only reason I took so long to write this review is because it took me this long to actually make it all the way through. Atlas is--first of all--a really nice guy, making a potentially awkward conversation very easy. Second of all, the payment process was very easy and very quick. And his video...

Wow. Just wow. Exactly what I asked for, with a touch of what makes him unique. I was beyond impressed with his professionalism, and his physique is always really really impressive.

The whole experience, top to bottom, was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone who asked, and I am definitely going to order another video from him when I can! Thank you Atlas!!

to daniel carter on 8 June 2017

I requested a custom video from Daniel last week, and after some timetable alignment, received the video last night.

Before I comment on its content, I find it apropos to note that I have never requested any sort of video like this before, nor did I really know where to begin. Daniel was courteous, attentive, friendly, warm, and professional. I was thoroughly impressed with his down-to-earth, take no BS approach, and he combined it with a levity and promptness that matched the caliber of his previous work I'd seen.

I'll confess I still haven't watched the entire video. It's too good. One of those things that one almost wants to leave untouched. But what I have seen reflects the very high quality I've come to expect from Daniel, and the individualization that I didn't think could be felt before my viewing. Daniel took all my requests and made them breathe, made them his own. He elevates this entire process into an art form. There's a blend of my requests and his reality that works transcendently well, and it's humbling to know that he took the time out of his day to do something like this. I couldn't be happier with my overall experience, and if you have any hesitation about contacting Daniel, I hope my experience will soothe your nerves. Front to back this has been beyond my wildest expectations.


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