Jacked Jake

Young college bodybuilder who loves to show off

24, 182cm (6'0"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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Young college bodybuilder who loves to show off


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About me

The best thing you'll ever see. None of these other fuckers talk. I have the full package.


from Tomy2tones [250] on 30 March 2021

I paid for a custom video last week that he said he'd have made the same day, but he was able to do. He messaged me back saying yesterday the 29th of march 2021 that he'd do it then and still hasn't been able to send me the video. But he was sick so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

from JCgomez1234 [310] on 22 March 2021

If I could give zero stars I would. Unfortunately all the current reviews are true. When I first started out with Jake I got three great custom vids. I even left an awesome review on TBF about them. Then everything that everyone has said in his recent reviews started happening.

I ended up giving Jake about 240$ around Thanksgiving/Christmas time for 2 custom vids. Then he would start the excuses as to why he couldn't make them etc. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, it was the holidays right? He would ignore my messages. Then at the end of February he finally messaged me back. More excuses!!! To be fair he was recovering from Covid at this point but not an excuse for the 2 months it took to get any kind of response from him.

Finally I just asked him to send me 3 pre-made videos he had. He said he could if I send him another 75$ and I did. Now we are at around 315$, total, that I have sent him! Again, 315$ for premades not even the custom videos that I originally wanted. He finally sent me 2 premades (not great or what I would have wanted from a custom but at least its content). He then asked for more money for the 3rd which I politely declined and his response was something to effect of "It's fine if you cant, I can find someone who can send me money". That comment and not receiving what I actually paid for put the nail in the coffin of any future dealings with Jake.

He did end up sending me a 3rd premade but it turned out to be one already on TBF bro! I read bad reviews about Jake when I first started asking him for custom vids and I didn't listen, so thats on me. My advice to any of you wondering about Jake, send him funds for content at your own risk.

from littlelunch [8086] on 1 March 2021

Agree with the last reviews, I gave up on the custom (he chased me for to make) so I've only lost a small deposit. He has one of the best bodies on here but sadly also one of the worst work ethics.
He is double the average cost of other guys.
He is very poor on communication.
He just goes silent on for months once he has your cash.
He also sells on customs on this site, a practice I disagree with as customs should remain private. For this reason I also removed previous positive reviews for ones he 'on sold'.
So put simply block him and use decent guys that do deliver as promised. It is a shame, if he put a fraction of the dedication he clearly puts into the gym into providing decent videos he would make a fortune, as it is steer clear and maybe only buy videos posted here. At least that you you do actually get a video if you really want one.

from Cubbrian [325] on 17 February 2021

He doesn’t follow through . He got my money . Excuse after excuse . Won’t reply to my messages .

from Jay Will [605] on 21 January 2021

Don't bother. He takes your money, then screws you over.
You never see your videos. Would be better if The Best Flex
just dropped him.

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Age 24
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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