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Most Shredded Shape Of My Life with molertm

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Prepare yourself for 20 minutes of the most shredded muscle you'll ever see. From head to toe this stud is not only huge but so lean and defined that you get to see every detail as he flexes for you. And when he covers his incredible muscles in oil, everything really pops!


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Legs | Oiled muscle


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This man! This video! Both are examples of THE best of what Best Flex has to offer! Molertm is in shredded post contest condition and he’s so PROUD, justifiably so as his physique is ripped, vascular perfection. He embodies the masculine form at its peak and for twenty minutes he displays his muscular beauty, often dropping the towel to better view his glutes and quads, and describes his muscles and conditioning in terms of obvious pride. Not only do I lust for and admire his beauty, I’m also happy for him that his hard work has obviously paid off so remarkably well. He’s not just muscular, but beautifully so and the angles captured as he flexes everything from head to toe, front to back are effing sexy beyond belief! Oh, and there’s oil to be rubbed in too! Lordy!

in2muslmen [24920] on 24 Feb 2022

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It's been said by others but HOLY S**T is this unbelievably good. Shredded is hardly the word and some of the angles he films from are gob smacking. This guy could hold 4 pool cues horizontally between his extremely deep abs (and probably snap them if he flexed)! I've never seen anything like this guy - built, perfect physique, keen to show off and very handsome. I had a series of involuntary spasms watching this and it will have a lot of repeat watches. Can't recommend this enough to everyone. More please!

rupert [4020] on 26 Jan 2022

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There is not much to say about this man, he possesses one of he greatest physiques ever seen on this site, grainy, detailed, deep cuts, beautiful skin, vascularity, the pinnacle of conditioning by a top athlete. His videography is excellent, making him probably one of the top three creators on the site.

harlanny [16846] on 25 Jan 2022

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Holy crap. this is a must buy! it was after his contest, i assume day of because the tan is very much alive and well. constant flexing, you get to see him apply the oil and flex. shredded everywhere. If you are looking for full frontal, he never reveals that, and to my knowledge never has. but Christ all mighty this is good!

thetallg [1362] on 17 Jan 2022

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