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to TheDoughboy97 on 1 February 2020

He's insane, absolutely unreal shape, super nice, super hot, and super fucking JACKED. Will def be back for more.

to Armani Flexxx on 14 August 2019

A+ Get a show, you won't regret it.

to Chad on 19 May 2019

Chad is absolutely the most amazing and jacked guy around. He's naturally alpha as can be, he knows he is powerful, built as hell, and my god his voice is godly. He will make you shake and shiver in awe of him.

He's freaking INCREDIBLE, by the way - he's jacked as fuck. Hit him up for a show - you won't be disappointed.

to WhiteKing on 27 April 2019

Freaking AMAZING - fantastic definition, and BIG. Pictures do not do him justice! Really nice and easy to talk to as well. Loved my show.

to Bryan Long on 9 April 2019

Actually perfect. He is the best. His proportions are absolutely on point. His arms, legs, his entire torso are rock solid and full. He gets inside your head and really knows how to make you enjoy the show. Forget the rest, get the freaking best on TBT. It will be 105% worth your while. By the way, his arms - godlike, legs - oak trees pale in comparison. Oh and his attitude you can tell he is a TRUE ALPHA and Knows EXACTLY how to hijack your mind making you want more and more like an addiction. I will be back for MORE

to Jack King on 15 March 2019

He's amazing. That's it - he's freaking amazing.

to Young Muscle Stud on 6 March 2019

He's a really great guy - muscled, strong as hell, and goddamn he's good looking. Those arms are enough to take your breath away. Hit him up for a show - you won't be disappointed.

to AlphaJ0n on 11 February 2019

He's just AMAZING, he knows exactly how to manipulate and control you, he knows how to get into your head and own you, he's a LEGEND.

to Chad on 21 December 2018

The man is a fucking god, there is nothing else to say about it, ignore the rest get a show with Chad.

to Bicep Bryce on 27 November 2018

Big, Jacked, HUGE arms. All around awesome guy. Hit him up!

to BeardKing22 on 14 November 2018

A+ show. Absolutely FANTASTIC. Very good shape, highly recommended.

BeardKing22 replied...
nice man. Thank you!

to Chad on 30 August 2018

Picked up a show with this absolutely shredded beast. Every muscle is ripped, he's vascular. Fucking strong, powerful, awe-inspiring. He towers over you and you know who is the king. He's prompt, easy to talk to and work with, and he's a really nice guy as well. I will def be coming back to get more from Chad.

Did I mention he's jacked and SHREDDED as hell?

to Rob Mathis on 24 April 2018

Had a show with Rob, he's gorgeous. Shredded, Jacked, awesome. He knows how to flex and show how big he is. Just... just buy a show from him, you will love it.

to Young Muscle Stud on 17 January 2018

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. This guy, or should I say this GOD, is an absolute beast. He's big, strong as fuck, and he knows it. Hit him up and enjoy.

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 17 February 2017

An absolute god, had a show from him the other night, I don't think I've ever seen someone as good as him. 300% recommended

to Chad on 4 December 2016

A legend in his own right, Chad is big, jacked and gorgeous. That voice too... deep, sexy... ALPHA as fuck.

to biceptoris on 2 January 2016

One word. Incredible.

biceptoris replied...
Thanks a lot Mark for your support !

to KAIN on 18 September 2015

Beyond amazing, one of the best shows ever.

to Marco Vegas on 7 September 2015

Great show, great guy, awesome body :D.

to Tom H on 28 August 2015

FANTASTIC show, very highly recommended, he's awesome :)



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