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to Muscled King on 8 October 2019

Had a very nice cam chat with him. Caught him before he went to the gym, tho. But that didn't bother me. Nice guy. Nice little flex session. Admittedly, however, we did more chatting than flexing. But I didn't care. I recommend a session with him to anyone that asks.

Muscled King replied...
Thanks man, I hope to see you again soon for a hot pumped flexing right after the gym ;)

to youngmusclestud on 25 March 2016

Just had a 10 min. session and loved it. Very nice guy. Worth seeing.

to daniel carter on 1 April 2015

Humble, kind, funny. These are only a few of the wonderful aspects of this young man. He makes you feel comfortable and always takes compliments with sincere humility. Never acts arrogant or prideful. A true testament to what it means to be a winner. A real joy to talk to and I definitely look forward to more sessions in the future!

daniel carter replied...
your a charming guy! it was great talking to you man!

to BigD on 6 December 2014

Nice guy. Had a session for 10 min. Talked about fitness for the other 10.

to Hungry beast on 1 September 2014

Just saw his video, "Bicep Fantasy 3" and WOW!! LOVE the guns on this guy!! He says they're only 17.75 in. (45 cm) but they look bigger!! Can't wait to see what else this kid will come out with!

Hungry beast replied...
Thank you! I am happy that You like my video :)

to Alex on 8 December 2013

Just had a flex session on Skype with him. SUPER nice guy, really loved flexing for me. We also talked and he made me feel really comfortable. If you ever get the chance, get a session with him. You WON'T be disappointed!!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much for the nice words! I really enjoyed camming and meeting you! :)

Massive Young Bodybuilder

to Massive Young Bodybuilder featuring Roy Morris on 14 June 2015


Awesome muscle! The only problem I had that kept me from giving it a full 5 stars was the use of the f-word. Other than that, awesome vid!



18 December 2018


Muscled King

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Jay Felix

Jay is a cool muscle guy ! Great energy great shows!

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Tomas Mach

Bodybuilder, czech boy

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Not your average powerlifter

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