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to Max Flex God on 18 December 2019

Max Flex God DID come through with the video -- so while I did post a one-star review, this one is a 5*****, not only for getting the video to me but for doing as I asked.

In addition, he gave me 5 more minutes than I paid for, which I didn't request, and he also followed with a few emails asking if I got it, how I liked it, etc.

Max looks great and if you want an alpha, he can definitely fill that request and make you worship him. He's Romanian, but his English is EXCELLENT, and in fact is better than the English of native-born Americans. I love the verbal side of these videos, and that's often a fail with guys outside America. Not with Max.

So, yes, I did wait a long time for the video. Max did give me details of why he was late with the video and running behind, but like most people, I wanted the video within a short time after paying.

The key, though, is that he DID come through -- and I do trust him enough to order from him again. I've bought a ton of custom videos, and Max definitely delivers the goods.

He did not get on me for posting a negative review of him -- not once. He never asked me to delete it or to write this review. I OFFERED to write it, because it seems only fair to a guy who DID come through and HAS been conscious of how I feel.

to Max Flex God on 22 November 2019

2 1/2 months and still no video -- I'm out $50. and scammed again after he promised he would NOT scam me.

It's one excuse after another or no answer to emails, and yet he keeps up with his Best Flex page. I've asked for my money back SO many times it's ridiculous.

Just a complete disappointment.

Max Flex God replied...
Yes, I delivered now :) im back

to Max Flex God on 5 September 2019

When buying a custom vid, Max emailed me 5 times to answer questions, set the price, etc. He said he'd make the video immediately. After paying him, I haven't heard from him for 4 days and he isn't responding to emails. I will gladly delete or change this review if Max comes through, but I'm now wondering if I've been ripped off.

Max Flex God replied...
Bro you havent been ripped off I will deliver today :) sorry for the delay im 2 weeks out from my show kinda busy :(

to Mr Latz on 27 March 2019

Mr Latz scores again! Dude is as hot as ever, and the best fucking alpha I've ever bought a vid from! He is so damn good looking and sexy as fuck -- and he knows it. Whether he poses and flexes or just smiles, he knows you're drooling over that amazing body and perfect bubble ass. Just smokin' hot from head to toe.

Want him to tease you and own your ass? He'll deliver what you want like you never had it before, and you'll love it all.

Mr Latz is so fucking perfect, and I'm ready for whatever he can give me.

to Mr Latz on 1 March 2019

Another 5***** review from me -- Mr Latz delivered again! Frankie is my go-to at Best Flex, because he knows what I like and what I want, and he give his best. The body is amazing, and he's always in shape, and he knows how to show it off.

Frankie is powerful and dominant, and his verbal is as good as his physique. That wicked smile tells you he knows he's hot and proud of it, and that you want it -- and will come back for more. You want flexing with the cocky? Then this guy's got it. You want to be bashed and dominated and degraded? Nobody is better.

Mr Latz is also one of the few guys who follows up and asks if you're satisfied with the video, and is also open to suggestions. He's a good guy and def worth it. With some muscle guys, one vid is enough to satisfy me, but not with Frankie. I keep going back to him. He knows he has a hold on me hehe

to Mr Latz on 10 November 2018

Just ordered another custom from Frankie -- because nobody does it better. He looks incredible and is hot and sexy as fuck. If you want the cocky, THIS is the guy to get a vid from.

I love the trash talk, and no one will fucking destroy you better than Frankie hehe. He's a fucking MASTER at owning my faggot ass, and I love it!

to Mr Latz on 6 September 2018

Simply the best.

Got my 3rd custom vid from Frankie, and as usual, it was awesome. He covered everything I asked him for, and looked incredibly hot and sexy doing it. I love the verbal stuff, and Frankie is sooooo damn good at it. I can never make it through the video in one sitting hehe

You want him to be cocky? He will blow your mind with attitude and superiority. You want swearing and a middle finger? Just ask and Frankie will not only give it to you but enjoy himself while he's at it.

Importantly, he's responsive to emails, and will message you to let you know what's going on. In a world of scam artists, this guy is the real deal. I know he has my trust.

I cannot get enough of Mr Latz.

to Ubsx01 on 27 July 2018

USBX is just incredible. Dependable, efficient, responsive to emails -- and he delivered the custom the SAME DAY I paid for it. That NEVER happens. I've been disappointed so many times before, but this beast was better than I expected and hoped.

He wears sunglasses in the vid, but is really good looking -- handsome and sexy -- and has a strong, masculine voice. He delivered exactly the kind of custom vid I wanted. He's built like a god, and if you want verbal and a cocky attitude, he'll deliver that in spades. On the first viewing, I couldn't make it past the 3 minute mark -- that's how good he is and how good he looks.

I wanted a bully talking to me while he posed and showed off his arrogance, and that's exactly what I got. Just amazing.

My order for another custom has already been placed.

to Mr Latz on 23 July 2018

I found my new favorite -- Frankie is just incredible. Dependable, efficient, responsive to emails, accommodating. I've been disappointed so many times before, but Frankie was better than I expected and hoped.

He delivered exactly the kind of custom vid I wanted. He's hot, he's sexy, he's built like a god, and if you want verbal and a cocky attitude, he'll deliver that in spades. On the first viewing, I couldn't make it past the 3 minute mark -- that's how good he is and how good he looks.

