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to Peter Russell on 12 January 2019

I have now had Peter do a second video and I have to say - the second one is even better than the first and the experience was just as wonderful. If you're considering buying a personalized video from Peter - DO IT NOW! He's looking absolutely amazing - ripped to shreds and huge! His arms, forearms, and abs are my favorites and among his most excellent features. He keeps the video really personal if you like and has a great sense of humor! I will look forward to asking him for more in the future. But, truth be told, I find it hard to get through even a few minutes with one before I get, uh, how shall I say, distracted! Can't say enough good things about Peter and his videos. Thanks, Pete. I really enjoy the ones you've made. You are just wonderful to work with!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you man! It’s always a pleasure for me!

to Peter Russell on 20 November 2018

I am so overwhelmed right now that I'm not sure I'll say enough good things here but, if you want a GREAT video, get in touch with Peter right away!

I read some of the reviews that suggested that he was nice to work with and that he was very accommodating ... all understatements!

Peter is not only amazing to look at, he's just a fantastic guy and so prompt in his responses.
I've done a couple of these with different people and they've all been great experiences so far and Peter was just beyond words.

The video he did for me THE NEXT DAY was just CRAZY EXCELLENT! His body is outrageous... biceps for days, huge forearms, great everything but his willingness to show off and his ability to seduce on camera is over the edge!

If you're thinking of doing it - don't EVEN hesitate... it will be the happiest money you'll spend for the year!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure!!! Thank YOU again!!

to Alex on 23 October 2018

WOW! I read other people's reviews and I can only say that they are all understated. Maybe there is no perfect way to describe the interaction with Alex. What an incredibly nice guy and what an amazing body.
I can't wait to ask for another video... not because I need another video so much as the process was such a pleasure. I've never smiled so much. He had me at ease and laughing - and nervous with anticipation. And it was a very happy nervous at that. I can't recommend enough getting in touch with Alex. The video was perfect and he delivered it so quickly. I'm just overwhelmed! Thank you, Alex. You're just awesome.

to MuscleGod7 on 11 March 2018

Just received a custom video and I'm sure to go for another. Not only is he handsome, ripped and huge - he's a freaking nice guy! HIGHLY recommend any dealings with MuscleGod! Just fantastic in every way.

MuscleGod7 replied...
Bro, thanks heaps for the review. Hope you're well and look forward to the next!

Muscle Worship

to Muscle Worship featuring Tom H on 11 November 2018


There are not enough great words for this guy! Talk about ripped! Some incredible veins and just this cool, cool attitude that you can't take your eyes off of him. His early videos were good - but these latest ones are just outstanding!

Superman Oiled Up

to Superman Oiled Up featuring Tom H on 29 May 2018


Wow! I bought one of Tom H's Superman videos before and it was good but THIS video is great and he's looking incredibly ripped and vascular and just plain awesome. He's flexing hard and the veins are just popping. It doesn't hurt that he's a great looking guy - but couple that with how hard and lean he's looking and you've got and exceptional video. Thanks so much - this was just awesome!

Shredded Muscle God

to Shredded Muscle God featuring Muscular Titan on 9 July 2017


Freaking BEAUTIFUL! And the lat spread stuff he does is awesome... I wouldn't mind having a full library of his videos.

Private Flexing Fantasy

to Private Flexing Fantasy featuring musclebeach on 9 July 2017


Some of the best abs on the site - and he definitely knows how to show them off. Great video.

Muscle Worship

to Muscle Worship featuring alexalexmaster on 9 July 2017


Incredibly handsome - wonderful smile and GORGEOUS body - and knows how to show it off. Can we have more of these muscle worship sessions for alexalesmaster?!

Insane Muscle Veins

to Insane Muscle Veins featuring Kane on 21 December 2016


Again… another stunner. His body is just amazing and what he can make his veins do it outrageous. Highly recommend all of his videos.

Sweet Muscle Duo

to Sweet Muscle Duo featuring Alex and Alex on 5 April 2016


The only reason I don't give this video 5 stars is that I wish Alex and Alex did a little less 'laughing' and a little more serious 'worship.' They're both adorable - I would buy a video of them just sleeping. And they're incredibly charming. But in this video and in their "Bedroom worship" video - they never seem to relax and slow down a bit. THAT would be hot. Otherwise - they're a pleasure to watch. Body wise - amazing… great contrast.

Flex and Cum

to Flex and Cum featuring Kane on 21 December 2016


This guy is just unreal. I would buy any video he made. Excellent.



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