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to Moris Charles on 18 July 2021

Holy crap! Got my first custom from this sexy alpha beast! Easy transaction and decent price! Plus after payment dude delivered in less than a hour! Hell, I’ve been waiting over 2 months for vids from 2 other “verified” guys on here. The quality of vid an quality of muscle was awesome! Sexy, verbal an cocky! Can’t wait to get another one!

to Joe Muscle on 22 May 2021

What started out great has gone sour. Easy to talk to and arrange a custom vid, gave a great price, and payed him a extra $20 for being so generous and easy to deal with. He was upfront and honest that he couldn't do the vid exactly to my specs but would do the best he could an give a good show. I am fine with that. But then the waiting game started. We all know how that if and how it usually ends, we get screwed. Been over a month and not heard back from him on skype. He checks in here and has a good review from 10 days ago. Just don't get it. Always try to support and promote good guys, and I thought he was, I was excited. But sadly we all fall prey to scammers. Hopefully this will somehow workout and then I will update my review, but for now I can't. Sad.

to Mr Latz on 24 April 2021

Got another hot custom vid from Mr Latz. As always a great man to work with and positive experience. Makes every vid personal and detailed to your liking. My collection of him keeps growing and every vid is outstanding. Ripped and sexy as hell!!

Mr Latz replied...
cant wait for the next :)

to Mr Latz on 19 March 2021

Just got another hot custom vid from Mr. Latz! I think this is number 8 or so, and each one is as fun and hot as the others. This sexy muscle stud has been packing on the muscle lately and looking solid and ripped. Great to chat with and always delivers fast and timely. Cant say enough about how wonderful it is to work with him.

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks my man ;)

to Tim Nash on 26 December 2020

treated myself to a custom from Tim. My personal Christmas present!! Not only did he act it out greatly, he delivered it faster than what he said he was going to. Fun, friggin sexy man. Cocky, dominant and so much sensuality oozing from him. Looking forward to playing with this muscle stud more!!

Tim Nash replied...
hell Yes. thank you,I will wait for a new video.

to Ricky Cruz on 31 October 2020

Got another hot custom from this sexy muscle stud. Love communicating with him on Skype. Very fun and easy to work with. Could not be any nicer or sexier. Took my idea and made it his own. Even tossed in some extra hard muscle for me :) Too bad cant rate higher than a 5star!!

to Max Flex God on 27 October 2020

Hey guys, I am on custom vid 5 with Max, and each one gets better and better. Been easy to communicate with and make arrangements with. Fair price and I got most vids the same day. Body of a god, I can't make it thru half the vid without bustin a nut!! Give him a try, he truly works hard to impress and make you a loyal fan. Very responsive on Skype. Working on a new scene for him to act out as I write this!!

Max Flex God replied...
My man :)

to Luk Cage on 27 October 2020

Just got my 6th custom from this hot muscle stud! Gave Luk a "Oilfest" idea and he ran with it. Everytime he has came thru for me, and always amazing and fun!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!

to Den Murphu on 25 October 2020

Got my first custom from this sexy ripped beast! Wow!! He is hot as hell and so easy to work with. Dude has the most intense veins, they are thick like ropes! Already ordered another custom that I am sure will be just as hot!! Check him out if you haven't yet!!

Den Murphu replied...
Thanks always ready to do great shows!

to Andy Fit on 25 October 2020

Had a awesome custom vid from Andy!! The veins were exploding for me. Fun, and easy to work with. Vid was done and sent super fast. His body rocks and that smile on his face melts ya!! Looking forward to the next one!

to Luk Cage on 20 October 2020

I think I am up to 5 custom vids and some premade that I bought from Luk!! Right before my eyes last few months, this muscle stud is getting bigger and more vascular by the day!! Super fun to chat with and do business with. Can't say enough about this sexy muscle god!! If you haven't already, check him out!!

