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to Caleb on 19 November 2017

I had asked Caleb to do a custom video for me and it was amazing. He really gets into the show, flexing, and showing off his alpha body. He is so nice and so easy to talk to. We gone back and forth a few day before we got thing straightened out. Bet I'll be back for another video soon. Thanks Caleb!

to flexbeach on 20 December 2014

I bought ultimate strength domination and I received cocky superman for a free download for signing up and both videos are hot and amazing! Beautiful biceps and pecs! His personality seems very kind and he looks strong as heck.

flexbeach replied...
Hey , so glad you enjoyed both videos :) Thanks for the kind words!

Flex and Apple Crush

to Flex and Apple Crush featuring Clark Kent on 10 December 2018


Enjoyed the video. He's really hot and really lives up to the Superman name. He can save me anytime in those Superman boxer briefs. Hope to see more of this hot super stud.

Superman Biceps

to Superman Biceps featuring CockyBoy on 15 August 2018


Amazing video! You can save me any time Superman! Thanks CockyBoy!

American Alpha Stud

to American Alpha Stud featuring Jacked Jake on 12 June 2015


This stud is just that, a super stud!!! Everything about this video was hot! The flexing, the cocky attitude, the looks everything was awesome. I can't get enough of this Super Jock Stud!

Alpha Muscle God Flexing

to Alpha Muscle God Flexing featuring Jacked Jake on 12 June 2015


Just super hot! If there was a real life superhero it would be Alpha Muscle God!

Ultimate Strength Domination

to Ultimate Strength Domination featuring flexbeach on 12 June 2015


A ripped guy showing off his super strength is such a turn on! This vid hit the spot!



Fitness Model, Gym Lover, Muscle Man

27 y/o

173cm (5'8")

91kg (200 lbs)

Logan Lowe

Pretty Boy Muscle Fantasy

27 y/o

179cm (5'10")

91kg (200 lbs)

Jacked Jake

Young college bodybuilder who loves to show off

27 y/o

181cm (5'11")

100kg (220 lbs)