Aesthetic Body

The youngest and most pleasing physique you will find!

21, 180cm (5'11"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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The youngest and most pleasing physique you will find!


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About me

I have been working on my physique for 6 years now, and I am happy to present you with a God-like physique to please your eyes and any other needs you may have ;)
From here on out, I will only get bigger and better! So stick around for future goodness and lets enjoy life together!

Send me an e-mail or add my Skype to request custom flex videos/shows & worn gear!


from Karuc [65] on 6 December 2019

This young man is not only super ripped and hot as hell but also really easy to talk to and actually cares for what you're saying. Probably one of the nicest guys on TBF! And so muscular!
Absolute recommendation.

from 987654321 [50] on 7 November 2019

Adrian is divine perfect humble polite considerate kind I really get no words to describe. Made me two excellent videos of ultra qualities showing every detail of your body.Adrien is able to take anyone in paradise in fractions of minutes. Congratulations Adrian you are getting better every day you deserve 1000 grade and more.Thanks for listening...Thank you for existing...

from Shiwa [148] on 2 November 2019

This guy exceeded my expectations by far. I mean like really. I bought so many videos from him and it's getting better and better. The last one totally blew up my mind!
I've never met a guy who has been paying attention to details as much as Adrian. He notices what I like and keeps that in mind, in the last video I agreed with him to surprise me. Man, never ever I've seen a better video than that one.
He's getting bigger and more ripped every time, his veins alone make me so weak. The way he poses and flexes his muscles is an own category, the whole presentation is out of this world. Another reason why I will always coming back for more is his personality: such a kind hearted and easy going guy, always funny to chat with him! He treats you with respect what makes the videos much more personal.
So let me say thank you for everything at this point. Can't wait to continue with everything!

from 987654321 [50] on 13 October 2019

This boy is so much more than handsome. I am speechless to describe. Very polite and considerate your video has a very good quality . It has a wonderful body. Congratulations you deserve so much more than 5 stars. Thank you very much. It always goes on so you will get better and better.

from Samson71 [765] on 7 October 2019

This young muscle stud made me an incredible flex video yesterday. Received it within 1.5 hours of the request. Incredible bicep and chest definition. Plus a friendly and cool demeanour. Top level stuff with this man!

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Age 21
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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