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to Hunter on 21 April 2020

Only fans was a joke and lied about his prices for videos in messages there and in the email I sent.

Hunter replied...
What?? Dude my pricing is listed in my about me section in both my only fans AND on BestFlex..? I literally copy and paste my pricing to everyone.

to Geno on 26 March 2020

He is being very, very difficult. I paid for my custom and video received it. Problem is he sent it to me through direct message and there is no way to download it! Then he keeps telling me "I can try to send it on Skype" well I stumble across his page on this site and another user just posted that he doesn't even have a Skype listed! This is ridiculous I have no way to backup my video!

*Update 11 April 2020*
Finally got the video and it was a hassle. I canceled my onlyfans shortly after.

to Flexmode on 24 March 2020

He already threatened me today but fine. This is another guy on the best flex who screwed me over. The fact that he has "cash master" and "findom" in his profile information should have been a warning to stay away. Now I lost my money and of course he uses a pay method where you can't get refunded.

** Update 26 March 2020**

He is anything but "nice", in fact this thing is a complete jerk. After already paying him he is now threatening to send me to a collection agency!

Flexmode replied...
You did a chargeback after you received the service - so you owe me money.

to King Shredz on 8 February 2020

This profile has to be fake and is using the pictures of a guy who used to have a profile on this site!

King Shredz replied...
Why is it so beyond your weak belief (that can be solved with a simple preview with me) that I har to delete my John guccione account and start this one. Y’all are such little shit starters on here. Go get your cam shoes with the other guys on best flex you get what you pay for I shit on all of them in real life and on here they are ugly AF I seriously don’t give a fuck about YOUR business like I don’t have more regulars than anybody on this network. Your just salty cuz you can’t afford my rate. Keep it moving with your broke lame ass thanks for saving me the energy,

to Max Wood on 8 February 2020

Never got my money back from the time he scammed me! Of course he will deny it like all scammers do!

to Delz on 31 December 2019

Only fans was very disappointing. Once you see one ass picture from him you pretty much see it all.

Delz replied...
Hello! Excuse me, but this page isn't about my onlyfans, so why giving me that rating over here? You can always contact me and tell me your personal wishes to make my onlyfans page better instead of leaving the review on another source which makes absolutely no sense. I still think that my page is worth 10$ per month. Thank you.

to GoldenBoy on 18 December 2019

Was rude when contacting and overpriced onlyfans with low posting frequency.

to Sixpackswagg on 13 December 2019

Received my video from him and he did what I asked. However I won't be coming back. I wish he was more lean.

to AlexBoons21 on 5 December 2019

I knew I should have never added him on Skype. I thought he would do something for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Like have a special on cam shows and videos. He laughed about it and said no. Then he randomly messaged me and asks if I want anything. First I wouldn't even bother and he wasn't open to payment options either. Pretty sure I am not missing anything.

AlexBoons21 replied...
So you’re upset I wasn’t having a “deal”? Thanks for abusing the review system.

to frazermusclegod on 7 July 2019

Over priced and refused to do what I wanted to see. Unfortunately, by contacting him I was put on a "mailing list" and received these "promotions" and notifications or whatever. Maybe you shouldn't force that kind of stuff on people right away!

frazermusclegod replied...
Well I've doing this on & off for well over 5-8 years & your about the ONLY person ever to post a negative: (excluding the people who got scammed by that dickhead who does it for most people on the site). The "mailing list" is actually to illustrate I'm ACTIVE for a period as I'm often not available due to work commitment & schedule. "refused to do what I wanted to see" cmon.. you've got to be kidding me: don't be so childish. You cannot get everything you want in life: if you have the money or not: accept that. I do exactly what I'm comfortable doing, some people more, others less.

to Mark Summers on 2 July 2019

When I saw his Instagram and noticed the picture with "Caleb" and "Jordan" that should have been my first sign to avoid him. I contacted him for a video this morning. He agreed to use the payment I was comfortable with. Then after that I felt like I was talking to a brick wall. He says to me: "I work 12 hours and train and study so my free time is severely limited". That's not my fault. If you don't have time to make videos and do cam shows then simply dont do it and do something else. I've had it with the models on this site and their lame excuses.

