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to Joseph Brown on 7 May 2021

A cheat and a liar. I paid him money to do a video, he promised he would do it and if he didn't he would refund me the money. Well he didn't do it and he didn't refund the money. Avoid him

to RyanMoon2 on 1 April 2021

This guy is a pathetic time waster. He agreed to meet a guy for a strength challenge, but never showed up. He is all talk no action. A total lier. Do not trust him

to Kanyebieber on 31 March 2021

Nice guy, easy to deal with and he has a muscular powerful body. You won't be disappointed

to Calin God on 9 March 2021

Just did a show with Calin, man he is big. Great definition, looking really good. Hope to do more with him. Will be good to follow his progress

to RickyMiami on 10 February 2021

Nice guy, easy to deal with and a great muscular body

to Alex Machine on 23 December 2020

Alex is an easy guy to deal with, and he is very patient. I had some problems with payment. But he didn't get angry and just waited for me to get it sorted. He has a great body, and those legs, WOW this guy has the best legs.
I am happy to support him

Alex Machine replied...
Thanks! I hope we'll do it again ???? ????

to Muscle Domination on 18 December 2020

Lier and a scammer. He agreed to do a video with Markus from Romania. I paid a deposit. Markus goes to Bulgaria to meet him, he never showed up. I am fed up with guys agreeing to do things then get too scared and decide not to do it, but they still take your money.
I would not recommend this guy

Muscle Domination replied...
You want meet for 60 euro wasting my time

to Bodyouwant on 14 July 2020

Good looking muscular guy. Easy to with.
But he did sell me a custom video he had obviously made for someone else. When someone makes a custom video for you, you expect it to be for you and you only, not to sell it to other people.
Anyway he is a nice guy, great body, and gotta love those big muscular legs

Bodyouwant replied...
Thanks man all the best

to Muscle Domination on 30 May 2020

Great guy, just did a show with him. He went over the time I paid for. He sure is big and looks really powerful. Be good to see more of him

Muscle Domination replied...
Thanks alot im glad you liked my show

to Rayan Blake on 21 May 2020

SCAMMER. Sent this guy money three days ago for a video. He kept making excuses why he hadn't sent it, I think he never actually did the video. It is a shame he seemed like a good guy. So don't waste you time with him. All talk no action.

to RyanMoon2 on 15 May 2020

Just got a video from Ryan, it was great. He is a good looking big muscular guy. He does great flexing videos, knows how to show off that hot body

to Jaco Silva on 22 April 2020

Real nice guy, easy to deal with. He has a great body, especially those legs. Killer legs one of the best on this site. Great videos, strong muscular guy. I will be buying plenty more from him

Jaco Silva replied...
Thx man !!

to Young Markus on 20 April 2020

I have known Markus for a few years. He is a big guy, easy to deal with, great attitude always willing to please. I like to support him when I can. He is a good guy

to Johnjonnov38 on 18 April 2020

Nice guy, did a good show and was a reasonable price. Easy to deal with

Johnjonnov38 replied...
? ?????? ????????

to RyanMoon2 on 16 March 2020

I paid hundreds of dollars for him to do some videos. They were meant to be videos doing a real challenge with another guy. But the videos were fake, the challenges were not real.
If someone says they are going to do real stuff then it needs to be real, not some fake shit.
I will not be supporting this guy again

to Muscle Domination on 28 February 2020

Big muscular powerful guy. Easy to deal with. Will be coming back for more

Muscle Domination replied...
Thanks for the support hope u Come back for more of my muscles

to Calin God on 17 January 2020

Nice guy, killer body. I have got several videos from him lately. He has really changed over the past year. Used to be difficult to deal with. Now he is really good.
For 20 years old this guy is huge.
Looking forward to seeing more of him

to Max Flex God on 7 January 2020

He finally delivered the video. I am still pissed it took him 10 days to do it. No denying he looks incredible. I think he is one of the most muscular 20 year old guys on this site.
Be good to see other 20 year old guys challenge him.
Glad he came through, it was worth the wait

to Mountain Dog on 5 January 2020

Yes I agree with the other people, this guy is a total loser. He agreed to meet CockyBoy to do a video, it was all arranged date, time, place, then he got scared and never showed up, made some excuse. I think he was afraid CockyBoy was going to overpower him and beat him up, lol
He is all talk no action. Waste of time

Mountain Dog replied...
Fuck you and cocky faggot boy and your stupid video request.

to Max Flex God on 31 December 2019

"tomorrow when the money is into my account bro :) like i said my policy
But dont worry youll have it"
That was Friday, four days later and I still don't have the video. This guy has done this before, he is very unreliable. He has a great body but he treats his customers like crap.
I don't think I will be buying anymore videos from him. There are plenty of other guys that respect their customers and do as they say.
But not this guy.

to Calin God on 6 November 2019

Ok, he got back to me, said he had been on holiday. Would have been nice if he told me this sooner.
Anyway, it did a awesome video, he is looking incredible as always.
Just wish he was more reliable.

