Jake Hunter

Cocky, Masculine, Alpha FlexMasterJake / Visiting NC, 2.19-2.23

30, 172cm (5'8"), 72kg (158 lbs)

Raleigh, North Carolina

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Cocky, Masculine, Alpha FlexMasterJake / Visiting NC, 2.19-2.23


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About me

The name says it all. Prepare to be in awe and worship your master. Bringing you the hottest muscle worship/flexing cam shows, videos, and more! It's more than just his sexy body, it's his personality and cocky attitude that will leave you wanting more. Message him on Skype and follow him on Twitter to arrange your own private cam session. And don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel as well for all of his sexy videos. Are you ready to worship? Good, you should be. Contact Jake Hunter today! You won't be sorry you did.

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Raleigh, North Carolina.


from ashsub [125] on 18 February 2019

Had another great show with Jake. His body is definitely improving and getting more definition, while his attitude and voice are still amazing. He's always eager to please and make sure you're enjoying the show, which is why I've done several with him and will keep doing so when he's around!

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks Ash! Always enjoy flexing for ya. Looking forward to the next show!

from SteveShay10185 [275] on 21 November 2018

Just had a live cam session with FlexMasterJake and my head is still spinning. Flawless body, total confidence, and the ability to read what will most push his client's buttons. Perfect combination for a cam god. You'll love doing a session with him.

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for the positive review Steve. Already looking forward to our next show together.

from Jazz614 [55] on 3 November 2018

So I actually did a meetup with FleXMasterJake. And all I can say is omg! This guy is first of amazing at what’s he does. He really know how to be a real master. The dominance, cockiness the list goes on for ever. From head to toe he is amazing. And must say its way better in person. On another note he is super friendly and an amazing person to know. But he really knows how to flip a switch and put you in your place just like that which I love. Will be doing more with Jake very soon and can’t wait to worship him again. Wish I can give him a way higher rating but only allowed to do a 5 lol.

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for such positive feedback on our first meet up. Glad you enjoyed our time together. For sure can’t wait for the next one.

from cx23 [5] on 20 August 2018

Such a pleasure to chat with - and be under the feet of - Jake. Nicely sculpted body, but an irresistible trio of feet, face, and voice.

Jake Hunter replied...
Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. Can’t wait for our next one together.

from youp555 [310] on 13 May 2018

Just had a great show with Jake. He's looking great, definitely put on some muscle and has the same incredible, intoxicating attitude as before. He has a deep voice and good comfort with role play shows. He was very professional, and set up the call quickly. Highly recommend getting a show with Jake!

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks youp555! Always a pleasure doing a show for ya. Thanks for the killer review. Look forward to our next one together.

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Age 30
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 72kg (158 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


Location Raleigh, North Carolina
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