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to Armando on 6 May 2020

As always, absolutely incredible. I have made several very specific custom video requests and this guy absolutely nails it every time. Huge, amazing shape and more than willing to go the extra mile to please. Highly recommended.

Armando replied...
Thank you very much! :)

to Maks King on 22 March 2020

Agreed on a very specific video. The one he sent was okay but did not include what I had asked for and was agreed to. I asked why but did not really get much of a response. The video link was then expired or deleted and I could not download the video I had paid for. I have messaged several times in the weeks since but have received no response. I will update this review if I ever get a response.

Maks King replied...

to Calin God on 24 February 2019

I have ordered a couple of videos from him before and they were very good. He redid one for me when there were parts that were not correct and for that I'm very grateful, he was easy to deal with and has an amazing body. I would definitely give him a chance if you are considering it.

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 22 January 2019

I made a pretty specific custom request and what he sent was less than 2 minutes of what I actually asked for mashed together with the remaining 8 minutes of a random pre-made video he removed the audio from. I didn't get anything like what I asked for, if I wanted something pre-made I wouldn't have spent so much extra on a custom video. When I said I wasn't happy he asked for more money and I outright refused. He then said he would redo it, I told him I would wait until the 15th of January, he promised I would have a video by then. Just don't bother, you have to make a lot of effort for almost nothing in return. I will remove this review if he actually sends me what I asked for.

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
I'm sorry, but a similar problem has happened in the past! I prepared the video with 2 minutes of muscle flex and aktri under the chair with a final all naked with handjob .. If you did not like it I'm sorry !!! I will not prepare more videos for people who do not appreciate my work! Good luck

to Bradley Summers on 4 December 2018

I have no idea why it's only me that's had such a terrible experience, really had high hopes. I asked for a pretty specific video, the terms were agreed and I paid. In the 2 months since, I have been told what I asked isn't actually possible, ignored multiple times and even laughed at when I said I'll be chasing up a refund through PayPal. In his words "Go for it buddy you chase that up cause it’s illegal to buy stuff like that from PayPal ????". I've finally caved and lodged a dispute through PayPal. Complete waste of my time and the worst experience I've had on this site, I have the entire Skype chat saved.

Bradley Summers replied...
Hey, I’m not sure what you are getting at here thanks for getting my PayPal permanently banned and ruining my future shows with people.

to Seb Muscle on 23 October 2018

I have ordered a few very specific videos from Seb in the past, they were really good when he finally got around to making them but it did take patience. I decided to go back to him after a few months, and ordered one with the proviso that he record within an agreed time frame. As others have recently experienced, as soon as I sent payment he completely cut communication for days. I ended up chasing a refund that I am yet to receive. It's a shame because he was so good, but now I wouldn't waste your time really.

Seb Muscle replied...
Really? You did get money back. The delay with video was because I was sick.

to Forbidme on 18 September 2018

Just got another video from him and holy shit he cannot put a foot wrong. Seriously, this guy is immaculate. Gives 110% and always a pleasure to discuss the terms with before proceeding. I can't even stress enough just how good he is. And goddamn, those arms are just beastly. 10/10 will order from again

to Caleb on 5 September 2018

When I saw Caleb on here I got super excited because of the other videos I've seen of him elsewhere. I've ordered 3 customs from him so far and goddamn dude... Goddamn. He just absolutely dominates the screen. I got exactly what I was wanting every time, he's quick to record and send and doesn't mind the banter in the chat. 10/10 will order again.

to Forbidme on 5 September 2018

Should have made this review forever ago. I have ordered 2 custom videos from him and holy shit they're honestly the best you can get from this site, hands down! He did exactly as I asked and made it so goddamn good, I cannot stress enough just how good he is! Absolutely worth the money. Incredibly fast response time too. Best of the best I'll definitely be back for more again

to Armando on 5 September 2018

Should have made this review months ago as I promised him, really really REALLY good! I ordered a custom video from him and he made everything exactly as I asked and delivered so fast! Incredible body and just great to order from. Just keep in mind he might sell your custom elsewhere as he did mine, I don't really mind but it was a bit surprising!

Armando replied...
Thanks sir, always a pleasure.

to michaelmuscle on 5 September 2018

Again, he's made a new account. Again I'm leaving this review to warn others that he took my money and delivered me not the custom I requested but some random premade video of him in the bath. Not even remotely what I ordered and he completely ignored me when i messaged him multiple times.

to Apolllo on 6 May 2018

Ordered 2 custom videos from him so far, both were odd requests. He did awesome with both performances, had fun with it and the end product was well worth the money. I learnt quickly that as long as you get to the point and keep your request to a single message it's all gravy. Well worth the money.

to YoungRipped on 6 May 2018

Amazing performer. Really knows what he's doing, delivered an awesome product. Will definitely be ordering again as soon as he's no longer busy :)

YoungRipped replied...
thanks ! ;)

to HornyAlphaBoy on 6 April 2018

This is long overdue. I've ordered a total of 9 custom videos and every single one has been amazing. He's willing to try anything you want to see and nothing is too difficult. And that body, holy crap. The sexiest most muscular hunk on this site! I seriously can't talk him up enough!

to Tommy Flex on 3 April 2018

Completely attentive to every aspect of any request. When he missed one thing he remade the entire video without hesitation. The guy is just utterly dedicated to keeping us happy, which is a quality that can really stand out on this site! 10/10 will come back again!

Tommy Flex replied...
Looking forward to seeing another fantasy of yours and bringing it to a vertual reality! I take high pride in my work and it has to have high attention to detail. Thank you for being an awesome fan!!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 15 September 2017

Honestly, the best you'll ever get. He always puts 100% effort into whatever it is you ask of him, which is often far more than many of the other guys on this site. He makes a point to try and get for you exactly what you like, no matter how odd the request. He has an absolutely incredible body, and he delivers as soon as he is able to. Plenty of other guys have kept me waiting for days, even weeks on end. If I could give 10 stars I would.

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 27 August 2017

Takes a more time to deliver from the agreed time but he does eventually deliver. He does put effort in but his English isn't great, there's a pretty significant language barrier there. He missed out some parts of my requests and when we discussed rectifying them he suggests another payment and another video. Overall I appreciated his effort.

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
your request was really special, it was not a simple request!!! especially on the replay of one video, where it was also added a music etc. i know was a particular request,but I did my best to realize it. :)



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