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to BrutalMuscleGod on 10 March 2019

Just received my latest video from the master of flexing ...Brutal Muscle God. If one is into huge thick bodybuilders in their off season look, now is the time to contact him. He says soon he will be starting to cut. His muscles now are so thick, full and powerful looking. When he does a most muscular pose, he looks like he could crush an oak tree in a bear hug. This video showed Brutal doing what he loves to do...flexing his thick bulging muscles.
Videos that I have received from him in the past involved scripted scenes from me, roleplays that he took and made them his own that were so much more than I had expected. Brutal is a natural in front of the camera. Catch him now in off season mode with slightly hairy physique. Looking forward to see how far he goes with the cutting this time, since he has competed in the past. As shown in his pics.

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Couse i cant stop FLEXING . thank you ! =)

to BrutalMuscleGod on 11 August 2018

Just received my 2nd custom video from Brutal. Of course Brutal is thick muscularity personified. He loves to pose and show off his size and one can imagine his power. I sent him a rather extensive roleplay idea. I would have been happy if he achieved most of what I wanted. Not only did he do that.....

He took my ideas above and beyond what I had requested. Putting in so much thought and creativity by adding several outdoor scenes that developed the story line to a higher level and added a new dimension. He used different indoor backgrounds as well and changes in clothing attire. His character in the role play required him to go from cocky to anger to humble than return to cocky, and he moved from each emotion with ease. I was blown away. Basically, he made a mini movie.

Its obvious that Brutal loves being in front of a camera and the challenges of creating a video that will captivate his client. Brutal is the complete package. Thick, full round muscles, deep accented masculine voice and artistic creativity. He is very professional to deal with and kept me informed of his progress. He is really nice guy as well.

I can see that my video collection is going to grow substantially with Brutal around.

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thank you, a little muscle (a joke), a bit of posing (again a joke) and a bit of acting skills and brutal unstoppable force, that's what I prefer in my videos and shows

to BrutalMuscleGod on 27 June 2018

I just received my first custom video from BrutalMuscleGod. His amazing thick muscular physique matches his amazing performance in the video. I gave him a long description of what I would like to see, he went above and beyond in creating a fantastic video. I would encourage anyone who appreciates strong muscular physiques in action to give him a try.. He responds quickly, and takes care in making sure he understands what the client wants. I will definitely be back for more. AAA+++

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thank you for good experiense . try to my best and growing more in future

to Demetrius Moutzouris on 3 August 2014

Just had another cam show with Demetrius. He just gets better. Doent waste time and is not a clock watcher. He did exactly as I wanted him to do. Great posing and acting out a scene. Do yourself a favor and try a cam with HIM. He is worth every dollar/euro spent. Plus he is a great guy.

to Demetrius Moutzouris on 14 June 2014

Demetrius looks as good as he does in pics. He is of Greek descent and it must be from Mt. Olympus. He has that Herculean look. He is a super guy and gives one more than one pays. Not a clock watcher. Treat yourself to a super muscle show with a guy who wants to please!!!!!

to RealMuscle on 12 May 2014

Realmuscle is super wide thick bulging muscles. Friendly guy who love showing off his monsta physique. Will be visiting him on cam often.

RealMuscle replied...
Thank you man.


wow thick wall of muscle!

10 March 2019


Carved out of a solid block of muscle.

16 December 2018


Thick and bulging muscles, and not even!

16 December 2018


Most muscular THE MOST MUSCULAR!

16 December 2018


How does he walk thru a doorway?

16 December 2018


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