Andy Fit

Hello my name is Andy I am a model and an active bodybuilding sportsman.

28, 170cm (5'7"), 76kg (167 lbs)

Moscow, Russia

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Hello my name is Andy I am a model and an active bodybuilding sportsman.


Christmas Flex 2020

Christmas Flex 2020

Andy Fit

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About me

Hello my name is Andy I am a model and an active bodybuilding sportsman. On my page you will find a lot of interesting photos and videos with me))) welcome)))


from armwreslr [650] on 24 January 2021

I got an awesome custom video from AndyFit and his friend. They did exactly what I asked. Very professional and awesome quality!

from jeromeroundu2 [4324] on 14 January 2021

Afit is a BOSS!!! Coolest motherf***** on The BestFlex!

from MikesBigArms [3184] on 9 January 2021


I had an awesome show with Andy. He is eager to please & really knows how to show off his beautiful, muscular body. He flexed so hard, that he started to sweat and get really pumped up. That's so hot. I definitely will do more shows with Andy. ***** 5 stars

from jeromeroundu2 [4324] on 3 January 2021

Series 1, Episode 7: BACK

Your rear delts tie into the teres major perfectly. Compete separation of the two muscle groups.

Lat Spread: The trapezius, teres major, rhomboid major and scapula are all present when flexing a lat spread. Each muscle mass is perfectly present with incredible separation. The latissimus dorsi are THICK and V tapered…. Perfect bodybuilding!!!! The center of the latissimus dorsi muscle mass is thick AF. Your proportion and symmetry is incredible bodybuilding!

Trapezius: Your traps dominate the entire region of the upper back. There is clear and present separation of the teres major and latissimus dorsi from the trapezius!

Abdominals: You are genetically blessed with incredible abs! Each of the tendinous intersections are clearly present separating all 6 of your abdominal muscles. Even in off season! Your serratus anterior are present with separation from the latissimus muscle. Your obliques are cut and striated even in off season. Your Apollo’s belt (Adonis belt or iliac furrow) is so distinctive! You are a genetic freak bro!

from jeromeroundu2 [4324] on 25 December 2020

Added a video to Series 1.... overall torso..... current condition!

This dude is astonishing! His gains are on fucking point! Offseason and ripped! Andy is FULL, striated, vascular and still ripped while building mass! Buy and support this bodybuilder! He may not be the biggest on TBF...... BUT..... he is the MOST impressive on this site!!!! Follow and support this upcoming bodybuilder!

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Age 28
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 76kg (167 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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