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to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 29 September 2016

The Beast King of Aesthetics is a muscle god. He is very friendly. I purchased a cam show and a video. He has the best biceps, so big and so perfect. And he loves to show off and flex. I recommend him!!

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thank you :) i'm always ready for flex my muscles in webcam or me again

to CockyBoy on 11 July 2016

He is the best at bicep worship. And he is so nice to talk to. I love him and will be doing most of my cam shows with him. Simply amazing.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you !!! see you soon

to Roy Morris on 4 July 2016

SCAM! He took my money then ignored all my messages. Beware guys!

to Teenmuscle18 on 3 July 2016

He is amazing. So big and muscular. His biceps and pecs are perfection. I'll be back for more.

to AnthonyFlex on 3 July 2016

Anthony is such an amazing, down to earth kinda guy! He's easy to talk to, and so nice. His biceps are without a doubt the hottest I've seen in a long time. Perfect peaks, veins and vascularity. I'll be getting more cam shows for sure!

AnthonyFlex replied...
Thank you!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 31 May 2015

I just had a cam show with this guy and he is amazing. Sexy body, amazing flexing, really nice. His bicep and pec bouncing is so hot. I highly recommend him and will do more cam shows with him. His prices are reasonable too. My new favourite. LOVE HIM!!!

to MuscleGod1212 on 9 April 2015

Hi guys, I just finished 4 cam shows with this superior muscle God!! One, two, three was not enough I had to get that fourth show. He is the total package. Huge veiny biceps, insane forearms, pecs that just keep bouncing, abs of steel, huge legs and a thick back!! He's extremely friendly, genuine and fun to chat with. He loves to please his fans. He definitely gives 110%. And he is a big flirt. I highly recommend him and can't wait to see him online for my next cam show. He's the real deal. Don't wait any longer.

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Hell thanks bud!! My Skype is working again so hit me up!!

to Damian on 13 October 2014

Damian is without a doubt a true muscle god. He is sexy, friendly, and his muscles are mind blowing. I've purchased custom videos from him multiple times and he never disappoints. I will definitely do more business with him. I highly recommend him.

to hotathlet on 22 September 2014

He is the hottest bodybuilder and gives the hottest cam shows. His size and pure power is insanely sexy. His arms are my weakness. And his smile is so beautiful and amazing. And he is trust worthy.

hotathlet replied...
thank you, mike !

to Tom H on 21 September 2014

Johnnydangerously gives amazing cam shows. He is so hot. He has the body of a muscle god! I definitely recommend him. Reasonable prices too.