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to Justin King on 21 December 2020

This man is incredible. Super professional, easy to work with and charming as anything! His chest is unbelievably ripped, his lats are massive and his biceps perfectly peaked. He loves posing and showing off and does so perfectly and the more he flexes the bigger he gets! He delivered very quickly and I can't wait to see him again!

Justin King replied...
Thank you so much, see you soon for the next one.

to Aaron Jay on 30 August 2020

Just received another custom from this amazing man, who somehow, during these crazy times managed to add tons of muscle to his already massive frame AND get more shredded than I have ever seen him before. His abs are simply mind-blowing and he shows them off to perfection, with veins everywhere. Moreover, he knows exactly what you want and delivers 100%. He is incredibly responsive, delivers on time, super easy to chat with and great to work with. This stunning man is one not to be missed! He’ll make you feel like a million bucks. Thanks Aaron, for all the inspiration! Once again, it’s an honor and privilege to know you.

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much I’m glad you enjoyed the update... always a pleasure showing off for you!

to Danbodybuilder on 11 August 2020

This man delivers! I just had the most amazing cam show with Dan. He really works hard to please and seems to understand exactly what you want. His posing was exceptional and his physique is simply beautiful. The size and peak of his biceps will blow you away. He also made the whole experience from initial contact through the show a pure pleasure. He was personable, charming, professional, sweet, inspirational and friendly. He also made sure to ask what I wanted before we began and the followed through 100%. He is for sure 5+++++ stars in my book and I can't wait to see him again. Thanks, Dan!

to Peter Russell on 4 March 2020

BEST CUSTOM VIDEO EVER! Easy to talk with, accommodating, very conscious of doing exactly as requested and his jaw-dropping, flawless physique is top-notch. His posing is stunning and he knows how to show off all his accomplishments perfectly. This charming, funny, generous, beautiful god of the bodybuilding world is one NOT to be missed. Super high quality, delivered within 24 hours and amazing content. I for one am now a super-fan of this incredible man and can't wait to see him again! Thanks!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure! Thank you so much for the kind words. LOVE. IT.

to Aaron Jay on 1 January 2020

Aaron is absolutely incredible! He did a custom video for me that was exactly as requested, going out of his way - even above and beyond - to deliver on everything he promised. His physique is perfection from his impossibly wide shoulders and chiseled chest, his unbelievable super-ripped abs and veiny peaked biceps all the way down to his massive quads and perfect glutes. He worked the camera well giving me all the best angles and showing off to perfection. And to top it all off he is extremely handsome with gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile.
What makes him so special, however, is how truly charming and respectful he is. He was an absolute delight to work with, always staying in contact and updating me daily, as he was under the weather when we first started talking.
The resulting video is breathtaking, and i look forward to getting more!
Thank you, Aaron for being amazing and is truly an honor to know you!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much I really happy you loved the video! Please be aware I lost my Skype so search aaronjayBF for my new one

to ClassicPhysique on 19 November 2019

This man is truly incredible! Extremely reliable and delivered right on time and his posing is top notch. He goes out of his way to delivery exactly what you want. He is also the nicest athlete around and loves to show off. I ordered a second one almost immediately after seeing the first! I highly recommend hime to everyone!

to WhiteKing on 16 June 2019

This man is simply amazing! I ordered a cam show and it arrived promptly and was everything I could have asked for! He is such a sweet charming guy with a beautiful physique! He is also an incredible poser and know how to show off his work to perfection. THANKS for being the best! Do won't be disappointed!


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