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to Muscle hunk 3 on 17 May 2020

This guy is more than just a prodigy being 18 and looking that good. He's a genuinely nice guy and treats his clients well. He gets to know what they like and is up front as to whether it is something he can or cannot do. I would highly recommend him and if I lived closer to him, would be friends with in a minute.

to Mr Latz on 15 May 2020

Reconnected after a long time and he is even more in tune with what his customers want and frankly, need. Always a class act and very good at what he does. No sense in settling for something else when the GOAT is available.

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks my man! Was great reconnecting with you Siri I had a Lotta fun looking forward to it again.

to Ragingbeast on 13 May 2020

If I want to rate this guy 10 do I just do two 5 reviews? :) He is absolutely genuine and amazing to look at. I think he is what this site was intended to do - show admirers what real muscle is supposed to look like. A nice guy yes, but he does have that attitude that comes with knowing you possess something other people want to see and enjoy. He and I have been trying to connect for a while and it was worth the wait.

to Hunter on 29 April 2020

Amazing show and equally amazing body and attitude. Worth every penny.

Hunter replied...
Thank you for your review :) Looking forward to the next one!

to Mobster Muscle Don on 8 April 2020

Quickly caught scamming people and now gone. Thankfully.

to Brock Knight on 16 January 2020

Top notch cam show. He really got into it and made me feel like I was there with him.

to LDeMao on 18 November 2019

I recently purchased a cam show and it was not going as I had hoped so I ended it and figured, it simply was not a connection. He didn't scam me at all. As a matter of fact, he refunded most of the money because I was not happy. I didn't expect that so, I wanted to state here that he is very honest and wants to do a good job. I would recommend him based on that.

to Diesel Derrick on 3 November 2019

This kid is amazing and even though I assume is pretty new to doing cams, does the best job I have ever seen at getting into character and staying there until the end of the show. He listens and does exactly what you want. I'm sure if you crossed a line with him, he would let you know in plenty of time so you wouldn't be disappointed. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and isn't the type to start scamming people. Give him a try. He is worth it.

Diesel Derrick replied...
Thanks for the review !!

to JuicyJ on 17 September 2019

Too hard to get a show set up.

JuicyJ replied...
sorry you feel that way, but I am prepping for my next contest, which includes a lot of time doing other things. I can not drop a training season with my coach or be late to a commitment just to do a cam show. if you kindly would email me and REQUEST a time like us adults do these days

to Bryan Long on 3 September 2019

Without question the best model on this site. He stays in character yet he is accommodating. It took a while for our times to line up but it was worth the wait. If you want a good no BS show, contact Bryan today. I have had shows from dozens of guys and he is so far above anyone else it's sad.

to FlexMasterJoe on 15 July 2019

Great kid and a great show. I would highly recommend him and trust me, he is honest so the bad review is someone with hurt feelings.

to Jaysen Warner on 15 July 2019

Jaysen is first and foremost a really nice guy. He has this way on getting in your head and making things come to mind that you secretly try to avoid, or do you? He is dominate and that is not always a physical trait, it can be mental and he is the master at it. His voice makes goose bumps come up on my arm and the back of my neck. He is worth every penny and does the quality show that one would expect.

Jaysen Warner replied...
Thank you! I work hard to deliver a good show!

to benmuscle23 on 14 July 2019

I cannot believe I never did a review for Ben after our show. Guy is completely cool and hot af. His voice is pretty intense as well. He’s worth a try!

to Willy on 24 June 2019

Really good guy on top of being easy to look at. He asks the right questions and does his best to please you. He is probably one of the top 3 on the site.

to Caleb on 7 June 2019

Caleb is one of the best and most respectful performers on this site. He listens, is 100% honest and wants his customers to be satisfied. I have done about 5 shows with him and they are always spot on.

to Tyler King on 7 June 2019

Amazing body and attitude. He did a great show for me and proved is honesty.

to Master Brad on 3 April 2019

Total unprofessional dickhead.

Master Brad replied...
I have no idea who you are all my customers have been extremely happy with me

to FlyAsh Flexum on 19 March 2019

Guy was amazing but has not been back and not on at all. Too bad, he was good.

to DannyRockmore on 24 February 2019

I dare you to try Danny without getting hooked. He is amazing and one of the best on here.

to Caleb on 24 February 2019

This guy knows what he is doing and is honest in his business. There should be more guys like this on the sight instead of the low class scammers taking advantage. I would give Caleb a 10 is I could.

to themind on 11 December 2018

Save your time and money. Kid is a jerk and has no desire to do shows.

themind replied...
I have no idea who you are....

to FlyAsh Flexum on 30 November 2018

Dude is amazing. Knows how to send a guy away knowing his place.

to Tatted Athlete on 12 November 2018

One of the few guys on here who does the type of show you ask for if he is comfortable with it anf makes you feel like he is in the same room....he is that good.

to The1AndOnly on 6 September 2018

I'll gladly be the first to rate this guy. Extremely nice and upfront. If you like someone who listens and replies honestly then this is your guy. He is very nice to look at but in person or on cam he is even better looking than his pics. Give him a try. I'm a tough critic and this one gets all good marks.

to Musclefreak1234 on 29 August 2018

If you like hot Latino boys, you cannot go wrong with this guy. He is a. Ice guy on top of being well built and sexy.

to Magic Maki 1 on 24 August 2018

Be cautious, too many red flags dealing with him trying to arrange a show.

to Tatted Athlete on 8 August 2018

There is no way for me to write a review that explains what a good guy he is or how he genuinely wants to do a good show. He is patient and confident in a sly way. He hasn't been doing shows very long but I will say he is the best I have EVER had. He's one of a kind. If I could give him 10, I would.

to Aestheticnubret on 30 July 2018

Be very cautious. All the signs of a scammer.

Aestheticnubret replied...
if i was not real ehy did they authorized me to be on this page with my id and photos

to DannyRockmore on 9 July 2018

Owned me from the start and was so on top of the game. How have I not had shows with him before?

to AlphaJ0n on 27 June 2018

Guy has serious issues. He is only here to scam and I question those positive comments. He's not a well person. Messed up,in the head and uses threatening language.

AlphaJ0n replied...
this has to be the same guy writting all bad reviews .

to Teenmuscle18 on 21 May 2018

Kid is a clown. Scammed me.

to Mike Long on 2 May 2018

Amazing guy, really does what you ask and makes it realistic in terms of a scenario. He is definitely worth the time and money.

to AlphaJ0n on 16 March 2018

Pass on this guy. Time waster and then bugs off after you pay.

AlphaJ0n replied...
dont have time to talk all day after not my problem

Muscle hunk 3

Always looking fresh

14 May 2020


There is a law about looking that good at 20. I know - I looked it up!

13 May 2020

Jostin Savage

I could stare at that for hours

3 May 2020

Muscle Armi

Amazing view

30 December 2019

Mr Latz

Those quads make my knees buckle

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Intense boy next door

12 August 2019

Nick Masterfield

no words.....

9 August 2019

Ultimate God

Hot af

22 July 2019

Bryan Long

Tempting AF

15 July 2019

Beautiful Keith

OMG stopped me in my tracks.

15 July 2019


Good genes in that family

24 June 2019


Beach patrol.

7 June 2019


Those nipples

17 December 2018

Italian Stallion


12 October 2018


I've got next!

7 September 2018


Yes please!

6 September 2018

Magic Maki 1

Well Dayum

23 August 2018



19 August 2018


Not a bad view at all

8 August 2018


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