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to daniel carter on 11 January 2018

What can I say Daniel is amazing. Bought two videos in a row from him did exactly what I wanted. Not only his body is insane that sculpted physique I could not get enough of. If you buy videos from anyone buy them from daniel.

to JohnnyMusclex on 24 June 2017

I bought a video from him and he did not disappoint. He was super nice though out and is very easy to talk to. He's got a killer body and aims to please will definitely be buying more from him.

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Thank-you smart, I appreciate the positive thoughts! I'm glad you like the video! :)

to MuscleMessiah on 4 February 2017

I bought a video from this guy a few days ago got it soon after. He is down to earth really easy to talk to. His physique is amazing will be buying more from him.

to daniel carter on 30 November 2016

I bought a custom from this guy and he is amazing. The size of his arms is unreal and and he is ripped af. Will definitely be buying more videos from him his body is perfection.

to Alex on 8 November 2016

It took a while but I got a video from him it was amazing. He is very nice and accommodating and his physique is fantastic especially his arms chest and abs. Will definitely be buying more videos from him.

Alex replied...
I really appreciate the positive review. your support means a lot to me and ill look forward to getting together again! Hit me up anytime!

to CockyBoy on 28 October 2016

Got a video from him he was amazing will definitely be getting another from him. He has a great body.

CockyBoy replied...
Hope you really like and wait for you for more in future, hugs!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 10 September 2016

I meant to post this a while ago. I bought a video from this guy and he did everything I wanted perfectly. His got an amazing body and he was very nice.

to Roland on 3 September 2016

I just have to post about Roland again his body is omg words cannot describe it. He is ripped and his arms are huge. Definitely will be buying more videos of him.

Roland replied...
thank you :)

to Dennis on 1 September 2016

I know it's a little late but I bought a video from Dennis. His physique is amazing and the video was so good. Definitely going to be seeing him again next time.

Dennis replied...
thanks for that review!

to Roland on 1 September 2016

He came through for me did everything I wanted in the video I ordered. It was amazing his muscles and his abs are spectacular. I hope everything is OK with him though. He promised me a bonus video for making me wait so long and I haven't heard anything.

Roland replied...
Thank you sir :)

to Roland on 29 August 2016

I paid him for a video and last Saturday and I'm still waiting on it. Im not saying he took my money I called and saw it was him so I know he's legit. I don't why it's taking him so long to send me my video.

Roland replied...
i will send tomorrow sir im just busy in these days...and will send to you another video for bonus! sorry for the late :)


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