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to Tyson Carter on 9 October 2019

Tyson is not only a great performer, but he is an all-around amazing dude to talk to. You will feel completely relaxed during the show as if you're talking to an old friend. (And if you're not into feeling relaxed - he can take on any role!) He is very creative and genuinely enjoys getting into what you need for a show.
Good looks, great physique, amazing flexing, and a charming personality. Fantastic roleplay and detailed imagination. Thanks for some memorable shows!!

to Tyson Carter on 4 September 2019

I just finished another cam show with Tyson, and I cannot speak highly enough about this guy. His great looks are only surpassed by his amazing personality. He is super easy to talk to and will listen to all the ideas you have and the sprinkle in some ideas of his own. He can very quickly tune into what it is that you enjoy and then he just takes off and delivers a mind-blowing performance. A very genuine and trustworthy dude... don't miss out on getting a show or video from him!

to Tyson Carter on 22 August 2019

I just had my first cam show with Tyson, and I have to echo all the other positive reviews here... this dude is amazing! He took my idea for a roleplay and delivered on it with great acting skills. And his body looks just as great in clothes as it does out of them. If you're reading this, and haven't hit him up for a show yet, you should stop waiting and do it now!

to craving4power on 22 July 2019

I just finished a show with craving4power - WOW! First off, it was a dual show with both him and Iron Muscles from Flex4Me (I don't think he has a TBF profile). They both took the script I prepared and delivered an amazing performance! Craving4power is a great actor and gets totally into the role. Not to mention, both guys are big and very good-looking! I had a great time and will definitely be back for more shows. Hit him up with your idea, I doubt you'll be disappointed!

craving4power replied...
Thank you soooo much man !!

to craving4power on 13 May 2019

If you are into roleplay, you've come to the right profile! Craving4power is a natural actor - just give him your idea, and he will improvise it perfectly! He pays attention to the littlest of details and puts a lot of emotion into the show. He is very easy to talk to when setting up the show, and is a pleasure to talk to. Not only does this dude look great on camera, but he knows how to make things fun too! Not a single negative thing to say about the whole experience. I highly highly recommend craving4power!

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much man

to James Branson on 23 April 2019

I had my first show with James Branson. Super nice dude, looks great and has a great personality to match. I really enjoyed the show, he listened to all the details of my requests and delivered on what I was looking for. I'll be back for another show for sure!

to craving4power on 1 April 2019

Wow. Craving4power has got to be one of the best roleplayers out there. I just finished up my first show with him. He was not only receptive to my requests but also very invested in the ideas, and was very cool as we discussed at length what I was looking for. And the build up was worth it - he delivered an amazing roleplay show! He is very attentive to detail and strives to fulfill your request exactly as you want. And it is very clear that he enjoys acting. Good looks, amazing physique, and a friendly personality to match. I will most certainly be having another show with him... and you should too!

craving4power replied...
Thanks a lot buddy, glad you liked it

to Alpha Kade on 18 February 2019

I just finished up a cam show with Dalton, and man can I say it completely exceeded my expectations! He was very open to listening thoroughly to my requests and showed such enthusiasm talking about it. And then that enthusiasm carried over to the show, because he put on an amazing roleplay! I definitely look forward to getting another one. He verifies himself before the show, and checks during the show to make sure everything is how you want it (from cam quality to the show itself). I highly recommend him!

to Caleb on 7 March 2018

It's been a while since I posted my last review of Caleb but I've had plenty of shows with him. Just had one today. Every show has been amazing, exceeding anything I can imagine. You can tell he sincerely enjoys doing what he does. Give him an idea an he will blow your mind with how perfect he brings your fantasy to life!

to Caleb on 23 August 2017

I don't know what's left to say. Caleb is amazing, and the best out there. We've done so many shows that he knows exactly what to do to get me going. It's as though he has leapt directly from the fantasies in my head onto the screen. And I have to say I also enjoy that while we're talking during the show (and I think I talk a lot haha), I feel like I'm talking to a friend. That's how comfortable this dude can make you feel. Great guy in both body and personality!

Caleb replied...
:) thank you !!

to Caleb on 4 August 2017

My first review of Caleb using the new star rating system. But 5 stars are not enough for this guy! Caleb puts the BEST in TheBestFlex, because he is undeniably one of the hottest and best performers out there. Every show I have with him blows my mind and is intensely fun and enjoyable. I've said it before, as have many others, but he comes with my HIGHEST recommendation!!

to Caleb on 29 May 2017

Another show with this amazing stud! Caleb has it all: good looks with the most amazing smile I've ever seen, a great body that he knows how to show off every muscle that you can't take your eyes off of, a personality that makes you feel completely relaxed, and the ability to sense exactly what you like and put on a performance that you will never forget.

to Caleb on 26 April 2017

I had yet another mind-blowing show with Caleb. Once he knows what you like, he runs with it. And oh man does he know how to perform. I didn't have to say much, from doing shows with him he knew exactly what to do, and every single movement and pose was what I liked to see and beyond. I really, really enjoy doing shows with him; every show is so much fun!

to Caleb on 5 April 2017

Once more, I had an amazing cam show with Caleb. He puts so much into each show, and once he knows what you like he takes it and runs with it and performs way above any expectation. And you can tell he enjoys what he does, which really adds to the quality of the show! If you haven't had a show with him yet... why not??

to Caleb on 20 March 2017

Just finished up another show with Caleb. I've said it all before so I'll keep this one short and to the point: Caleb is hands down the BEST cam guy out there!

