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to DanieleXX on 5 September 2020

we had a couple of camshows in the past, which had been ok. last time i was not same lucky. we arranged a show on july 14th, but after i had sent the money, right at the time of the show, he realized he needed some minutes to load the battery of his mobile. today it's september 5th and damn, seems like his mobile isn't recharged yet and he hasn't been able to do his flex show...

to Robert Flex on 3 September 2020

amazing flex show. very low body fat, broad bubble deltoids. and charming smile. has been very kind also with his messaging before the show

to Carl on 19 August 2020

had my 1st show with Carl, and it was a surprisingly positive experience. Carl has been very friendly, intriguing, and though i usually am not up for tattoos, his physique drove me crazy, especially his broad shoulders with enormous deltoids.

to Luk Cage on 13 June 2020

i had my 1st cam show with luk and i'm very satisfied for this experience. luk has been polite, honest, offered a few seconds preview, and though not in his 100% best shape at the moment he is still gorgeous.

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you!!

to DanieleXX on 23 April 2020

Daniele is awesome. monster arms, thick pecs and amazing v-taper, all matched with a cocky attitude and a sexy voice. don't miss him

DanieleXX replied...
Thank you!! :)

to Big Cristi on 4 March 2020

cristi has a huge hairy body, which exhudes manliness and power, and has been honest and friendly with me, so i feel like recommending him

to AlexBoons21 on 5 October 2019

alex is huge and his shows are impressive. no acting, no drama, just muscles. and after not many years of bodybuilding, so likely to improve more.

AlexBoons21 replied...
Thank you!!

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 29 September 2019

i've known thebeast for years and with his shows satisfaction is always guaranteed. At the moment he's also in an amazing shape, so guys don't loose the chance to see him ;)

to mahdy on 26 September 2019

mahdy is a very honest and good-hearted guy. though not so huge as other guys on here, he always does his best for his clients and his shows are awesome.

mahdy replied...
Thank you great man

to Muscle.warior on 31 October 2018

he is always friendly, not a clock watcher, it's nice that he's studying a lot and going on training. so worth a help. legs need grow some more to be at same good level as upper body.

to Max Wood on 2 August 2018

i had my 1st cam show with max wood, and it was fantastic. he has the kind of body i love, a naturally teasing way to flex, and a perfect mix of kindness and cockiness.

to musclekiller on 16 April 2018

Usually pics are a bit better than the model's current status. In this case, he is even better than pics. massive, shredded, veiny. well, he should compete in nationals in a couple of weeks. don't loose the chance to admire this gorgeous athlete till he is in such a great shape...

musclekiller replied...
i have enjoy make it! hope see later

to Teenmuscle18 on 12 April 2018

had a bad experience with him. as other users complained, after i had sent him money, he said he didn't receive anything and probably i had sent to a wrong email address. though i had copied and pasted the email he had given me, and the payment site recognized that account as receiving money in usd and belonging to him. of course, no other replies to my msgs in the following days

to MostMuscular84 on 17 March 2018

super friendly, makes you feel comfortable immediately. sincere, honest. incredible body. has also learnt to be nicely cocky, lately. damn, can't find any defect.

to agaesthetics on 10 March 2018

charming, great mood and personality, handsome, brilliant. this guy has it all, full package

agaesthetics replied...
Thank u so much ;)lookin forward for more :)

to Roy Morris on 10 March 2018

i have known Marius for years and he's always been honest and friendly with me. i hadn't seen him online for several months. Now that i've met him online again, i've been able to arrange a show and it has been awesome. incredible amount of muscle mass and insane vascularity.

to Muscle.warior on 29 December 2017

he is very honest and kind. in his shows he does his best to please. the progress he did in his first year of training is impressive

Muscle.warior replied...

to Niko on 27 December 2017

though his young age, niko has an awesome built body, ripped, and the cocky attitude and smartness of a more mature guy. does his best to please you and is able to read your mind and tease you more than you could expect. 200% satisfied by his show. very polite and kind person too

to mahdy on 23 December 2017

mahdy is a great guy. beside being in a great natural shape allover the year, he has a catchy face, and a playful and friendly mood. and differently from most other models, he greets you and chats with you whenever he can, independently on business.

mahdy replied...
aww thank you so much :)

to Xander on 15 December 2017

he's been kind and responsive. amazing shape for his young age. gym enthusiast and passionate. shows with him have been a positive experience.

