Bryan Long

Worship straight, all-American alpha muscle

23, 186cm (6'1"), 98kg (216 lbs)

London West, United Kingdom

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Worship straight, all-American alpha muscle


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About me



Built like a real man – 6’1, 215 pounds of white marble-sculpted muscle, with size 13 feet – it’s no secret, boy, that you secretly (or more likely, not so secretly) crave to admire, worship, and serve me.

Don’t be fooled by my charm (and let’s not be mistaken, we all know you will fall in love with this pretty face, soulful eyes, and personality). Best beware the cravings, the desires, the suffocating need to serve that will surely and effortlessly burrow deeper and deeper within your innermost psyche. Or better yet, don’t fight it; embrace it, my little loyals and piggies.

Come correct with tribute in hand, ready to fall on bended knee and pay tithe to your new addiction, your new happiness, your new Higher Power. Papa needs his boys, loyals, and piggies alike to come drooling and begging to feed these muscles. We all know it’s what you’ve always wanted.
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I'm available to meet in London West, United Kingdom.


from eire22 [245] on 6 October 2019

Intelligent, Engaging, Intense, Quality and engrossing. Bryan Long is a great experience and I can highly recommend him for a cam show session.

from photoguy12 [20] on 6 October 2019

This guy is not human, he is a king. From the start he lets you no know he is the judge, jury, and executioner. He makes you prove your worthiness to be in his presence. He tells you to respect your master and to shower him with accolades and tributes. He then slowly peels of his royal garments, to unveil his majestic being. Then if you good, he tells you to kneel down before him. Then he looks down at you in scorn and makes you do what your job is which is to heed his instructions. If you are really good, then he looks down at you and then he reveals his feet. Then you proceed with extreme caution because you do not know if you will be able to contain your excitement. Trust me, guys you have all you need in his kingdom. Hopefully, you are up for the task. Marvel should make this guy the next Super Hero. Renember to shower this guy with all your monetary tributes that are due him. Just maybe and I do mean maybe, you will be called his slave!

from Ruthilius [65] on 28 September 2019

Met up with Bryan earlier this month while I was in london for a bit and it was the most amazing experience of my life, getting to worship his body and being his slave for a short amount of time was the greatest gift I could buy, would do anything to be able to be his bitch every day, if you’re thinking this man will disappoint you in any way, then think again because he is a true genuine alpha muscle male that will fulfil all your fantasies and is worth every penny.

from DBs [14599] on 10 September 2019

Amazing! So, this true Muscle God did a wonderful show and I can’t say enough! His beautiful face, his huge muscles, his attitude, everything incredible! Sooooooo sexy. If you haven’t booked one don’t wait. He took my dream and made it a reality. Bryan is magnificent! Far the hottest man ever!
Don’t miss out!

from megaloser [35] on 6 September 2019

Amazing flex show with Bryan; he has a perfect body and a masterful voice. I wanted to kneel down and show my respect for this true alpha. What a King!

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Age 23
Height 186cm (6'1")
Weight 98kg (216 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


Location London West, United Kingdom
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