Posing To Keep My Job with Travis Maverick

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Travis' temp contract is coming to an end, so he decides to come in early and speak to the boss to see if there are any permanent positions available. But Travis has a secret weapon up his sleeve... or rather, under his shirt... because he knows the boss can't get enough of his sexy muscular body.


All American Hunks | Vertical


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Okay, Travis, but if you want to work in my company you'd better drop your Calvins, too. Great legs, though.

Rafe31 [1180] on 9 Aug 2023

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Travis put on one hell of a roleplay! His acting is incredible and he really gets into the scenes. I'm really hoping to see more like this!

Kevinpa2000 [290] on 17 Jan 2022

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Really awesome concept for a role-playing video. Travis looks absolutely amazing. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because there wasn't enough flexing. He could've incorporated more poses while he spoke. Out of an 11 minute video, I think he flexed maybe 45 seconds.

GagaLoo [3425] on 15 Jan 2022

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