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to craving4power on 18 February 2019

I just watched my first custom video from Cezar and it was AMAZING! It was everything I hoped for and more! I was blown away. The detail, the attitude and the body! WOW! It was a role play of sorts and he nailed every detail. I gave him a rough outline of what I wanted and he created a scene that was beyond even what I had imagined on my own. He even added sound effects!!! I am already working on the idea for the next one. His voice, his body, his smile...they all make his videos a complete muscle escape! Get your ideas to him ASAP. You will be so happy you did. ?????????????????????????

craving4power replied...
Thank you soo much for the feeback buddy

to Caleb on 5 July 2018

To say Caleb is amazing would be an understatement. I've had at least 8 cam shows with him and each one is better than the last!! He's super friendly, considerate and always goes above and beyond to make sure I'm enjoying myself. He's been amazingly flexible with scheduling time with me. His smile is killer, that body....well, it's amazing. I was a little nervous to ask him to do the roleplay I wanted but he put me at ease and has delivered one incredible show after another. He totally gets what I love and brings his dominant alpha side into the mix which really makes the scene even better. He is totally in synch with my interests and ad libs like a pro. Run, Run, Run to schedule a cam show with him. You will not be sorry. Oh! And did I mention, those arms, those abs, that back, those shoulders..... Is it hot in here????? LOL


Jacked Jake

Young college bodybuilder who loves to show off

24 y/o

182cm (6'0")

100kg (220 lbs)