Luk Cage replied...
Let's go for the 6 custom video!!!

to SuperShape on 17 October 2020

Got my 1st custom and gotta say Wow! Dude is sculpted an ripped! Great communication an fast delivery. Looking forward to more!

to Tommy Flex on 12 October 2020

Tommy is the man!! Can’t brag enough about my custom vids he has done for me! But now he’s outdone himself! His OnlyFans is incredible! All full length videos an all Tommy Flex muscle!! No one has as much content an array of muscle fetish’s as he does! Check it out, you’ll be happy you did!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I am here for YOU and here to ensure you express yourself to the fullest with my content! You work too damn hard out there, so the world has given you Tommy Flex!

to SuperShape on 12 October 2020

Got my 1st custom and gotta say Wow! Dude is sculpted an ripped! Great communication an fast delivery. Looking forward to more!

to Max Flex God on 8 October 2020

So sometimes we need to give dudes a second chance. Max reached out to me an apologized for his past delays in delivering. He never has not, just took longer to deliver than agreed upon. That being said, decided to give him another shot. We made some solid arrangements an he sent pics of finished vid before I paid an he sent. This has worked out fantastic for both of us I feel. Bought 2 vids in less than 24 hours an each one acted out amazingly. Max is in peak condition an ripped! Verbal an can tell he loves showing the goods for you. Reach out to him an see what he can do for you! ??????

Max Flex God replied...

to AestheticsBoy on 2 October 2020

What a great experience! First time getting a custom vid from him and Wow! Great communication an fast delivery even though I caught him in process of moving and unpacking. Tight, ripped an vascular! First you fall in love with his perfect big biceps, then he hits most muscular pose an you lust for his pecs an traps! Great sexy man!

to Mr Latz on 30 September 2020

Got another custom video again to add to my collection of Mr. Latz!! Dude never ceases to amaze with that bod, handsome face an sexy smile! As always great communication and fast to deliver. I love seeing what he does with the ideas I give him and runs with it. Definitely more to come, and if you haven’t experienced this man, what the hell you waiting for?!!

Mr Latz replied...
My man oilyboy! I love to oil up for you and show off! Cant wait to do it again! my pleasure!

to CockyBoy on 30 September 2020

Just got my first custom from Alex! Been enjoying his only fans page an took a leap on buying a custom. Ya can tell he had fun acting it out. Great communication, fast delivery and friendly. Not enough words to say about that muscled rock hard body! Already planning my next vid ????????

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you love, and so happy that you follow me and enjoying my profile here and on OF too !!! kiss and see you soon <3

to Aaron Jay on 28 September 2020

I’ve gotten several customs from Aaron but this one goes down as my best! He is more ripped an vascular than ever! He knows what I like, adds to my ideas, and I can tell he is getting off to doing it! Hot! Not sure how he can top this one, but gonna be fun seeing him do it!! Woof!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you man and we will definitely top it soon ;)

to Luk Cage on 25 September 2020

Wow! Luk has been awesome to work with, and delivers! First custom with him and he ran with it! Dude is ripped and sexy as hell. Already have another scene for him to act out and can't wait to see what he does with it. So glad to be able to worship this sexy beast of a man!!

Luk Cage replied...
Hey thanks, i can't wait for another one!!!

to Max Wood on 13 August 2020

Hot! Max has always been one of the sexiest men on the net. His OnlyFans is fair price for all the great material he posts. 10min clips instead of 20 second clips most post. We had a communication issue around a custom vid, Max was kind and professional when acknowledging this. He more than made it up to me and helped affirm my belief that everyone deserves a second chance. Thanks Max for making this a positive experience.

to Mr Latz on 11 August 2020

Wow! Just got my second custom from this sexy stud! Great communication, heck he is the only one to leave video messages instead of texting! Makes the whole experience feel personal and special. Takes my scene idea and not only acts it out perfectly, he adds to it an puts his own sexy spin on it. Loving working with this guy! Does not disappoint!!

