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to Tom Ford on 6 January 2020

I have received two custom videos that I requested from this young athlete. Tall, good-looking, with low body fat and pure muscle. Honest and disposed to work enthusiastically. About the videos: high qualitiy videos that matching my expectations. Highly recommended.

to Xander on 20 August 2019

He is a well-muscled young man and he is extreme shredded. He makes extraordinary custom videos, exactly as requested and even better. He is also a super nice guy with a very good attitude towards people.
I feel like I've found another hidden treasure of this website.Thanks bro for all the great videos you've made for me and for the ones that will come as well.

Xander replied...
Thank you!

to BeardedMuscle on 24 July 2019

I have received from this magnificent athlete two excellent videos on request, made with great care and dedication. Not only muscles, veins and facial hair, he also has very enjoyable tattoos that the Greek sculptures didn't have and a frank and serene temperament. It's worth continue to support him.

to HarryPower on 5 July 2019

I have 5 custom videos from him and in every video he has been brilliant.
Young bodybuilder who has participated in several competitions in his native country with a stunning physical condition. His best shape (and believe me it's hard to make a decision) is his back. His back poses always impress.
Respectful to others, it immediately becomes clear that you can trust him. Great guy to follow.

to Aesthetic Body on 8 May 2019

I sent him a detailed report for a custom video and in return I received a professional work, in High definition, which included all requested, but presented in a breathtaking way.
He is a stunning and enthusiastic young bodybuilder who surely is going to compete soon, so his physique is in a superb shape.
A friendly and reliable person, open for exchange of new ideas and approaches for future custom flex videos, that will certainly come around.

Aesthetic Body replied...
Thank you for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying my videos and I'm happy to have you along my journey! :)

to HardRocker on 23 February 2019

My first custom video came in less than 6 hours! It was his arms workout in the gym of that morning and it was enough to know that he is a strong bodybuilder, exactly like the Old School guys.
The video was filmed with a good HD camera, with a perfect image quality and sound. He is also a person who inviting people to dialoge and quickly reach an agreement for the price and about what you want to see in the video. Highly recommended.

HardRocker replied...
I'm glad to hear that i try to be all fine for my people

to Daniel_fit on 1 November 2018

For those who do not know, this guy is one of the most stunning models of Eastern Europe. He is also a competitive bodybuilder, in perfect shape.
I bought my first video from him; it was delivered the day after and it was exactly I suggested.
He seems to be an extremely responsible person. I'll keep buying more videos.

to BeardKing22 on 17 October 2018

I bought him 2 videos on request. Good quality image (1080p Full HD) and delivered within 24 hours. He understood and did exactly what I want. From the beginning it is easy to realize that you can trust him. He is just an honest man.
This bodybuilder is not only another outstanding physique, but the perfect and balanced combination between muscular and aesthetic.

BeardKing22 replied...
Thank you bro.

to SimbaFlex on 15 September 2018

Smart and good-looking. Very strong and with stunning body. Serene, somewhat shy and amusing. On the videos on request, he understands perfectly well and improves the detailed suggestions that one has made to him. He also knows exactly where and when to place the camera to get the best view of his body during his performance. His videos are all in Full HD.
This young model is the best hidden treasure of this website.

to SimbaFlex on 18 May 2018

Very diligent person, every video I ordered I had the same day of payment.He's in good shape and wants to get better.
I will continue to buy his videos while he continues to selling and know how far he will get with that great physique.

to ArmZLungaos on 15 May 2018

I wasn't lucky this time. I paid for a video on demand and waited more than 1 month. The lad answered that he would send it, but he never did. I'm trying to get my money back with the help of Paypal.

to Hungry beast on 30 March 2018

I have a custom video from Hungry beast. It was the first purchase I made with him and it was perfect. He proposed that I pay for the video only if I liked it. The video followed rigorously the previously requested and was very well recorded, in HD.
This guy's not just muscles, he's a gentleman! I'll buy again, without a doubt. He is in good shape.



tattoo muscle hunk stud man

23 y/o

184cm (6'0")

100kg (220 lbs)

Hungry beast

young muscular handsome bodybuilder

25 y/o

175cm (5'9")

104kg (229 lbs)