Moris Charles

God of Triceps

22, 172cm (5'8"), 90kg (198 lbs)

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God of Triceps


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from armon88 [4430] on 21 September 2021

WOOWWWW!! This man is MIND-BLOWING!!! I just received my custom 20-minute video, and he is in PEAK condition!! I had requested a video with lots of close ups, and WOWW, did he DELIVER!! And in record time- he sent me the video in less than half a day!! The video is in SUPER HI DEF-- every fiber, every bead of sweat is CRYSTAL CLEAR!! As you can probably tell, I'll be requesting A LOT MORE from him!!!

from harlanny [11783] on 10 September 2021

I have been purchasing from him consistently for many months. What a great guy, what an athlete, what dedication. He will be one of the greats. Such intensity, responsive, honest, hard working, achieving greatness through shear hard work and determination.

from parkay [155] on 8 September 2021

I was extremely please with the service i received from Moris. He replied very quickly to my email. Asked me what i wanted to see in my custom video. Communicated with me throughout the process and got it to me very quickly and without a problem. I will be doing business with him again.

from twinno87 [365] on 6 September 2021

Ordered my first custom video off this massive perfect muscle man and it was absolutely AMAZING!!! Great communication from him, friendly, exactly what I asked for and the video was delivered within hours after payment. You have a customer for life my friend and I'm already thinking of ideas for the next one!! Keep on flexing!!

from alex_28 [659] on 25 July 2021

Moris gave me a great video, super claer and high quality. He looks great, a lot of muscles to show and so handsome it hurts! Highly recommended!

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Age 22
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 90kg (198 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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