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to LordZian on 23 June 2018

Fantastic cam show. Great attitude and amazing body. He indulged my requests and teased me perfectly. Would definitely book again.

LordZian replied...
Thx alot! bud

to youngmusclestud on 6 May 2018

Excellent show at market rate. He is huge, is leaning out, and has a beautiful, masculine face which he willingly shows off. He does an excellent cocky scenario and omits derogatory comments if that's not your scene, or includes them if it is! Will definitely hit him up for another show.

to AlphaJ0n on 21 January 2018

This kid provides a great show. He's got a beautiful body and is exceptionally tall. Very accommodating of requests and responsive to feedback during. Would definitely recommend. He's working towards a show so his physique will continue to improve.

to Body and Soul on 18 November 2017

Just had a great show with this gentleman. The transaction was quite straight forward and the show was great. He has an excellent physique, quite lean with a hairy chest and enjoys showing it off. He also had incredible abs and obliques. Will definitely ask for another show.

to theSituation on 14 March 2015

Seriously one of the best shows I've seen. Incredible body, amazing face and fantastic performer. Top notch.

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much. I always do my best! See you soon!

to Alain Lamas on 17 August 2014

Have been around for awhile and have seen some clips of this kid, but had never partaken of a cam show until now. He's amazing. Did exactly what I asked for, which is usually challenging for performers. I was very impressed and totally pleased.

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 27 July 2014

This kid's a beast. Amazing body and beautiful face. Did everything that I asked of him and more. Would definitely recommend.

to MaximusSteel on 25 July 2014

Um, this kid knows what's up. Great show. Incredible body. Added to favorites.

to hotathlet on 24 May 2014

This guy is really, really hot. Highly recommended.

hotathlet replied...
thank you , Scott !

to Flawless on 16 May 2014

This guy really is fantastic. The beard, the face, the body and takes requests. And he is an excellent deal.

Flawless replied...
Thank you very much.

to AngelinoBoy on 5 January 2014

This guy's a stud. Really enjoyed the show. He is confident, into it and accommodates requests.

AngelinoBoy replied...
thanks man ! i enjoy the show too ! see you next time. kiss

to Alex on 10 November 2013

Show was top notch. Incredible physique, incredible face. Very attentive to what I wanted to see and obviously enjoys this work. Couldn't believe it when I saw his profile and you can't beat a name like Gaston!

Alex replied...
Awe thanks!! I love camming and im glad its appreciated and u noticed! :)


James Branson

Muscle boy

22 y/o

185cm (6'1")

99kg (218 lbs)