Xander replied...

to Big Kenny on 26 August 2017

the show kenny gave me was awesome. i loved the huge size, the impressive v-taper, the manly body hair, the self-confidence. and he has always been friendly also in chat. one of the most handsome guys on the site

to Tom H on 11 July 2017

one of the most handsome guys on here. a bit mysterious, to be got to know bit by bit

to Muscleworship on 11 July 2017

very interactive and intriguing muscle daddy. honest, sweet and cocky

Muscleworship replied...
Thank you, I appreciate :-)

to Danbodybuilder on 29 June 2017

good listener, nice to chat with, perfect role-player. cocky mood + huge body = super hot shows.

Danbodybuilder replied...
Wow, great review! Thanks

to rdy2flex on 14 May 2017

Very friendly, cares about his clients and tries to get to know u better, in order to give u the best and fulfill your needs. very handsome body and face. cocky and sweet at the same time.

to CockyBoy on 14 May 2017

Both professional and cocky. Has added a nice amount of muscle mass lately. Be ready to be driven crazy by his shape in next weeks when he'll be dieting for competitions.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you for the support and for the best relation with you see you soon buddy xoxo, and big hugs

to ARNOLD STEFAN on 3 May 2017

chatting with him was fun, body is huge, made a show longer than he owed, positive experience

ARNOLD STEFAN replied...
thanks u verry much kiss

to hotathlet on 2 January 2017

i've been knowing him for years. beside shows, he chats, sends greetings, plays, like a real friend. 2 days ago he gave me the best shows i've had in 2016. happy 2017, my friend.

hotathlet replied...
thk my friend !

to Roland on 24 December 2016

awesome upper body, great shape even in offseason, gentle and eager to please. the melancholic hercules never disappoints

Roland replied...
thank you my."old" friend :)

to Mediterranean31 on 1 December 2016

though body can still improve, this guy has a fantastic attitude, both sweet and playful at the same time

to The Big Biceps on 8 September 2016

massive guy. knows how to flex. professional in trying to give what the client wants. just not too spontaneous, seemed like he played a role, but ok it was the 1st show.

to ClassicPhysique on 15 August 2016

watching his show has been pure pleasure. honest, very kind to chat with, that bit of cockiness which makes u addicted, and a gorgeous body even in offseason. highly strongly happily recommended

to Forbidme on 6 August 2016

sweet musclegod. honest, willing to please, pleasant to chat with, a gentleman. gorgeous in his shows.

to rogerman12 on 30 July 2016

very nice to chat with, friendly, handsome body and face, and intriguing way of moving and posing in his shows

to frazermusclegod on 11 July 2016

this guy is addictive. smart, intriguing. time flies with his shows

frazermusclegod replied...
Unfortunately the time does fly but its the memories that count :)

to RussianMuscle on 12 June 2016

was honest, offered a free preview before the show and stayed a couple of minutes longer than agreed. professional during the show, not rude. more massive and less ripped than in pics at the moment.