Mr Latz replied...
What can I say, i love to show off ;)

to Ricky Cruz on 23 July 2020

Had just gotten my first custom video from Ricky the other day. Hot as hell. Great communication during the whole process on Skype. Did all my details in script and then some, made the vid his own. Super friendly and that comes through our chats and even the vid. Was a bit pricier than what I normally pay, but I also wanted to see the main muscle get, so that never comes without a price!! Looking forward to more with him, and if you haven't yet, give him a try. :)

Ricky Cruz replied...
Thanks a lot my friend. My best payment is the complete satisfaction of my clients

to Aaron Jay on 23 July 2020

Just got my 4th custom from Aaron! Damn this man is sexy as hell! Fast, and great communication always. That bod is ripped and he loves to show it off. Dripping in oil, flexing and being alpha for me. My nickname is Oilboy, so in one of my vids he nailed it on the head by saying "no such thing as too much oil" and drenched himself in it. Course its one of my faves from him. Very responsive and easy to chat with on Skype.

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you man I’m glad you enjoyed the oily show! See you soon.

to Mr Latz on 23 July 2020

WOW! First custom I have bought from Mr. Latz! The whole experience has been great. Not only did we chat about what I was looking for in the vid, but also had some get to know ya banter back an forth, which rarely happens. Made this a truly personal experience. His body is ripped and his alpha attitude is hot as hell. I am a bit picky with the product i like used, prefer oil, not cream or lotion. He went out of his way to go grab some to make sure the vid was as I would like it to be. Awesome. So many dudes don't really follow what you tell them you'd like to have them do, so getting the vid then is a let down. I got everything and some hot dominant attitude tossed in for effect. The whole vid felt good and not rushed. Will be getting another one soon!! Oh, btw, another thing was his great communication along the way, dude has a job and life, so was a day or two longer than what he was thinking, but the whole time he let me know, and his communication with me was great. Unlike a few dudes that leave ya hanging a week after they said they would deliver, and no explanations or communication. That part is the worst, mind goes straight to getting scammed. Please contact Mr. Latz and let him work his magic for ya! :)

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you so much my man! and I look forward to pleasing you again. Oily

to Airon on 18 April 2020

WOW!! Total sexy beast! All that mass and shredded!! Got my first custom yesterday, delivered in 2 hours! I love my baby oil and it took almost a full bottle to cover all that beef!! The veins are like ropes wrapped around those huge arms! Airon could not have been nicer and sexier!! Already planning my next vid!! WOOF!

to Tommy Flex on 15 April 2020

Well, with quarantine and the hornies, I needed another Tommy Flex fix. Was a bit too excited when I wrote him and forgot my 2 required details in my oil and arm bands. Just a thing I like. Tommy immediately noticed it was missing and said, don't worry I got ya. Great that he remembers his return customers and continue to provide the excellent service we have came to enjoy. Again, said 48 hours and I got it within a day. Thanks Tommy!! You the god!!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I’d never forget key factors in your requests & I’ll always provide nothing but the best service!!

to Parker on 15 April 2020

I have had several vids with the sexy god Parker. all have been amazing, never disappoints!! Watching him let oil pour down the valley of abs is breathtaking

to Tony D on 15 April 2020

Over the years I have bought more than 50, yep 50, custom vids from my alpha god Tony. All have been fair priced, delivered on time, and made to order with him tossing in a few ad lib things. He has never disappointed and so fun, easy and worth chatting with. Had the quarantine hornies the other day, and needed a vid fix. Tony happened to be on line so we discussed a new vid. There are alway a couple standard requirements in my vids, and I forgot to write them in script..maybe was the Well Tony called me out on leaving out those details and said "don't worry, I got ya". Don't know where he found the energy, because he was doing several show that night, but damn if this wasn't the best vid he has ever done for me. He has gained more muscle and remains ripped to the bone. Plus I got the video few hours into the night after I ordered it. Dude has never let me down. Sadly, I don't know a scene for me to give him that could top this last one.....but I am sure Tony will figure it out! LOL!!!

