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to Jake Hunter on 9 August 2016

awesome show!

Jake Hunter replied...
Thank you!

to JCamFlex on 12 July 2016

great show! Honest and did everything I asked him to do. Highly recommended!

to Jason Genesis on 27 May 2016

Very very very friendly and easy to talk to. He's one of the best in the biz!

to Alex on 16 December 2015

What a man! He's all man! Extremely friendly and very very open-minded. He's been away for awhile but is back now so a little patience may be needed because of back-log. 100% Positive feedback. I highly recommend. Rates are very reasonable. Thanks Gaston!

Alex replied...
Dude Mike it was great to connect with you! Thanks SO much for this review it means a lot to me that u went out of ur way for me! Lookking forward to our next show man! :)

to Xander Flex on 22 June 2015

100 % thumbs up! Very easy to communicate with and friendly. Delivers product right on time and open to suggestions. Enjoyed immensely. I will be be doing more shows/vids with him in the future.

to Damian on 30 April 2015

had a short conversation with him on skype. I asked if he was doing camshows? His reply was "nah not really anymore...nothing less then $100..for a request".
It's cool...but nah...not really...don't advertise for camshows and be a douchebag.

Damian replied...


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