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to Bryan Long on 14 July 2019

The veins on Bryan's biceps are really popping lately! I can't stop coming back for more. He just keeps getting better and better and still only 23 years young.

to Bryan Long on 16 May 2019

It's been a while -- over a month -- since I've had my last show with Bryan. Mainly due to being busy at work and scheduling challenges on my end. Bryan remains as alpha as ever and I'm glad my previous wonderful experiences with him weren't just rose-tinted memories. His physique continues to be amazing (THOSE BICEPS WOW!) and the alpha voice and cocky domination really drive me wild. I do tend to bounce around a bit with alphas on here, but this one is definitely a keeper. My last few shows have been exclusively with him as I haven't felt any huge need yet to bounce around again. I hope that feeling lasts! To be honest, it definitely is a very new (BUT NICE!) feeling to get in deeper with one alpha instead of spreading myself thin.

to Bryan Long on 14 April 2019

Fuck my life. This alpha is so quickly taking over the scene... and me. He makes me feel like such a special fag even though it's clear from some of these other reviews that there are so many other loyal fags also throwing themselves at him. Like many other muscle worshippers that have tributed many of the camguys on this site, I constantly fight hard against my desires to worship every new guy and even stronger feelings of guilt afterward. When he turns on that cam and stares at me with those eyes and flexes those biceps in my face though, none of that seems to bloody matter. I can say that after my tenth show with this alpha, I haven't had a single ounce of regret. I'm actually more than a bit jealous that DBs below seems to have done more shows and is outshining me in terms of loyalty.

to Bryan Long on 9 April 2019

This is my second round of shows with Bryan, and they were just as amazing! Bryan knows I have a huge thing for biceps and boy did he play straight to my weakness like a cocky alpha clearly in control. With both hands behind his head, he’d bounce his giant biceps to make them pop and drive me wild. The ultimate mindfuck though is when, with biceps still peaked as fuck, he would slowly turn to stare deeply into the camera with those gorgeous eyes and a mischievous smile signalling he clearly knew what he was doing to me. HOLY FUCK! Bryan clearly knows how to tap into your deepest desires and control the situation like a boss and leave you begging for more. Whatever your thing is, this alpha will find it and exploit it, so be prepared. But if you are looking for somebody with whom you can feel completely safe and protected while you let yourself lose complete control, Bryan is the real deal.

to Bryan Long on 2 April 2019

The bloody most amazing cam experience ever. I can't believe the perfection. A winning down-to-earth personality that still exudes natural confidence and cockiness, paired with pure physical perfection. Everything was literally Greek god-standard: the hair, the eyes, the biceps, the back, the chest, the legs--the list goes on. I'm absolutely speechless. I did an hour worth of shows right after the first, and will definitely be coming back for a lot more!

to Tatted Athlete on 8 September 2018

Tatted exudes a natural dominance and confidence that leaves you both submitting like his little bitch but strangely also feeling very safe and protected. It feels so real and intimate, unlike the rehearsed feelings of role playing that others provide. It probably helps a lot that he has ridiculously peaked biceps, a gorgeous face, and a manly voice that will make you addicted in seconds. I couldn't resist after the first show and already paid for three more. I have a feeling he's making others fall in love left and right. Very well deserving of our tributes.

to CockyBoy on 2 June 2018



CockyBoy replied...
Haha, xoxo

to Tommy Flex on 14 November 2017

words cannot describe this man. honest, trustworthy and ridiculously dominant (and yet super kind all at the same time). if you haven't done a show with him yet, you're missing out.

was dealing with the fallout of another camguy who completely scammed me. tommy walked me through the whole process of winning my disputes and even gave me a free show because he felt so bad for me. really a goldstar god!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to AnthonyFlex on 3 April 2016

His excuse for not delivering on custom vids is that he doesn't really like to do custom vids. THEN DON'T AGREE TO DO IT AND ACCEPT THE PAYMENT!

AnthonyFlex replied...
I do like doing custom videos actually

to AnthonyFlex on 3 April 2016

I'm going to have to agree with the negative reviews coming out. He will agree to anything to get you to send money and then come up with excuses why he can't deliver on what he promised

AnthonyFlex replied...
I ALWAYS deliever what the customer wants.

to AnthonyFlex on 7 March 2016

actually quite a nice guy. very genuine and massive biceps

to GeorgeyG on 12 January 2016

georgey is nothing short of amasing. sweetest lad with the sweetest smile, but biceps to die for. totally worth every pence--have already done repeat shows and not planning to stop!

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks a lot ben :) i enjoy our regular shows too!!

to Six Pack Matty on 4 November 2015

matt has the body and face of a GOD but sweet as an angel. naturally cocky and dominant. a must see!

Six Pack Matty replied...
i know you love getting on your knees to worship your GOD. worship again soon lil one


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