Mark Summers replied...
the correct version of this story is I told you iw as at work and would be for 12 hours monday through friday and I would try to respond on my breaks. You didnt like the responces so you didnt buy anything despite my exceptional and timely communication.

to EthanSmith on 1 July 2019

Untrustworthy and waste of my time! I knew I should have never trusted or did business with him! My bank would not refund for me and the app I used to pay him would not help either!

EthanSmith replied...
Bro I contacted the owner of the site and showed him all messages and interactions between us and clearly he thinks I was in the right, you paid me to fill out that application where I sent dick pics, and you paid me for it. I’ll show anyone and everyone screenshots of our interactions. Your reviews are just going to get removed by the page admin again, why even try?

to Rich forever on 20 June 2019

He needs to be more up front about what he is able a to do and can't.

Rich forever replied...
But I never accept something I can not do pls ,I’m very open ,I accept what I can do and make a good job

to ScottAmbrose on 17 June 2019

I still never received my refund or the video I purchased from him. He doesn't answer messages or emails. If you're looking for empty promises he is the one to go to.

to Muscle hunk 3 on 18 May 2019

I do not feel what I asked for was difficult but I guess it was. My video was not good at all. I said don't do not do certain things, and he did them. I'm pretty sure he filmed it on his phone based on the angle.

to youngmusclestud on 29 April 2019

Told me "Can't help ya". Good to know A majority of these guys on this site are difficult and he is one of them.

youngmusclestud replied...
I told you my rate and you said it was too expensive lol

to Luxury Master Model on 28 April 2019

Rude and overpriced.

Luxury Master Model replied...
This guy giving me 1 star because I didn-t want to make him a show for a very very low price! Quality is never cheap my dear

to Max Wood on 14 March 2019

I never received my refund! He just takes your money and ignores you! Why would he be allowed to create another profile!?

to Six Pack Matty on 13 March 2019

I want a refund for the only fans. Total waste of money! This is the second best flex model I purchased a subscription with and did not receive what I paid for! Luckily I refused to do a cam show with him because I would have lost even more money!

Six Pack Matty replied...
What exactly did you pay for? My subscription is $9 a month! The content I post on there is certainly worth it and I also don't delete older posts. What do you expect for $9 a month lol?!?!

to Steven C on 13 March 2019

Unreliable. Difficult to work with. Unresponsive. He needs to take his profile down. I had one can show with him and the camera was positioned horribly. He literally did it on his phone.

to Calin God on 25 February 2019

"dont continue to message me or ill be rude with you ,thats all i have to say"

I am not surprised you would lie. First of all you were the one who kept messaging me and I said no! Yet you continued to bother me!

Calin God replied...
No more to say,he is one who search for me not me search for him

to Calin God on 15 February 2019

This guy is a real jerk just like half of the guys on the best flex. I contacted him months ago and then decided not to. Then he starts sending me pictures constantly. I figured not answering him would give a hint and tell him to go away. No it didn't. So I told him that I do not want anything from him and he tells me to go fuck myself. If you want someone who is going to constantly pester and curse at you when you say no then he's the one to go to.

Calin God replied...
Thats for all customer who contact me,if you dont want anything,dont continue to message me or ill be rude with you ,thats all i have to say

to Stud Max Teen on 13 December 2018

After dealing with some many jerks on the best flex I finally found God of biceps again and he did my video AND he didn't have a problem with it like two certain guys on this site. I also received it quickly too. I hope I can meet him in person someday. i just wish he dressed more like alexalexmaster.

to mrnaturalmuscle on 7 December 2018

This guy is a real douche bag, would NOT recommend.

mrnaturalmuscle replied...
Why ? I don’t even think I’ve done a show for you so what’s the hate for ?

to agaesthetics on 5 December 2018

He sent multiple messages to me trying to get me to do a show I told him no. Now when I would like to get can show or video he doesn't receive messages but logs on frequently. Not surprised.

agaesthetics replied...
I am on skype rn and i havent got any msgs frm u ?

to Armando on 27 November 2018

I did not have a good experience with him. I paid on Sunday for my video and heard nothing back!

