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to James Branson on 24 January 2020

I'm writing this review to further drop his rating and to let everyone know, that I contacted him via e-mail and he responded. He replied to all my questions concerning the payment but as soon as I asked him about the custom video I bought in july 2019 ... nothing.

Beware of this scammer.

to Damoninferno on 24 January 2020

For those who don't understand german:
He replied to my first review by claiming it's all bullshit and insulted me.

He has to this day still not apologized, explained, delivered or refunded anything.

The guy is a scammer and you should absolutely not trust him.

to James Branson on 3 January 2020

He still has not responded to me, so here's another review.

to Aesthetic Body on 6 December 2019

This young man is not only super ripped and hot as hell but also really easy to talk to and actually cares for what you're saying. Probably one of the nicest guys on TBF! And so muscular!
Absolute recommendation.

to Flexmode on 6 December 2019

He is nice and all, but it took him ages to send my custom video and he didn't exactly do what we had agreed on, so ...

Flexmode replied...
Regarding I’m not doing anything on Bestflex for about 6 months this review is for when exactly?

to Max Hardy on 15 November 2019

This is by far the nicest guy on TBF. He really cares about what you have in mind, listens, asks questions if necessary and is just super friendly and passionate.
Obviously he also looks spectacular. His muscles are on point the proportions perfect and he is just all in all super handsome.
And: I got my video exactly when he said I would, so I'll add reliability to his pro-list.

to Willy on 13 November 2019

Absolutely amazing. Willy is super nice and easy to talk to, open minded and - obviously - freaking hot. I got a custom video from him and after only 20 minutes I was already watching it. Ill definetely be back for more of this gorgeous stud. :)

Willy replied...
Thank you!!

to EvanHoti on 13 November 2019

A very hot and nice guy, but I had to remind him of my already paid for custom video several times.

EvanHoti replied...
Please ... contact with me . My skp Forsakenk

to Bicep Bryce on 14 September 2019

I bought a custom video by this awesome young stud and all I can say is: I loved it!
He was very very easy and nice to talk to and delivered the video exactly when he said he would. Obviously he also did exactly what we had agreed on before.
And he looks and sounds just amazing.
Thank you sooo much! :)

to Damoninferno on 13 September 2019

He was very nice and easy to talk to at first but after he had received the money for the custom video he didn't deliver. Instead he made excuses and eventually stopped replying.
Huge disappointment.

Damoninferno replied...

to Jay Tee on 12 August 2019

It did take him a while to reply to my first message but since then he was really easy and fun to talk to and I had my amazingly hot custom video in no time.
And don't even get me started on his looks ...!

to Bryan Long on 11 July 2019

Already had two shows with this amazing stud and there will be more.

to James Branson on 3 July 2019

Unfortunately he deliberately ignores me since I paid for my custom video.

To see if hes just busy, I hit him up with a different account and got a response right away - until I revealed it was me.

to FlexMasterJoe on 29 June 2019

I bought a custom video and Im more than happy with it.
The comunication was nice and easy, he asked for more information and delivered the video super quickly.
Oh and of course he looks absolutely georgeous!
Im SO gonna come back. ;)


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