Max Flex God

19 years old, young competitive bodybuilder, cocky, dominant well spoken stud.

20, 175cm (5'9"), 85kg (187 lbs)

Cluj Napoca, Romania

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19 years old, young competitive bodybuilder, cocky, dominant well spoken stud.


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About me

19 years old beast
-prodigy in this world
-CUSTOM VIDEOS, LIVE CAMSHOWS, opened to any idea, suited for everybody, don't be shy :)
Lots of content coming up stay tuned

Young Romanian bull, superior race, where true alpha males come from, filled with testosterone, sensual, beautiful and friendly muscle stud, you can't resist the charm, youngness and cockiness, outstanding physique and charismatic behaviour

Open for muscle worship, wrestling matches in meetups :).


Looking for SPONSORS
Promising future on the competing scene!!

Find me on youtube


Im open to anything
Hit me up
Skype: sergiuceclan



Snap: srgz08

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Cluj Napoca, Romania.


from Muscleworshipper1991 [30] on 11 November 2019

I am still waiting for my video. 10 weeks by now. Always get stalled if I get an answer at all. I only want my video or my money back, I don't get either. Very pityful and unfortunate.

from Momop2 [115] on 1 November 2019

Give him a chance, he had some surgery so maybe thats why he couldn't make vidoes or shows. I can confirm by a custom video he sended me. Hope he wil recover, so I can purchase more better videos of him.

from oilboy4u [485] on 28 October 2019

Well after a long wait, I finally got the vid I purchased. I bought it couple weeks before his competition, so he apologized for the delay, then after contest became ill, so another delay. Been scammed more times than I can count, sadly, so normally I would have given up on him. But during this long wait he has always kept me posted, and up to date on what was happening. Never ghosted me like some other dudes have. Got my video yesterday and was even longer than what I paid for. And was a real hot and sexy vid. Now that he is back on the scene and healthy again, give the guy a chance, we all deserve seconds now and then. Looking forward to watching this hot young stud grow!

Max Flex God replied...
Thank you very much my man :)

from dddc [365] on 6 October 2019

It’s been 3.5 weeks since I paid 100€ for a show and he hasn’t come through. One excuse after another, from competitions, to being sick, to just being busy. The fact that he doesn’t even let you know when the show will be happen unless you ask him shows that he’s a scammer. If you’re so busy and unavailable to do shows, maybe you shouldn’t be offering them in the first place and taking people’s money. If you want a quick show, this guy isn’t the one.

Max Flex God replied...
I know ive upset a lot of of people lately but the truth is ive had a painful surgery 2 weeks ago after a bad glute infection leadinginto my show and im in recovery mode, i can confirm if not trusted im really sorry ...

from Muscleworshipper1991 [30] on 26 September 2019

I habe almost the same experience as jeromeroundu2. Bought a video 4 weeks ago. He said he will have it done in a few days. Then he said it will not take long anymore. Then he said he prepared for a show...
He wanted me to send the money as fast as possible which I did. 200€! Still no video after 4 weeks. Was my first video from him and it will also be my last video from him!

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Age 20
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


Location Cluj Napoca, Romania
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