Tony D replied...

to Flexmanross on 15 April 2020

if ya looking for a tight, toned slab of young muscle, dude is the deal. Very accommodating with requests and timely on delivery. Has no hesitation showing off that bod and his cocky smile is sexy as hell. Love the ripped abs and insane forearm veins. He added oil and I was ready to bust a nut. Big things coming his way, catch him and watch that bod grow!

Flexmanross replied...
Thank you this man is awesome anytime working with him is easy going and only wants to satisfy both parties no pressure I’d work with him anytime and in a busy schedule he’d be closer to the top thanks again oilboy

to Fitnessbeast on 15 April 2020

Wow, is all I got! Besides the wood I get talking with him. Dude is so easy to work with and loves fulfilling your fantasies, I think he gets off to them also! Bought several vids so far and all have his cocky alpha spin on them. Love watching him show his amazing strength off and doing it with ease. His pricing is fair, and delivers sometimes as soon as a hour after you buy, which is pretty cool now a days with the scammers out there. Check out his Onlyfans Polish Powerhouse, it is a good taste of everything he does and then some surprises. This has been a welcome addition to my stable of go to guys!!

to Michael Bradley on 7 April 2020

Got my custom done super fast and was a pleasure to work with. Hot as hell and the body to die for. Looking forward to more from him

to Tommy Flex on 4 April 2020

Was feeling the need to get my Alpha Tommy Flex fix and as always, he never disappoints. Love that he gives 2 payment options, one for general custom, and the other slightly more pricey that he personalizes with your name and keeps private. He took a script that i like having acted out for me, and was hot as hell. What makes things even better is he has done this script before for me, but put a new twist and spin on it that blew me away. Also didn't stick to the standard 10min cut off time on vid, he made sure to get it all in and didn't rush to end it like so many others do. If you never bought a custom from him, get it together and do it!! Hot!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I’m so glad to see you enjoy your fantasy to the level that you’ve expressed! I look for towards seeing you again!

to Max Flex God on 28 October 2019

Well after a long wait, I finally got the vid I purchased. I bought it couple weeks before his competition, so he apologized for the delay, then after contest became ill, so another delay. Been scammed more times than I can count, sadly, so normally I would have given up on him. But during this long wait he has always kept me posted, and up to date on what was happening. Never ghosted me like some other dudes have. Got my video yesterday and was even longer than what I paid for. And was a real hot and sexy vid. Now that he is back on the scene and healthy again, give the guy a chance, we all deserve seconds now and then. Looking forward to watching this hot young stud grow!

Max Flex God replied...
Thank you very much my man :)

to Max Wood on 24 August 2019

Stick with his prerecorded stuff here and save lots of money. 6 months already and all I got from him is scammed and ripped off. Avoid buying a custom. Weird that there is positive reviews here. Wish I could because he was so easy to deal with till he got his money.

to Max Wood on 28 June 2019

weird to see all the positive experiences. mine started out that way, usual contact, send script, agree on price, send money and then he ghosts, no contact, no vid. 4 months gone by now.
even changed his name to Longjack at one point and now back to max wood. was excited, thought this amazing man was going to be professional and not another scammer.

to Jacked Jake on 17 April 2019

So after a year of missing in action, Jake finally got a hold of me on Skype. He apologized and said he was getting my vid filmed today. Well, he not only still had my custom script, he sent the vid in a few hours after our talk. Then as a bonus included and extra vid that he had made. I took down my bad reviews I have left over the past year. I believe everyone deserves a second chance to correct some wrongs. Very happy with the outcome.

to Tommy Flex on 7 November 2018

Cant stop saying enough about this friggin muscle god. Tommy just made me another custom. Remembered things I love from past customs and included them. Also as he only does, gave more than what was asked and expected. Truly one of the best.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I’m looking forward towards future custom vids with for you, I’m already creating added scenes lol

to Tommy Flex on 4 October 2018

After getting the most amazing custom from him, I decided to try his OnlyFans page and WOW, he gives more than you could ask for! Not only loves to show his beautiful body, but damn, that cock is impressive as hell!!

