Max Flex God

20 years old bodybuilder/fitnessmodel-DOM, videos, shows, looking for potential sponsors

20, 175cm (5'9"), 85kg (187 lbs)

Cluj Napoca, Romania

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20 years old bodybuilder/fitnessmodel-DOM, videos, shows, looking for potential sponsors


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About me

20 years old beast
-prodigy in this world
-CUSTOM VIDEOS, LIVE CAMSHOWS, opened to any idea, suited for everybody, don't be shy :)
Lots of content coming up stay tuned
-DOM- come submit
Worship and admire ;)
Young Romanian bull, superior race, where true alpha males come from, filled with testosterone, sensual, beautiful and friendly muscle stud, you can't resist the charm, youngness and cockiness, outstanding physique and charismatic behaviour

Open for muscle worship, wrestling matches in meetups :).


Amazon giftcards aswell

Looking for SPONSORS
Promising future on the competing scene!!

Find me on youtube

Im open to anything
Hit me up
Skype: sergiuceclan



Snap: srgz08


from heikom77 [93] on 9 May 2020

yesterday i order a video from him. today i get it. so 100 points for him. he still friendly and take time to now what the customer like to see in the video

Max Flex God replied...

from heikom77 [93] on 6 May 2020

still now i can not say anything bad about him. only one thing is bad- he stay very fare place. ;)

from heikom77 [93] on 1 May 2020

i love to work with him. yesterday talk about a video to buy. i send the money and this morning i wake up and get the video. - so no bad things to say about him

from heikom77 [93] on 27 April 2020

i order 2 videos from him and i get them. after some days. hey guys understand it the guys who do customvideos have normal live and work too

from RBJ89 [1265] on 26 April 2020

Followup; after all of this he responded and said he wold pay from his own pocket to purchase the correct clothing I requested for the video. The delivery would take a week and would arrive on the 24th. He even showed me the item he ordered and it was correct. 24th arrives and he has the wrong item. When asked he first tried to say that's why I approved and when I said that's not what he showed me he just says "Well, what's the difference?" The difference is you're already in hot water for being a week late (two weeks now) with the video, and terrible at communicating with me. I gave you one last chance, gave a DETAILED description of what I wanted and said no exceptions. I have now spent the past two days trying to get me money back and he's back to ignoring me.
This is ridiculous, this boy is a p*ss poor businessman and a scammer, he just wants to get as much money as he can out of people with as little effort on his part as possible. That and/or a "I got the money, screw what he requested I'm just gonna do whatever whenever I get around to it."

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Age 20
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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