to Calin God on 3 November 2019

I have known this guy for a while. He has always been a bit hit and miss. I gave him money for a video over a week ago. Haven't heard from him since. If your thinking of buying a video from him I would give it a miss, he is too unreliable. It is a shame as he has an awesome body

to Quad King on 19 October 2019

If you are into big powerful legs check this guy out, you won't be disappointed. He took a few days to deliver the videos, and his english is a bit limited, but the videos were great. Will definitely be doing more with this guy

to Mike AK-47 on 13 February 2019

Just had a show with this guy. He is one big guy, really friendly easy to deal with. Will be getting more shows from him

to RomanMuscleGod on 29 April 2018

This is a great guy. Always wanting to please with his videos. He puts a lot of effort into them. He is very friendly, I can highly recommend him

RomanMuscleGod replied...
Thank you so much :)

to DavidKonyk on 13 October 2017

This guy doesn't look anything like his pics. He is big and fat, I guess he is bulking. If you are into big fat guys then go for it, otherwise don't bother. Oh and his friend he cams with is skinny, lol

to Jhony on 9 October 2017

Good looking muscular guy. Easy to deal with, willing to please. He has got some crazy hot videos with other guys. Check him out

Jhony replied...
Thank you very much !! my pleasure

to MichaelFit on 6 October 2017

Good looking sexy muscular guy. Did a great cam show for me. Really friendly, easy going. Will definitley be buying more shows from him

to CuteCamBoi on 3 September 2017

Good looking muscular shredded guy. Easy to deal with, love his body. Arms, abs, legs all hard and muscular. Will be getting plenty more shows from this guy. Glad to support him

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks for the kind words!! Love it thanks.

to CrissMyke on 25 July 2017

Real nice muscular guy, easy to deal with, awesome body. He is really shredded. Contact this guy to get a show, you won't be disappointed

to RichardDarell on 20 May 2017

Great guy. Really good looking, nice body. He did me a real nice video, he put a lot of effort into it. Check him out

RichardDarell replied...
Thank you!

to Xander on 3 February 2017

This guy is awesome. He is good looking, muscular, ripped and vascular. He puts on a great show. Contact him and get a show, you won't be disappointed

Xander replied...

to Edmond on 7 June 2016

Really nice guy, great personality. He has a pumped body and ripped. He did a fantastic show and went over the 10 minutes I paid for

to rdy2flex on 6 January 2016

Good looking muscular guy. Did a great show.
Check him out he is a hot guy

to MarkMaty on 2 November 2015

Had a good cam show with this guy. He is in pretty good shape. Did everything I asked, and was friendly.
I would definitely have another show with him

MarkMaty replied...
Thx you alot,was my pleasure

to Alinn WoW on 22 October 2015

This guy is very strange. He want $140 for a 10 minute flexing video. Then called other guys that do videos for less this..
"yeah..losers like shits poor retards
who broke that job
sluty whores"
I think there are plenty of guys out there that look much better than this guy and aren't such nut jobs

Alinn WoW replied...
i hope u will die tonight... loser

to Mike Milan on 2 August 2015

I just did a show with this guy. He is a nice guy and incredible body.
His english isn't very good, and he was having problems with his computer, which is all sorted now, so I think there may have been some misunderstanding with some people.
He did the show and I didn't pay him until he had completed it, and he went way over the 10 minutes I was asking for.
I would give this guy a chance. I was very impressed with him

to Xander Flex on 24 June 2015

Good looking friendly guy. Did everything I asked for in the video.
This guy has amazing legs, gotta check out those legs.
Looking forward to more videos

to DavidMuscle84 on 30 April 2015

Totally agree with the negative reviews here. This guy is a total loser. I gave him $50 deposit for him to do some videos, he never did them and now isn't talking.
Avoid this guy.

to Roy Morris on 24 March 2015

This guy cannot be trusted. I gave him $50 deposit to meet another guy for a video and he never arranged it with the other guy after saying he would.
This guy used to be good but maybe all the roids he takes have effected his brain.
There are plenty of other guys out there that are honest and reliable.
Don't waste your time with this guy

Roy Morris replied...
lol man i told you i will meet that guy but you don't understand me and now you make bad comments about me , LOOK AT YOUR SKYPE WHAT I WRITED AND POST HERE A PROVE, i said i agree just tell me details

to theangeldevil on 23 March 2015

Real nice guy, great body. This guy is willing to please, puts on a good show. I can highly recommend this guy

theangeldevil replied...
Thank you babe!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 16 January 2015

Great friendly guy, super strong, massive legs, gotta check out his legs. He did a great show for me. I can highly recommend him

to aestheticsteen on 29 December 2014

Nice friendly guy, willing to please. Great body, awesome definition. I can recommend this guy.
Looking forward to the next show

to Andrei Black on 18 September 2014

Extremely ripped vascular guy. Incredible size and real nice guy

to CuteCamBoi on 12 September 2014

Good looking great guy. Real nice body, willing to please. Check him out, I can highly recommend him

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks can't wait to do another show!

to AngelinoBoy on 12 April 2014

Real nice guy, he has a super hot body. Cam shows and videos are the best. I can highly recommend this guy for shows

to Aesthetic God on 19 February 2014

Well I never got the refund, but he did do the show and another video which was pretty cheap. He looks pretty good, and the video was well worth it. He's pretty cool

Jason Fit

Nice pic. We are not able to view your profile

1 February 2021

Latin Bull

Looking good dude. Your profile doesn't seem to be working. What is your skype?

30 January 2020


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