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to Armani Flexxx on 4 November 2020

Finally did a show with this guy, it's hard sometimes with some models because of my schedule, but omg I'm glad I finally did. He didn't disappoint, his body is amazing, muscles, face, everything. If you want to truly see an amazing muscle god, you need to get a show from him!!

to Niko on 18 October 2020

Just did a show with Niko, and OMG he's hot, nice, and big!! I plan to do more shows with him, but he did what I asked and was nice the whole time, loved the show big time!!

to Carl on 20 August 2020

Just did a show with him, a live one, not a video. OMG he is HUGE, all over too :-) Veins galore. He did what I asked in the show and his voice is amazing!! Yes he does look like he does in the pictures. If you want a hot show, hit him up. It was amazing!!

to Roy Morris on 26 December 2019

Listen to the other reviews, I've done shows with him, like years and years ago and never got screwed, but I did this time. Over $100 is what I sent him, and I got screwed. Don't send him money.

to Madison on 29 December 2018

Just did a cam show with him, OMG he's amazing, love his body, veins, muscles, and he's super nice. Some you pay for shows and they're asses, but Madion is nice and was hot to watch. If you haven't done a show with him you should, just watching him flex was enough for me!! Will be returning for more shows!!

to Alex on 7 November 2013

I've only had one show, but it the best show I've ever had. He's amazing, very muscular and super nice too. So all those make it a good show, a very sexy show.

Alex replied...
Awe that was super nice of you to say! :) thanks for the good words and review. Means a lot to me! I have fun and im glad u did too! :)


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