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to Handsome Fit Stud on 6 May 2019

Got an amazing custom video from Totti recently. He really did an amazing job with the script and turned out a super hot video! Such an amazing guy ????

to JacquesMiller on 27 October 2018

Recently got some shows and a video with Jacques. What an amazing guy! Such a hot show and beautiful physique.

to KindForCash on 27 October 2018

Lovely show recently-he is much bigger and muscular than the pictures. Happy to please although would ask him to move camera back a bit. Happy to show off!

to Atlas on 27 October 2018

Had another show with atlas. He puts you at ease so much during the show, and really makes it special. Such an outstanding physique too! We focused a lot on his big beautiful pecs. Not a clock watcher either. Really amazing guy

Atlas replied...
Welcom any time, im focusing to add more chest size, thanks for the show :)

to HornyIrishStud on 27 October 2018

Such a sweet attractive and muscular guy. Would very much recommend. Recently purchased a video and was really impressed! Amazing accent too.

to AnonymousA on 27 October 2018

Recently purchased some nice videos with no issue. He is quite a bit bigger now-bulked but still ripped.

to Nathan Armstrong on 27 October 2018

Recently purchased some more videos from Nathan and they were incredible. Really nice guy too with an outstanding physique.

to Nathan Armstrong on 20 October 2018

Nathan made a custom video for me and it was fantastic. He was very quick to respond and make it, and included everything. He is looking incredible too. ????

to Atlas on 4 October 2018

Had an amazing cam show with Atlas. What an incredible physique and he really knows how to show it off. Such a friendly guy too ???? Can’t wait to have another show.

Atlas replied...
Im always Ready to pleasant u, once you feel upset come to have a show with me (kiss)

to JacquesMiller on 4 August 2018

Jacques recently made an outstanding custom video for me. Followed everything to the detail and delivered very quickly. He was the perfect combination of a muscle god and a dominating alpha. Looks incredible too with his huge thighs, big pecs, handsome face and his Enormous.....other muscle! Would very much recommend Jacques.

to frazermusclegod on 5 January 2018

Got a custom video from Frazer! Was quick to deliver and made an excellent video! He is very attentive and willing to please, and is in incredible shape now. His pecs and quads are just godly. Would recommend to anyone looking for a serious muscle god ????

frazermusclegod replied...
Pec god confirmed :D thanks.

to DarrenMichael on 24 December 2017

Darren made a custom video for me last week and it was incredible! Amazing role player and poser. Look forward to next video!

DarrenMichael replied...

to JUNIOR LITALI on 11 December 2017

Paid for a custom video, Junior was happy with the details. He said he recorded and sent the video, but never did. Now not responding to messages.

to EnhancedAdonis on 4 December 2017

Paid for a custom video with EnhancedAdonis-he seemed genuine and friendly. He sent pictures and audio to confirm identity. He promised to deliver video next day, but didn’t send. He has kept on postponing this. I was fine with this, originally and said that was fine-but it’s been more than one week and he is no longer responding to messages.

Such a shame, he seemed honest.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Get me on Skype mate - Enhanced Adonis! Genuinely confused at what you’re talking about! Please talk to me so we can resolve this! EA x

to EnhancedAdonis on 18 October 2017

Dealt with this guy when he was on the site previously - he talks the talk, and we arranged a video, but after payment he scammed me and never delivered and stopped responding to messages.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Get me on Skype i'll see you right my man

to AngelinoBoy on 25 October 2015

Angelino is just the best! Have had a couple videos, and they are fantastic - he puts so much effort into making them just to your ideas, and is a great performer. And he super hot and muscled too! Really really the best.

to DarrenMichael on 4 April 2015

Had the pleasure of getting a custom video from Darren and it was incredible. The guy is a totla pro, great to tchat with, made the video quickly, reasonable price and did everything that I requested in the video. One amazingly muscled guy that loves showing it off! Looking forward to our next video. Lewis.

Muscle Shower

to Muscle Shower featuring frazermusclegod on 7 August 2019


Wonderful video showing off Frazers incredible physique. His huge size and lean-ness combine to give off a look reminiscent of a Greek statue. And his piercing eyes observing you so dominantly. Fantastic video Frazer!



ALPHA Male Muscle God Master Domination Findom

24 y/o

175cm (5'9")

90kg (198 lbs)