The sexiest alpha ;)

23, 169cm (5'7"), 78kg (172 lbs)

Louisville, Kentucky

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The sexiest alpha ;)


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About me

Hey! My name is Caleb. 23 years old. I am full of energy. Love being active and lifting hard in the gym. I'm sculpting the perfect body ;) Any type of roleplay or situation you throw at me, I can do it better. Hit me up anytime!

Profile pic is always most recent. There is a calebsky skype account that doesn’t have my pic on it. My main one always has a pic of me. If you cant find me on skype just shoot me an email. And il find you.

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Louisville, Kentucky.


from Runner55 [6] on 10 March 2019

Simply amazing! Caleb is not only professional and very easy to communicate with, but he is also incredibly talented! He was able to turn in a performance above and beyond my expectations because he interprets what you ask for and adds that extra ‘it’ factor which also made the video an extremely positive surprise! This guy has it all; he’s beautiful, hot, perfectly well rounded physique, and he’s funny where humor is needed! I’m definitely going to make more video requests from him because he’s the most talented wrestler/performer on any site I’ve seen and done business with to date!!

from TM95 [179] on 24 February 2019

This guy knows what he is doing and is honest in his business. There should be more guys like this on the sight instead of the low class scammers taking advantage. I would give Caleb a 10 is I could.

from Kamaswami [345] on 24 February 2019

So, I just finished my 3rd meetup with Caleb, and I have nothing but great things to say. He followed my requests completely and was genuinely interested in making sure I was happy. He is friendly, seems genuine, and is unbelievably hot. Cant wait to see him again!

from jwest1111 [21] on 18 February 2019

Caleb made an (almost) true to life video for me of what happened after Dick, big Varsity High School Letter Man Wrestler at my high school, comes up to me on my way home as I’m carrying a load of books. He’d been bothering me a lot lately. So, I say something like. "Hey, varsity man, how come you're always wearing your varsity jacket if you’re so great? I say you're a big so what! I bet you lost all your matches this year!" I shove him, and he tells me to come over to his house, wrestle him, and see who loses. Caleb portrayed every facial expression emotion and said it all with the right words, and right voice tone like born actor! At the same time, he kept showing off his big biceps and great bod and flexing his arm into my neck (like he was sleeper holding me). Seeing him up close, he had more muscle than I’ve ever thought. Distance shots just don’t do him justice. He’s five stars hot!

from j11 [135] on 17 February 2019

Simply amazing, looked stunning and played out requests well. Caleb oiled and dog collared is one hell of a sight.

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Age 23
Height 169cm (5'7")
Weight 78kg (172 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


Location Louisville, Kentucky
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