RussianMuscle replied...
Thanks for the comment buddy. I'm still ripped;) Free preview is available.

to Edmond on 26 May 2016

very friendly guy. in cam he's far better than in profile pics

to AnthonyFlex on 25 February 2016

professional and cocky at the same time. motivated to become a muscle beast. not a clock watcher, stayed on cam much longer than agreed. very friendly in chat as well

to rdy2flex on 20 February 2016

very kind guy. both cultured and good athlete. magnetic eyes and smile. handsome even in off-season. very recommended

to CockyBoy on 16 August 2015

alex knows how to be naturally cocky without being arrogant. he's always kind with his fans and his body is always improving. everytime you see him you think "omg! this is the best a guy could be" and next time he proves you wrong, being even better than the previous. 10/10 cum laude ;)

CockyBoy replied...
Hey, thanks for this review i hope you really enjoy it and hope to see you soon.

to strong Mick on 7 August 2015

friendly guy, offered a free preview before the show; body is huge and cam show has been awesome

strong Mick replied...
thank you , you are very good guy with nice heart and real ***

to daniel carter on 14 July 2015

paid for a cam show by amazon gift card months ago. after getting my money, he said he needed time to translate from italian to english. never did the show thereafter, nor replied any message later

daniel carter replied...
you paid in a forigen currency months ago my man. the amazon card was no good. it was in a different currency. all of my ppl are satisfied. that was probably 6 months ago. i dont understand why you would write me a bad review this long after. if you want your show you will have to figure it out. no hard feelings good luck.

to AdonisHunk on 17 June 2015

great guy, makes you feel very comfortable during the show and can drive you crazy with his playful attitude

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 16 May 2015

great poser, knows how to put on an amazing show. very professional too. and nice to chat with

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thank you .. if you want see me again contact me ;)

to HornyAlphaBoy on 12 May 2015

a natural born teaser. can be sexier than u've ever imagined

to Roland on 30 April 2015

in these days Roland is incredibly veiny, yet he has some more weeks to improve even more. hey, you can't miss the chance to see his super shows!

Roland replied...
Thank friend!!! :)

to Nathan Jones on 26 April 2015

This ex gymnast is a hot guy. He really knows how to move, and his legs and glutes can drive you crazy

to Atlas on 15 February 2015

i had other cam shows with adam, and i have to say they are getting better and better. not only that body is incredible, but adam is also improving his confidence and way of posing, making you feel more involved in the show. Professional and friendly, he tries to fulfill all your requests. Guys, you can't miss watching his shows and helping Adam in his bodybuilding journey

to Atlas on 20 December 2014

too handsome. you'll risk to get addicted to this young champion...

Atlas replied...
i'm always availiable for you ! just let me know for the hooot show !

to Roland on 20 December 2014

i've known this guy for months and he's always been very friendly and a correct person. his upper body is incredible, yet his legs are improving a lot lately. don't miss the chance of watching his shows, you will be amazed

Roland replied...
thank you friend! see you in 2015 ;)

to DavidMuscle84 on 23 November 2014

i paid for a show in may, but hey, guess what, the shows hasn't been performed yet. one time he couldn't do it because his mom was in the room, another time he was out in streets, another time his pc was broken, other times he didn't reply at all. too busy this guy is!... now at last he has replied, but it was to ask me to send him some money more, because he needs pay for the internet connection and then he will give me the show... i think there's no need to comment any further

DavidMuscle84 replied...
really i dont no who are u... u dont pay me nothing...

to hebert gomes on 18 October 2014

this guy is super friendly. and that smile while he's flexing... woof! you won't be able to resist

hebert gomes replied...
Thank you so mucht.

to CuteCamBoi on 15 September 2014

this young muscle animal will surprise you with his freshness and enthusiasm. intriguing guy, great potential, his shows are highly recommended

CuteCamBoi replied...
Ha awesome review thanks!

to LionKid on 8 September 2014

in live show this guy is far better than what he looks like in this profile. and super friendly too. perfect body, and awareness to be cute

LionKid replied...
it was really fun and interesting talking to you cant wait to pose again and i know you wont regret that 5x package

to hotathlet on 19 April 2014

hotathlet not only has a gorgeous muscular body and a nice face, but he is also able to recognize your needs and fulfill them, being both intriguing, playful, warm, sweet, and making his show a special experience for the client.

hotathlet replied...
Thank you , mauro !


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