Tommy Flex replied...
Hell yeah! Thanks for your support!

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 4 August 2018

Been a year since we arranged a custom vid. Paid and then got a few excuses about the delivery delay, which I accept because I am probably not the only one ordering and has many customers. Then nothing. So I guess he went scammer route like so many. Sad because he seemed like a awesome and legit guy

to Tommy Flex on 10 July 2018

Bought a few vids from Tommy, but just experienced my first custom purchase. What a easy man to work with, even delivered the vid a day before he promised! After being scammed recently from 2 guys, it was nice to have my faith restored by Tommy. He made vid like I requested and added his own sexy cockiness to it, truly a fun and hot vid. Looking forward to playing more with this sexy alpha!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I value my work and always try to exceed expectation! Glad to have you as a fan!

to Caleb on 6 July 2018

Caleb made the oiled up cocky vid for me that he posted, was truly a great working experience with him. I am into oil, poppers, veins and cocky attitude, which he delivers and then some! Looking forward to more with him. Professional and legit, unlike a few of the other scammers that have been around.

to Youngncharge on 4 July 2018

as usual, I fell sucker to him. finally done. never follows through, never answers after he receives the money. I am not a cam guy, so I pay for vids. regained my trust for a $80 vid purchase of some old vids, then for the custom I asked for, nothing.. after I paid $125. Almost a month now of Skype texts and no reply. Funny thing is, after he said he recorded it , he needed to fix the format and said he would never fuck me over. Please think twice. Was hoping for a positive transaction and dealing but not so much.

Youngncharge replied...
oilboy4u can you message me on skype or however you can? i owe you what you paid for and will do even more. i will explain what happened. sorry for the wait

to daniel carter on 4 July 2018

So there are 2 Daniel Carter Skype Id's. I dealt with the one connected here and arranged custom vid. Never received the vid after a few excuses and promises. So Scam alert. Contacted the other Daniel and he said he was the official guy and anyone else is a scam. Totally sucks. Both list as daniel Carter Official but the one scamming me has his Skype linked to TheBestFlex. Way to lose $$ I will now trust the negative reviews first. Sad.

daniel carter replied...
I apologize for your experience man. my skype is Danielicousme without a period. there is a scammer that has gotten ahold of many others. his is danielicousme. with a period! im so sorry again I hope you get ahold of the real me!:)

to Tommy Flex on 2 July 2018

such a great hot man! easy to deal with and not a scammer like a few guys on here lately. sexy and truly one of the best

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much my man! See you again soon!

to daniel carter on 29 June 2018

getting a bit worried here. haven't heard back in a bit and soon be a month. always give benefit of the doubt because the guys are busy people, lives and other requests, but lack of communication and time makes one worry. I have a nice stable of guys that I trust and they trust me not to share what I buy. Sadly seems lately when I go to experience someone new, I get let down. Hopefully this not the case for he was pretty honest up front till recently. I start with 3 for his communication earlier. Hoping to make this a 5 :)

daniel carter replied...
have we worked together before? dm me on skype and we can get it arranged. make sure you ask for a preview to make sure its the right skype ID. thank you! :)

Shredded Muscle Worship

to Shredded Muscle Worship featuring Luk Cage on 4 October 2020


Ripped and so vascular! Could only imagine if those were my hands feeling that body up! I have gotten many custom vids from Luk and each one, as in this one, he shines like the muscle god he is!!!

Hardcore Flexing 2

to Hardcore Flexing 2 featuring BigXander on 4 July 2016


no one has his vasculairty and ripped thick abs. love the arm bands stretching against his flexed biceps

Tommy Flex

Yes sir! Oil that gun down!! Woof!

7 June 2021

Tommy Flex

The size an shape of that bicep is mind blowing! Can only imagine it’s power!????????

7 June 2021


Master Marcus

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