Caleb replied...
your the best !! :)

to Caleb on 23 February 2017

I've lost count of how many shows I've had with Caleb. His shows are exceptional. He puts so much effort into each and every show, and always delivers exactly what I'm looking for. He's really easy to talk to and is one of the nicest guys I've ever done a show with. And his physique is in perfect shape and he definitely loves to show it off. Thanks for another great show!

Caleb replied...
Your welcome !! Thanks, I love our shows ;)

to Caleb on 14 January 2017

I know everything has been said before, but I'm going to say it again. This guy is amazing. I just now had yet another show with Caleb, and once again I was blown away by the performance. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are enjoying yourself. This guy has it all: looks, body, and personality. Just one look at his killer smile while he's flexing and you'll know you picked the right guy for a show. I can't say enough great things about him. Thank you, Caleb, and looking forward to the next show!

to Caleb on 22 December 2016

I usually don't get shows this often, but I was so impressed with the show yesterday that I decided to treat myself to another show with Caleb! Again, WOW. Perfect execution of everything I requested. And he is as good-looking as he is muscular. My recommendation to whoever is reading this review... do not miss out on this guy!

Caleb replied...
😝 it was fun. Thank you so much

to Caleb on 21 December 2016

WOW. Allow me to add to the positive reviews here. I just had a show with Caleb, and it was fantastic. He genuinely enjoys showing off. He was very accommodating to my requests and put on one hell of a show. He was a great guy to talk to as well. I will definitely be back for another show. Message him for a show and I doubt you'll be disappointed!!

Caleb replied...
Thaaaaaank you!! :)

to Cameron Walker on 27 October 2016

I just had my first cam show with Cameron. Note I say first, because it will definitely not be my last! He is very professional to deal with and went above and beyond to deliver on my requests. His biceps are huge and his pec bouncing is amazing even under a few layers of clothes. I add my voice to the other positive reviews here. Check him out!

to Justin Sanders on 10 August 2016

I'm going to add my voice to the other positive reviews here. Justin is a great guy who was very professional and listened to all my requests and performed them well. The show was great and his cam is very high quality. I strongly recommend him!

Justin Sanders replied...
thank you, Kevin!

to HornyIrishStud on 25 February 2016

Got a second, longer show from him tonight. He delivered an amazing show! He took the time to make sure he knew exactly what I was looking for and then performed just the way I wanted. He definitely aims to please. Great show!

to HornyIrishStud on 23 February 2016

I just had a show with HornyIrishStud. He was very accommodating to requests and put on a great show. Very easy to talk with and discuss things with about the show. And he performed quite well. Check him out!

to GeorgeyG on 26 January 2016

The other reviews may have already said it, but this guy puts on an amazing show! Very nice guy to talk to, and extremely attentive to the details of what you're looking for. He's got a great body and great personality. Highly recommended!

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks for that man, always wanna make you're you get what you wanna see :) nice camming with you man

to Riley Jackson on 21 January 2016

Just finished a show with Riley. Great guy with an amazing body and a cool personality to match. He delivered on all my requests and put on a fantastic show!

Riley Jackson replied...
I got those shirts ready

to daniel carter on 13 January 2016

Just finished yet another show with this guy. I can't give enough great feedback about Daniel. He is, hands down, the absolute nicest guy I have ever spoken with online. His shows are amazing, and his body keeps getting bigger and better. And he always ensures you're getting the experience you want in the show. Do not hesitate to reach out to him. It's always a lot of fun!

to Dimitri Valentino on 25 November 2015

I just finished a show with this guy. He's a great looking guy and puts on a great show. Very easy to talk to and accommodating to requests. I definitely will be returning for another show!

Dimitri Valentino replied...
Thanks for the feedback!

to daniel carter on 9 September 2015

I just had another show with Daniel, and I cannot say enough good things about this dude. He doesn't just try to please... he goes above and beyond. The show was fantastic. He's a great guy. Give him a try, you won't be disappointed!

to Flexstud269 on 19 August 2015

Just had a great show with Flexstud269. He was very accommodating and listened to all my requests, and performed perfectly. Great poses, loved the bicep flexing and the pec bounce!

to daniel carter on 11 May 2015

I just had a cam show with Daniel. He was very professional and put on great show. He was very patient in listening to my requests. I highly recommend him!

to CuteCamBoi on 3 December 2014

Just finished a show. This guy is very fun and accomodating. He listened to my requests and delivered great show. Awesome looks too, with a killer smile! Very professional to deal with as well. I highly recommend giving him a try!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks. Can't wait for the next show. That was fun!

to Jake Hunter on 4 October 2014

I just got a show from Jake. Very accommodating to my requests and he definitely loves showing off. Great body and great looks. I'll definitely be returning for more.

Jake Hunter replied...
Always love showing off for my fans. Happy I was able to fulfill your requests. It was fun doing the show for you.

to SatisfactionHD on 14 June 2014

I just finished up a show with SatisfactionHD. He came across very easy to talk to, and was very accommodating to my requests. The cam show he delivered was beyond excellent. He took the requests I gave him and ran with them above expectations. He has a great imagination and delivers what he promises. And the fact that a portion of his proceeds go towards helping the homeless speaks highly of his character. I strongly recommend him and will definitely get a show from him again.

SatisfactionHD replied...
Thank you soo much for the amazing review, that was such a fun and exciting show!!!! Great concept and best time I had roleplaying. You did very well yourself and I cannot wait until we meet again

to Matthew James on 30 November 2013

I just did a camshow with Matthew, and I want to say that he performs amazing on cam. He listened to my requests and delivered an excellent show. As stated in a previous review, he is extremely friendly, reasonable, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!

Matthew James replied...
Thank you, Kevin! I am very glad you enjoyed it! I had a great time entertaining you as well! Hope to hear from you again soon! Thanks, MJ


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