Armando replied...
Hi.I have no debts at the expense of the video ,I always otprovlyayut video after the payment of my client.If you have any pretensions, I always go to a meeting .Email me on my email about your order and I'm always ready to make or redo a video.Thank you.

to ScottAmbrose on 23 November 2018

Took my money and never made the video I paid for. I reached out to the payment method and they refused to help me. He doesn't answer messages and logged in recently. This is not fair and I know I'm the only one he did this to!

to ScottAmbrose on 19 November 2018

Emailed Scott regarding the custom video I paid For once again. No response!

to Tyson Carter on 19 November 2018

This was the first and LAST time I ever purchase anything from Tyson! Trying to workout details was a headache because he did not listen to me. If he did then My video would not have been a complete mess. Hhe did not do everything I asked either!

Tyson Carter replied...
Sorry homie, I always appreciate new ideas and ways to improve. Some people just don’t match. I’m sure many of my guys are beyond pleased with how I deliver so I apologize for the misunderstanding in what you were looking for.

to ScottAmbrose on 7 November 2018

Still no update from him. Meaning he took my money and ran. I hate this!

to ScottAmbrose on 31 October 2018

As a90 pointed out. Don't do it. It has been weeks since I sent payment and I still do not have my video! Multiple Email and Skype messages sent and no response! His Skype always reads "Do not disturb"! I am tired of being scammed on this site. I highly doubt I'll get my money back around this point!!!

to ScottAmbrose on 29 October 2018

I sent payment for my video on October 19 and he has not responded to me. Now I have to get my money back!

to Tatted Athlete on 5 October 2018

I wasn't completely satisfied with the video. I had trouble getting it and he didn't do the last part of it.

to John guccione on 1 October 2018

I received my video but I paid for a ten minute video, not a seven minute with people shouting in the background.

to Rippedreaper997 on 17 September 2018

I received my video and it was really nice.

to Rauls Muscle Daddy on 14 September 2018

Are you kidding me you told me you would make the video and agreed to do it! Now you're lying! You never made it and even if you did (which obviously you didn't) you never sent it!

Rauls Muscle Daddy replied...
Did you pay me? If you didn’t pay me then you can expect the video whenever you get the video. Free videos come when I have the time to make them. Paying customers first, then the free ones.

to Rauls Muscle Daddy on 6 September 2018

Never received my video. He is too busy for this!

Rauls Muscle Daddy replied...
There have only been 2 times I haven’t been able to produce a video. One of those times I issued a refund, and it’s on its way. The second time was because the person requesting the video said they couldn’t pay me. I don’t make videos for free. I offer a service, and when you try to squeeze a free video out of me don’t come crying on here that you never got your video.........

to Jason Genesis on 5 September 2018

I got my video and he did everything I asked but some stuff was left out. It's going to be really hard getting the next one and having him do or dress up. He doesn't have certain things like some guys and I feel limited as to what I can ask for too.

to Max Wood on 1 September 2018

It's been almost a whole month and I NEVER received the video I paid for, he ignores emails, ignores skype messages, but has no problem signing on to his profile and uploading pictures.

to michaelmuscle on 1 September 2018

I still haven't received my refund. He had no problem collecting payment and then intentionally signing off skype. He then proceeded to ignore my emails as well.

to Seb Muscle on 1 September 2018

Same exact experience as kitkatng1123, Hlev02, and greyeyes84! He has no problem talking and collecting payment like Max Woods. I paid for a video last weekend and of course AS SOON as payment was collected he ignored my messages and does not answer! He even "forgot" what I told him I wanted for my video and then proceeded to lie to me saying he would make the video the next day! Honestly what really gets me is he had the nerve to ask me to leave a good review. Are you kidding? Once again there is another fraud and a scam on this site! I urge everyone to Stay away from him and look elsewhere! Now I Have to get my money back!

