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to Nathan Armstrong on 28 November 2018

I would highly recommend this man for cam shows! I've had 2 and both have been great and well worth their money! That is not a sock stuffing his briefs.... it is ALL him! Woah!

He might not be immediately available but plan a time and he will be there!

Thanks Nathan!

to Tyler King on 13 November 2018

Excellent show! Very handsome, very good body and great alpha attitude to go with it! Highly recommend!

to Jay Tee on 27 June 2018

Absolutely phenomenal specimen. His shows are 10/10 would recommend.

His cheeky grin, his amazing physique, his great personality and his ENORMOUS......

to EnhancedAdonis on 1 November 2017

A gentleman to deal with, knows what he is doing and how best to demonstrate his physique. Awesome physique!! Can see why he is in such high demand!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Cheers bro !

to Caleb on 23 February 2017

He's got that rating for a reason!!! WOW WOW WOW!
Awesome body, great attitude, fantastic actor and then there's THAT ass! WOW!

Caleb replied...
:) thanks

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 22 February 2017

Amazing!!! Fucking great guy! Fucking awesome body, handsome face that he does show. Versatile but if you like the dominant alpha thing look no further!!! Missed a comment i requested, made a point of going back on to fulfil!!! Look no further, here is your genuine Young Muscle Stud!

to ClassicPhysique on 6 September 2016

Very good show! I would recommend you ask for the red Calvins. This guys quads alone are reason enough to ask for a show! Then there's the rest of him, very nice guy, confident, wast communication. Top cammer

to Jason Genesis on 1 September 2016


This guy is perfection!!! Looks, personality, ability to meet your fantasies on cam. He just won a repeat customer in me! WOW WOW WOW!!!

to Matt Cooke on 20 July 2016

Forget the rest, this guy is the 1 you want on cam. Just finished a show and still cannot believe the shape this man is in! He knows how to look good on camera, relaxed attitude, great setup. I'm still reeling, lots of good guys on here but not many as special as this!

to JCamFlex on 9 July 2016

Fun show, good shape, great cock chat, open to ideas

to Solid352 on 27 June 2016

I cannot recommend this guy enough! Great show, great looks, great approach! He doesn't ACT cocky, he is cocky!!

to Mattybladez on 30 May 2016

Incredible show! Incredible guy!

to GeorgeyG on 30 May 2016

Great guy, great look, great accent - had a cam show and really enjoyed. Def recommend

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks for that man, chat to you soon :)

to AngelinoBoy on 3 May 2016

Fantastic, honest guy! Great English, very dominant accent.

Due to a PayPal mistake I paid twice, the mistaken payment was returned immediately with no problems.

Honest, fun, attractive man!!

Thank you!

to daniel carter on 2 May 2016

Just finished a cam show with Dan..... Impossible to describe how good it was.

His body is INCREDIBLE, his chat is perfect, his camera quality is 100%..... Money very very well spent!!!

I cannot find any fault!

daniel carter replied...
your great!!!!

to alexlondon on 1 May 2016

I can't say enough positive about Alex - the show was amazing, he is a cool cool guy, he's open to ideas and knows what he's doing!! Perfection!!!


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