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to Jacked Jake on 24 March 2018

This guys is nothing but a scammer. Stay far away and don't send money because you will never see your video or your money back.

to Roy Morris on 9 March 2018

I have done several shows with Roy Morris over the years, and I recently ordered a video from him. I double checked to make sure it was the correct Skype name and that it was the same guy I have purchased countless other shows and videos from. He was very accommodating and we worked out a price and I made payment. As soon as the payment went through, he promised that he would deliver the video that weekend. When the weekend came and went, I contacted Roy again and he has not responded to my messages (even though he is online). I do not know what has changed to make him scam so many people, but DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY! HE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! If, he ends up coming through and delivering the video that I already paid for, then I will write another review, but I don't think he will. People are thieves and have no morals anymore. I can definitely provide a list of guys from this site who are trustworthy and do amazing shows, and who you do not have to gamble with stealing your money.

Roy Morris replied...
I was busy whole week , we agree for a show first time then after you paied you changed mind and wanted video , video is more difficult to make than a cam show on webcamera , i will do the video this weekend as i writed you on skype.

to Jacked Jake on 7 January 2018

I don't know what has been going on with him. I have ordered several videos in the past, and he always took forever to deliver, but this time, after a month of waiting with promises to deliver at the beginning and then just ignoring my messages completely, I had to get Google Wallet to refund my money. I advise to stay away.

Jacked Jake replied...
I sent this guy back his money due to me not being able to make his video in the time frame we agreed on due to family issues and health reasons. I'm all good now.

to Tommy Flex on 21 September 2017

I had a cam show last night with Tommy, and it was an amazing experience. Tommy was very quick to respond to me on Skype, and very open to hearing what I was looking for in a show. He is very responsive and you can tell he truly enjoys flexing and showing off his hard work in the gym. His body is incredible, and the show completely exceeded my expectations. I will definitely do more shows with him in the future.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Alex on 22 March 2014

I have just finished a cam show with Gaston, and I have to say that it was an amazing experience! Gaston is handsome, ripped, and full of high-quality muscle mass! He was extremely polite and accommodating to my desires. He checked in regularly to ensure I was enjoying myself, and he was more than willing to switch up his routine to fit my personal needs. The combination of a handsome face, insane muscular body, and first class personality will keep me coming back for more shows. I would recommend anyone with a love of rock hard muscles check Gaston out!

Alex replied...
Thanks SOOO much for rhe nice review! Ill look forward to our next show! :)


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