Seb Muscle replied...
I was in the hospital. Thats why was delay. You did get money back.

to Bradley8inches on 23 August 2018

I sent payment for a custom video on Monday he then told me he made it and never sent it. He doesn't answer on skype yet signs in. I sent a flexcheck too and he never responded to that either. He is the third guy on this site to screw with me!

Bradley8inches replied...
I dont even know what a flex check is, hit me up and we can work it out

to Tony D on 19 August 2018

I had a cam show with him about two or three years ago and it was fine despite all the grunting. I tried to work/add with him again a few days ago but communicating with him is like pulling teeth. When you tell him what you want he gets an attitude. I was trying to get a video made because he says he makes them quick and I was telling him what I'd like to see and asking questions so I will get what I paid for. He refused to cooperate stating it isn't about me it's all about him and decided to log off and start ignoring messages.

to Max Wood on 12 August 2018

Just heard back from whom I used to pay him for the video and they are refusing to help!!! Fantastic another scammer on this site!! Do not believe these fake reviews!!

to Max Wood on 12 August 2018

I don't understand all of these reviews especially since I made a video request and paid before these Recent ones. Still have not received the video I paid for two weeks ago! He pretty much stole my money and did not even bother making it!

to Max Wood on 7 August 2018

Paid for a video from Max on August 2. He logs on here and Skype all the time but doesn't respond to messages. He told me Sunday I should have the video no later than noon tomorrow, Monday, that did not happen. He has too much going on and I feel lied to. So I lost more money and have to file a claim. If he couldn't do it or was not able to at all, then be honest about it and say no instead of collecting payment and disappearing.

to Max Wood on 3 August 2018

I asked and paid for a video, more than what I usually paid for and Don't have it yet and no update as to what happened either.

to michaelmuscle on 27 July 2018

It's been a whole week at this point and I have not received my money back! I would advise anyone to look elsewhere!

michaelmuscle replied...
How much reviews you want to write ?! I have sent you a vid !

to Young flex on 24 July 2018

I got one video from him that was good and what I wanted. The second was not what I wanted and I tried to get in touch with him to change it because I did not want to do what I told him to do anymore. Then he blames me for sending it too late. I literally sent it moments before you were about to send it to me. Now I am stuck with a bad video. Didn't bother redoing it or even making up for it. He went out instead. I'm done.

to michaelmuscle on 23 July 2018

Everything is not fine. He refuses to refund me after I have asked him twice. He signed off as soon as I sent payment. Do not trust him and now I just lost money!

michaelmuscle replied...
I have tell you what is happened, look at the first reply

to ScottAmbrose on 23 July 2018

I know a lot of people are going to get stuff from him now, my video was really good and he made it fast too. He's also nice and responsive. I'm still kind of weary but I do trust him to deliver.

to michaelmuscle on 23 July 2018

Same situation as jakeandrews. Messaged him today to get a video and he signed off as soon as he collected payment. He did give me a preview and then disappeared. Avoid him at all cost!!!! Site admin needs to take down his profile!

michaelmuscle replied...
No men, my Skype was down and wants work. I have write u an message. Now you will get it, if u come online :) All fine

to MKMuscles on 5 July 2018

I think he's going to leave for good soon but I did enjoy my cam show with him, payment is kind of hard for me but we did agree with one method for the first one I had with him. He did everything I asked and more.

to AlphaJ0n on 13 June 2018

I gave up recently and I'm just going to echo what others have said from the experience I had recently, he's rude and I'll be looking elsewhere. I wish things could have turned out differently.

