Nero Wolf

Young bodybuilder with huge arms that loves to flex and wrestle. OPEN FOR MEETINGS

Nero Wolf

22, 170cm (5'7"), 106kg (233 lbs)

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About me

Hey guys,

My name is Radu and I am an amateur bodybuilder in Cluj, Romania. I aim to be the best pro bodybuilder on the planet, and I have the genetic gifts to do it. My best body part is my arms, which seem to grow even with just a light workout. Over 20' arms.💪

So, what can I do for you? Your wish is my commmand.

I do webcams, custom videos, and meet-ups in Cluj. Whatever you might like, I am open to it. Let’s discuss what you want me to do for you. This is how I support my bodybuilding so please always be honest and trustworthy with me, and I will return it. Besides all the muscle, I am a regular guy and enjoy my fans. This work is essential to me, and I want to please. So please come to me if you have any concerns. The aim is to make you happy. If you aren’t, I am not happy.

Thank you to all my fans for their support so I can reach my dreams.

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Cluj Napoca, Romania.


1* only because it does not go lower. Watch out guys for a total crook and thief! Eager to take money, but does not deliver on shows. Took me a while to arrange a show with him but after being asked repeatedly by him, he disappeared as soon as I agreed and the transfer was received. That's what you call a thief! A serial liar too, making excuses for why he could not do a show even though he was active... girlfriend problems and food poisoning... lots of creative excuses. A ""BODY BUILDER" WHO DOES NOT PERFORM!... it's a bit of a sad tragedy really. Be careful with this crook, guys! A total chancer. Most guys on here are great, but thieves like this give it all a bad name and make you cautious. Do not trust!!!

masterjack98 [1005] on 8 Jul 2024

Nero Wolf replied...
Hello! We agreed to make the show yesterday, even if i am not feing very well after an excess on food, but you blocked me on instagram in that day, its strange. How do i am supposed to talk with you? As i said, i want a long term collab, i want to make you the show, but you block me the day when we agreed to make the show. I dont understand what is wrong with you, if i am online on skype it does not mean that i do shows or whatever you think. I have online psychotherapy on skype, but that does not mean that i do shows. You can unblock me on instagram and write me there to reschedule, or respond to messages on skype🙂 because i want to do it. Have a good day!

This man is massive, he is putting together a pro level physique. He's had some family problems, be patient with him, he will deliver, and he's so huge it will blow you away! Nice guy, on the road to pro!

harlanny [20625] on 3 Jul 2024

Nero Wolf replied...
Thank you very much💖

He made a video for me and delivered well. The video was better than expected honestly. Very kind and huge. Has the potential to be the best guy on here and the biggest. Can’t wait to do more with him in the future ;).

Jazz614 [185] on 22 Jun 2024

Nero Wolf replied...
Thank you so much💖

Worst guy I've ever worked with. Well, "worker" didn't fit because he just took the money and after that I got excuse after excuse. About 10 times I was promised the video will be there on date xxx. And then nothing for quite a while. Then he was sick, missed a train, then he was sick again, then he ghosted me. Like now, no response for 4 days even though he's online.
In my case he's just a scammer.

I was really patient and understanding as my chat with him shows but this is ridiculous now.

I've been waiting almost 7 weeks now

Jimmieh [1047] on 20 Jun 2024

Nero Wolf replied...
Hello! Please write me a message on skype.

great cam show with Radu, he is prepping for competition he is huge, Great guy

Ozsport63 [3870] on 10 Jun 2024

Nero Wolf replied...
Thank you💖Its a pleasure to flex for you

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Nero Wolf


Age 22
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 106kg (233 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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