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to Dope159 on 23 December 2013

I bought a custom video from Dope159.
It was amazing. Exactly as described. Those guns are huge and full of power!

Dope159 replied...
thank you very much for that comment! you just need to request and it shall be done!

to Hungry beast on 1 December 2013

Very easy and pleasant to deal with, delivered on the same day, exactly as asked.

His body is amazing!

Highly recommended

to Alex on 24 November 2013

I ordered a custom video from Gaston.
He's a very nice, cooperative guy. Very easy to work with. He likes to make sure that you actually get what you're paying for and man did I get it! The man's very handsome, huge and built like tank! He has an amazing, cocky personality in the video, exactly as I asked to.
I'm very pleased, thanks Gaston, you're amazing!

Alex replied...
Thanks so much for the nice review!! Means a lot u went out of your way for me.

to Doctor9 on 16 February 2013

Looking good! huge guns!

Doctor9 replied...
Thanks! Glad you like them! Still not big enough, but getting there.


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