AlphaJ0n replied...
no comment

to AlphaJ0n on 7 June 2018

I personally have had a fair experience with him but he just is not around and is doing all of these other things. I would have given him 3 but he did surprise me with a skype call and said hi and stuff (and like I said I have had no huge problems) which I liked. Idk I'll stick around but I might move to someone else, I truly liked what he did for me in the past but I just prefer cam guys who are around more and not as busy.

AlphaJ0n replied...
i do agree this is the summer looking like this i spend a ton of time working on my body

to Flexmode on 15 May 2018

I really like him. I just hate how he won't do certain things because he thinks its "gay", I see guys flexingmuscles (sebik213) posting pictures in briefs and Flexmode won't do cam shows or stuff in those. Besides that, I do like his voice and when he spends time on skype with me, I'll still go to him.

Flexmode replied...
Hey, what is your Name in Skype? I just dont know who you are now because i cant remember such discussion about that

to TheFlexMaster on 15 May 2018

I like him, but he might be too alpha for me. He did what I asked which is nice.

to MuscleGod1995 on 28 September 2017

This is really frustrating, Metgot was able to make things work and I cant. Last time everything was fine and he was even better than Travis who scammed A lot of people. After what we agreed to he disappeared then he came back and explained what happened. I was skeptical about trying again because of it, but so far he's the only one who was able to do everything I wanted and now I can't get in touch with him again and he used PayPal

MuscleGod1995 replied...
Seriously another bad review? You said I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING YOU WANTED. I told you what happened. Get a life and stop blowing up my page with bad reviews. You are the only person to write a bad review. Everyone else speaks highly of me. Your request is not reasonable.

to AlexBoons21 on 21 September 2017

Same as rubeng2016 not a good experience and would not agree. Maybe in the things will change later

AlexBoons21 replied...
Contact me and I'll resolve the issue for you free of charge.

to MuscleGod1995 on 18 August 2017

Doesn't reply to emails.

Did not follow through with agreement as I mentioned before.


to Young flex on 26 July 2017

He's done What I ask in the past but honestly he is too busy for this or at least in my experience with trying to contact him and he always rushes.

Young flex replied...
I'm not sure I recognise ur skype name? Are you sure its me you're trying to reach? Because I havent had a message from someone with that name...

to MuscleGod1995 on 10 July 2017

I am taking back my positive review. We had an agreement and he did not follow through with it, at this point I am not surprised with the guys on this site.

to MuscleGod1995 on 10 July 2017

I really like him and he has done what I asked but all of his info is gone?!

to Young flex on 2 July 2017

My first one was great. Trying to get in touch with him a second one. So far not so great.

Young flex replied...
Hey sorry been away recently I am free whenever now :)

to Aesthetic prince on 31 May 2017

I have to agree with BDson I had the exact same experience tonight

to daniel carter on 30 May 2017

I don't understand how he was able to work a payment method out with someone else on here but for me for some reason he refuses and chooses to ignore me, despite Saying yes he would accept them AND my many efforts to contact him. When I know he is online and reading messages. Awesome good to know.


He definitely doesn't look like how he used to, at least to me.

7 April 2020


Him having a gf/wife ruins the fantasy.

7 April 2020

Diesel Derrick

Instagram link does not work.

13 December 2019

Muscle hunk 3

Yea I have a hard time believing he is 18

12 May 2019


I will never forget how rude he was to me when I tried to work with him!

27 November 2018

Golden Boy

Rude when contacting him.

4 October 2018


He's always done what I asked

8 August 2018


Still hoping he comes to Missouri ????????

6 August 2018

Young flex

I hope he's coming back, before I wasn't thrilled with his stuff but I did like what I did get

22 June 2018


I wish he was more comfortable showing his face, he did it once for me.

7 June 2018


I want to know if anyone got cam shows him in briefs because he would not do it for me when I asked him!

23 January 2018


ridiculous deletes bad reviews and comments.

22 January 2018


Max Flex

big sexy guy is ready to fulfill your fantasies

22 y/o

170cm (5'7")

87kg (191 lbs)



25 y/o

177cm (5'10")

102kg (224 lbs)