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to Caleb on 12 May 2018

Master of performance and great communication. Says exactly what you need to hear, flexes his great proportions!!! Will need to be back soon!

to Tom H on 16 January 2018

The most exceptional man I have ever seen. He is perfect in every way. Always a pleasure to deal with him!

to Asmodeus on 4 November 2017

I've had 2 shows with him. He is very dominating alpha with a demonically hot young body. Commanding and clever...

to Asmodeus on 31 October 2017

Truly a sinful pleasure. His energy is so commanding and he knows just how to play with your mind!

to Tom H on 8 August 2017

Massive beefy slabs of sculpted beef. This man has a commanding presence as powerful as his rock flesh.
He is such a great guy to deal with, I highly recommend Tom H.

to Tom H on 1 June 2017

I have been dealing with him for a while now. He is always very kind and professional. I cannot believe that such a perfect body is real!! He always sends videos and he deserves your support so get in touch with him, you will be amazed!!!

to Tom H on 19 April 2017

His body is godly, the hard muscle flexing under tight skin. The power is bursting out of him like a super hero!
He also plays perfectly to the camera, he knows exactly what he's doing.
He is a true master of muscle and i feel very lucky to have seen his videos and his amazing body.

to Tom H on 9 April 2017

Tom H is a statue of masculine power and muscle.
I bought videos from him and I just watch him flexing over and over.
This man is truly perfect in every single way!

to Dreamcaster234 on 30 April 2016

Jaden is such a powerful paradox!
A God of flesh and raw power...
But also a demon of shadow and control!

I would warn you to stay away or he will enslave you... But its already too late. Get in touch with him now and submit to real alpha power!

Superman Muscle Worship

to Superman Muscle Worship featuring Tom H on 11 July 2019


Gods body does the talking! This is the best and the worst. I’m so jealous of the hands!!!
With Him the strength in His silence is always overwhelming!

Bathroom Flex and Worship

to Bathroom Flex and Worship featuring Tom H on 21 May 2019


How is HE real? I'm so glad he is tho!
Strong silent power will capture your attention!

Bedroom Muscle Worship

to Bedroom Muscle Worship featuring Tom H on 12 April 2019


If I lost my sight it will be ok because I will never see anything more perfect than this video. Tom is a dream made real, godly meaty flesh, and so kind with his body!!!!

Super Shredded Hunk

to Super Shredded Hunk featuring Tom H on 24 March 2019


Best Super Shredded Hunk. What honor to watch Him become a huge muscle super star!

Shredded Hunk Flexing

to Shredded Hunk Flexing featuring Tom H on 13 March 2019


There is NOTHING better than watching TOM H flexing up close. The veins and muscles pump and move in the most addictive way!

Huge Shredded Hunk Lives Across The Hall

to Huge Shredded Hunk Lives Across The Hall featuring Tom H on 30 January 2019


Tom H is the most muscular and handsome man I have ever seen, he has total mastery over every striation. If this stud lived across the hall and walked into my door like this I would kneel and surrender my apartment to him, pay his rest, cook his food...


Exceptional super human being!!!

12 May 2018


Tom H

24 y/o

185cm (6'1")

102kg (224 lbs)