32, 174cm (5'8"), 107kg (235 lbs)

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About me

Big mucles . brutal animal . flexing . dirty talks . dominate . Its all abaut me. Skype shows and customs videos.


from MikesBigArms [2798] on 3 March 2020


I just received a new custom video, it is awesome! He is a true Muscle God. Very friendly, and easy to do business with. He delivered the video very fast. I definitely recommend him. *****5 Stars

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 8 August 2019

Brutal God crushes me AGAIN in my newest custom order!!! Absolutely DOMINANT and POWERFUL!!!!!

from kromtom [135] on 10 March 2019

Just received my latest video from the master of flexing ...Brutal Muscle God. If one is into huge thick bodybuilders in their off season look, now is the time to contact him. He says soon he will be starting to cut. His muscles now are so thick, full and powerful looking. When he does a most muscular pose, he looks like he could crush an oak tree in a bear hug. This video showed Brutal doing what he loves to do...flexing his thick bulging muscles.
Videos that I have received from him in the past involved scripted scenes from me, roleplays that he took and made them his own that were so much more than I had expected. Brutal is a natural in front of the camera. Catch him now in off season mode with slightly hairy physique. Looking forward to see how far he goes with the cutting this time, since he has competed in the past. As shown in his pics.

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Couse i cant stop FLEXING . thank you ! =)

from DeputyDawg [805] on 30 January 2019

Yet another show yet another great experience....

Others on here with attitude simply won't get my money or review. He will because he is the best - body and personality wise !!!

Keep up the good work

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thanks . big muscles and big power!

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 24 January 2019

Another perfect custom delivered super fast!! And that body? OMG!

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Always ready)

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Age 32
Height 174cm (5'8")
Weight 107kg (235 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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