Muscle Shower featuring frazermusclegod

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The most perfect of Muscle Gods flexing in the mirror before stripping naked and letting you watch his awesome physique in the shower.


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from in2muslmen [13518] on 29 September 2019

Frazer's name on Best Flex is entirely accurate and appropriate. The man is absolutely a muscle god who clearly revels in showing off his ripped muscular bod because he's so expert at it! Video starts off with some super hard flexing in the bathroom mirror to showcase his ripped smoothly shaven torso. At about a minute in he starts tweaking his nipple and the adept cameraman turns from the reflection to Frazer's full, round pecs in our faces as he continues playing with his erect nipple then popping most musculars and double biceps. The man's nerdy lumber sexual look with the beard and glasses is just super sexy along with his ripped abs and V taper torso!

Another thing that separates this video from most is that our man loses his underwear before getting into the shower so we get to see his bare bum and complete package. (Makes me wonder if a jerk off video might be in the future?) I love me some shower videos because of the extra shot of voyeurism that comes with watching the muscle dude lather and caress his own glistening muscles with a bunch of flexing added in for good measure. This video has it all in spades and will leave you aching for more of our British muscle god!

from mb707 [550] on 7 August 2019

Wonderful video showing off Frazers incredible physique. His huge size and lean-ness combine to give off a look reminiscent of a Greek statue. And his piercing eyes observing you so dominantly. Fantastic video Frazer!

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