Young Muscle God

18, 193cm (6'4"), 101kg (222 lbs)

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Young Muscle God


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About me

Hey! I’m an 18-year-old natural bodybuilder college guy living in New York. Bodybuilding is my passion and I’ve been working out for 4 years . I am currently preparing for a competition in novmeber and looking for sponsors and admirers that can help me in my journey to aesthetic perfection. I am very proud of my achievements and enjoy flexing on cam, showing off and getting the praise and reward that I deserve. I’m also a natural-born alpha, so if you are looking for a dominant muscle god I’m your man . My bicep peaks are famous, but I’m totally jacked everywhere. I have insane cuts and vascularity. Check out my abs, back and legs in pics too!I’m fairly new to the muscle worship scene, but I’m an experienced poser and very open-minded and adventurous. Happy to explore most scenarios on cam. Rates may vary depending on what you want. I’m on most evenings EST time. Contact me for Skype shows ALPHAFIT26@gmail.comI will give a quick verification call if I think you are legit, just before show.I also have an amazon wish list []Hit me up, but be warned: you WILL become addicted!when you add me say you found me on TheBestFlex


from dman123dman [280] on 21 April 2019

This guy used to be great, but he now believes his own bs and has become an egotistical jerk. I paid him, then we went silent for 20 minutes so I figured he scammed me and I left. When I logged back on a few days later he said "I told you I was in the bathroom" which was a complete lie that he then admitted when I showed him his own chat back. He then said it didn't matter, that if I wanted the show I had to pay again, that was his "rule". Told him no, I was not going to be extorted. He then went on some self serving rant about how great he is. He started out like many cam guys do, nice and treating the payer as a customer. Then they start to believe their own crap and think they are owed everything. When you forget that we are customers and can take our money elsewhere, and that a reputation will stick, you are soon doomed. Jon Sidoti has gotten to that point. AVOID. he's a disrespectful thief.

AlphaJ0n replied...
mind taking this down and messaging me on skype

from Mark [161] on 11 February 2019

He's just AMAZING, he knows exactly how to manipulate and control you, he knows how to get into your head and own you, he's a LEGEND.

from littlelunch [6574] on 21 January 2019

I write this review two months after receiving it. It is not my first video from Jon but it will be my last.
The custom he did was so appalling bad it is one of only two that I deleted, and believe me I order plenty.
He agreed to re-make and now two months on when pushed he said yes he will make again. The deadline I gave has expired so on top of the poor show he has no idea of how to treat a paying customer with any respect.
He has a great body and attitude in show (as proved in the first video which I gave a great review for) but the wheels totally fell off with this transaction and there won't be any more from me.
Another model to be blocked and forgotten, there are far better on here.
(I gave two stars as, shit as it was, he did make a video. For me one star reviews are for people that can't even to that)

from musclebitch [114] on 22 December 2018

Alpha is right. He is alpha and then some. He figured me out quick and then I was like a toy in his hands. Powerful body. Everything I like to worship.

from NYmuscleFan [8] on 13 December 2018

He was very rude to me when I asked to show verification even by a video chat. He called me a pussy faggot.

AlphaJ0n replied...
hope we can get this fixed , i dont talk that way message me again

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Age 18
Height 193cm (6'4")
Weight 101kg (222 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Other


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