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Private Flex Show

to Private Flex Show featuring Adonis on 6 June 2019


Not sure where this guy gets his 5-star ratings from. Some other site, apparently.

Hairy Muscle God Shower

to Hairy Muscle God Shower featuring JohnnyMusclex on 6 June 2019



Alpha. Pure Alpha. Pure Grade-A , Richter-10, USDA-choice Alpha.

Another video, John. Soon. Please, sir.

Cocky Flexing

to Cocky Flexing featuring Muscleman on 6 June 2019


Not sure what arrogance prompts these models to believe that they can upload any old piece of crap they've got onto this website and charge for it, but I'm gonna call this guy out.

The claim that this is a 1440x1080 HD video is a goddam lie. It's 640x480 AT THE VERY BEST, probably less. The sound sucks, and the dude is obviously using a webcam from the 1990's that can't auto-focus. He evidently thinks that he's so hot that nobody would notice. That's an error on his part.

If you think he's hot enough to squander twenty-five bucks for a video that's so crappy that most guys wouldn't download it for FREE, be my guest. But remember, you were warned.

And this guy is no Alpha. Or Beta. You're looking at Gamma-quality stuff here.

Shirt Rip and Flex

to Shirt Rip and Flex featuring Ares on 6 June 2019


This is the LAST time I get ripped off by this "Ares" dude. "Ares", as you probably know, was the ancient Greek god of bore.

This guy thinks that all that's required to make a video for sale is to stand in front of someone using a cell phone as a camera and squirm a little while running his hands over himself under shitty lighting conditions. And apparently, he's right -- at least one other fellow got suckered into buying this junk, so "Ares" got his production costs back, at least.

If you think the guy's hot, you'll probably take the risk of buying the video, only to find out (like I did) that our boy Ares has better downloads for FREE on other sites.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Muscle Hunk Cums

to Muscle Hunk Cums featuring Ares on 6 June 2019


WTF??? I had to run this video twice to make certain it wasn't a put-on.

This model is getting a reputation for making overpriced videos featuring crap content. In this case, he lays in bed looking bored shitless for ten solid minutes while running his hands through his hair. Yeah, real hot. You get one camera angle throughout the video -- it's got a breathtaking view of the soles of his feet, but nothing else.

Here's a boy who obviously spends his life getting by on his looks alone. If Ares doesn't start putting some semblance of effort into his videos, folks are simply going to give his videos a pass on the basis of their bad reputation alone, instead of risking getting ripped off (as I was).

And as you will be too, if you make the mistake of buying this video.

Naked Flexing

to Naked Flexing featuring Ares on 6 June 2019


The video starts out fairly well with three minutes of slow pumping exercises -- not bad, but then the guy puts the weights down and spends six entire minutes lovingly caressing himself. He might have been enjoying himself, but you won't.

The horrible lighting and low resolution cap off a video that shows no imagination, effort, or production quality whatsoever.

What a waste of a beautiful body. Skip this show -- it's ludicrously overpriced for such shoddy quality. You can download better stuff free from dozens of other sites on the Net.

Bedroom Flexing

to Bedroom Flexing featuring Roberto on 6 June 2019


We've got a one-trick pony here -- biceps flexing over and over and over and...

This video shows nothing but a complete lack of imagination and effort. He got my money, true, but don't let him have the satisfaction of getting yours.


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