In an email, he wanted to know if I was happy with the vid, so this is an alpha who aims to please, and does. I'm already ordering another custom.

I've watched and bought tons of flex and worship videos. It doesn't get any better than Frankie Lats.

to Youngncharge on 15 March 2018

Josh is hot shit, period. Just watched his sex tape -- awesome body with an 8" cock that his hot gf is more than happy to get slammed with. Damn, he fucks her good!

If you want hard, hot verbal and a body and attitude that won't quit, give Josh a try. You won't be disappointed. He knows how to be hot, and if you want to be treated like a faggot bitch, he'll do it until you can't fucking breathe hehe

This dude is walking sex. I have another vid on order and cannot wait to get it.

to Tyson Carter on 15 March 2018

Bought 2 more vids from Ty since my last reviews....and he's still fucking awesome!

Great prices, and he often gives more time than you pay for, always trying to please the customer while playing the alpha. And believe it, he knows how to be an alpha who can dom you, whether you want him to be nice or treat you like a faggot.

I've bought a lot of custom vids from alphas, but no one's been more responsive and quick than Ty. He gets the vids done and sent faster than anyone, sometimes within hours and never more than a day later. You'll never have to send him a note saying "It's been 6 weeks since I paid you. Where's my video?"

He's a gorgeous guy with great hair and thick, beautiful lips. He's got a killer body that he loves showing off and nipples that won't quit. He's got an ass that's perfection. He's got a bulge that lives up to the rest of him.

I def recommend Ty -- HIGHLY.

Rick ranger1rg at comcast dot net

to Riley Jackson on 14 March 2018

Riley is fucking amazing, period. Before you finish watching one of his vids, you'll KNOW you have to order another one.

Whatever you want him to be, he's not only up for it but ready to please. He takes requests and can be as laid back or as hardcore as you like. I personally love hardcore verbal, and the custom vid Riley made for me is much so that I couldn't get through it in one sitting.

Riley is super responsive on Skype, easy as hell to talk to, and very quick with the video orders. His rates are really reasonable, too. I've been scammed plenty by muscle vid guys, and that makes me appreciate a trustworthy guy like Riley even more.

Gotta ad -- Riley is hot as fuck and knows how to show off his incredible body. He's the real deal.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you for the review Rick, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! You're also cool to talk to. Keep fooling around with that guy lol

to Tyson Carter on 26 February 2018

Ty is incredible. Responds right away to emails, makes and delivers custom vids within 24 hours, and does everything he can to please. Make a suggestion and Ty will do it, looking hot as fuck while he does, whether it's posing and flexing or dominating with rough verbal. For 18, he sure as fuck knows what he's doing. I've ordered 3 vids, and he gets better and better.

to Jay Felix on 20 February 2018

AMAZING custom video, delivered within a day and made exactly as I wanted. Rick is gorgeous with an awesome body, and he knows it. He's cocky as FUCK and that's what I wanted. VERY strong verbal skills, which I also wanted. If you like being dominated or bashed, Rick is perfection. Honestly, it took me multiple viewings to get through his entire vid -- that's how good he is.

Jay Felix replied...
Jockboyrick hell ya man loved owning you ! You know who the real God is around here ! Looking forward to making the next one !!

Cocky Dominant Hunk Owns You

to Cocky Dominant Hunk Owns You featuring Mr Latz on 25 May 2020


Mr Latz -- still the best, and this long vid proves it. Handsome as fuck with a jacked, swole, and sexy body, Frankie not only dominates you, but knows how to fucking OWN you.

He knows what you want and he gives it to you, knowing you're week just watching him and wanting him. This straight alpha loves to tease and torture betas and fags, and no one does it better.

Mr Latz is cocky as fuck, and those of us who love that really appreciate someone this hot who knows he's the best and that he's fucking incredible. If he degrades your with his nasty mouth, it's because you fucking deserve it -- and you will bone up as soon as he tells you what you are and how he owns you.

You like beautiful pecs? Lats? Traps? Quads? Glutes? Then you cannot do better than Mr Latz. I'm his words, he'll keep you "drippin'" whole he empties your fucking balls.

Am I overboard? Nah. This vid is so worth it. Latz is a fucking KING.

Mr Latz

Great body, hot as fuck alpha. Frankie makes great vids that show off his amazing body and personality.

10 May 2019

Mr Latz

Handsome as fuck, incredible symmetry -- just a gorgeous dude,

27 March 2019

Mr Latz

Jesus Christ, what a hot guy. Love those beautiful pecs and nips.

27 March 2019

Mr Latz

Sexy Mr Latz with the amazing GUNZ!!!

27 March 2019

Mr Latz

Sexiest guy on The Best Flex

1 March 2019

Mr Latz

Soooo damn sexy.

2 February 2019

Mr Latz

Ripped as FUCK!

2 February 2019

Mr Latz

Dem full thick joooocy pecs....DAYUM!

2 February 2019

Mr Latz

Always in great shape -- and what a beautiful ass that makes that symmetry even better!

2 February 2019

Mr Latz

As usual, so fucking beautiful.

27 January 2019

Mr Latz

So fucking beautiful.

17 November 2018

Riley Jackson

Riley looking fucking hot in this pic! Damn, that ASS is as nice as the rest of him, and I love those big triceps, too! Fucking hot guy. I love being his fag.

10 November 2018


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