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to Tyson Carter on 26 May 2020

I just ordered a custom video from this guy and I really appreciated it! It was a complicated roleplay script, and he got most of it right. When I point out the few details he missed, he didn't get mad, but rather mad me a free mini video covering the missed part. He's awesome

to Andy Fit on 26 May 2020

I just got a custom roleplay vid from Andy and it was fantastic. He paid attention to all my instructions and even went beyond! I could tell he put lots of time and effort into it.
Besides being a good actor, his body is amazing. His pecs are bulging, ass chiselled, and his cock is nice large and juicy looking. All and all, a powerful specimen of a workhorse!


Andy Fit

Classic Physique with ambitions to become a PRO!I share with you my MUSCLE in the sport of bodybuilding!I am your MUSCULAR GOD

30 y/o

170cm (5'7")

83kg (183 lbs)


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