22, 189cm (6'2"), 109kg (240 lbs)

Orlando, Florida

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About me

Jacked 22 year old, in college. I do alpha shit. Spend my time between the gym, fucking, and camming. Hit me up for shows or any other inquiries.


from Canadian Worshipper [1251] on 20 May 2019

Chad delivers a top Alpha experience with every show. The muscle blows your mind. The deep voice and attitude supports his effortless dominance. He keeps me submitting over and over again!

from Mark [151] on 19 May 2019

Chad is absolutely the most amazing and jacked guy around. He's naturally alpha as can be, he knows he is powerful, built as hell, and my god his voice is godly. He will make you shake and shiver in awe of him.

He's freaking INCREDIBLE, by the way - he's jacked as fuck. Hit him up for a show - you won't be disappointed.

from TillXXX [430] on 28 April 2019

His onlyfans is all the proof I need for what a cam show is like. I already canceled my subscription and want a refund! Low posting frequency. Not even worth the price.

from scooby [556] on 20 March 2019

MUSCLE PERFECTION!! Your wet MUSCLEGOD dream come to life!

from jeromeroundu2 [1617] on 11 March 2019

So it goes like this in Physique bodybuilding.... Fighter Physique, Beach body Physique and then Physique (stage ready). I caught a show with this homie.... I thought he was a competitor..... NOPE! He just wants to keep a beach body which is a competition in itself. NOTE this.... He should be a NPC physique competitor.... However, one thing you can not bring when competing in a physique competition is..... over developed muscle..... This homie disqualifies cause his legs are bodybuilding! He is 100% Classic Physique! Bro will rock your goals with his top edge physique! MUSCLE on MUSCLE! His verbal description of his muscles are like no other..... Why? cause he is a fuckin BEAST! 100% bodybuilding MOTIVATION! Built like a brick wall and lets you know why!

Definition in his torso..... (lines, cuts and definition) This fucker is for REAL!!!! Buy and support this dude.... He should compete, and he is all genetics! I kill myself to look like ME..... He does it with ease! ALL GENETICS.... Check this BEAST OUT!

Chad has 50 more reviews. Read them all here.

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Age 22
Height 189cm (6'2")
Weight 109kg (240 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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