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to Bryan Long on 15 May 2019

I received another impressive video from Bryan, which seem to get better and better. Again he was super quick in making and delivering the video and included everything I asked for.

to Bryan Long on 6 May 2019

Got another great video from Bryan, amazing looking guy and so easy to work with.

to Bryan Long on 5 May 2019

Got a custom video from this absolute stud. Bryan was really easy to talk to and discuss the custom video. After we agreed on the video, he made it and sent it to me within the day. He was very keen to make sure that the video would be of a good quality. The video itself was amazing, Bryan went above and beyond with the video, so naturally, I immediately got another one from him.

to Clark Kent on 12 December 2018

I spoke to Clark about getting some custom videos, he was really easy to deal with. Said that I would get the videos next day, but actually sent them within 6hrs. The videos were great, its true that he listens to what you ask and then even gives it some more. Amazing body too. I'm already thinking about getting some more videos of this stud.

to JamesFlex on 28 October 2018

I requested a custom video with James a few days ago. There was a slight problem with the upload, but he was really communicative around any updates and progress there was with it, which was really helpful and reassuring. I found him really easy to talk to when arranging the video. Great video and great physique too!

to MuscleGod11 on 20 March 2017

I bought my first custom video from MuscleGod11, great video, he was really quick in delivering, got it within two hours and had everything I asked for. Amazing body too - his muscles looks bigger in the video than his pictures on here!Super easy to deal with too.

to Caleb on 11 December 2016

I ordered a custom video from Caleb in the morning and he was able to send it to me by that afternoon. He's easy to deal with, the video was amazing, he did what I asked for (and more), plus he is in great shape and looks really amazing.

Caleb replied...
Thank you!! Means a lot!

to Jason Genesis on 24 August 2016

I got two premade videos and three custom videos from bignattydaddy. All of them were amazing, it's true what the previous reviews say, he's really easy to talk to and he listens to all of your requests. He was super quick in delivering the videos too, I got them all within a day of ordering them. Oh and he looks amazing.

to CockyBoy on 25 March 2016

Alex has made many custom videos for me since my previous review. I can see why this guy is at the top, his videos have always been amazing, he has personalised each of his videos and included everything I have asked for, he sends the videos within a few days of ordering them, and he is always really nice to deal with and talk to. Can't recommend this guy enough.

Thanks again buddy

CockyBoy replied...
Happy to hear that you had a good time with and always liked my stuff. See you soon my friend !

to CockyBoy on 16 December 2015

I received two custom videos from Alex, he created and sent them to me really quickly (next day). He was really easy to deal with, really nice to talk to and also really quick to respond.

Both the videos were amazing, Alex did exactly what I asked for. He is in amazing shape, I really like how buff he his at the moment.

Will have to get some more videos from him (very) soon.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you for the review my friend, i am really happy that you enjoied my videos!!!

to Alec possum on 14 October 2015

Bought several videos from Alec, he's in great shape, looks amazing. He was really easy to deal with, got my videos super quickly. I can see this guy going really far.

I hope to get more videos from him in the future.

Alec possum replied...
thanks mate:D

to Tom H on 13 May 2015

I ordered my first custom video from Johnny. Great shape, huge muscles.
He was really friendly and helpful when messaging me and kept me up to date with the progress of my video. There was a delay in getting the video, but Johnny explained and was vey apologetic, and he even gave me a complementary video whilst I was waiting for the one I ordered, which I was really impressed with and shows what a great guy he is.

Will definitely be back for more!

Flex and Apple Crush

to Flex and Apple Crush featuring Clark Kent on 10 December 2018


Great video, excellent bicep worshipping too. I hope there is more to come :)



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