Shirt Rip and Flex featuring Ares

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Teasing you with his sexy tank top, you can already sense the incredible muscles that are hidden under it. When he rips it off and reveals his full physique, you want to get in close and experience every inch of his perfection.


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from Westermann [730] on 6 June 2019

This is the LAST time I get ripped off by this "Ares" dude. "Ares", as you probably know, was the ancient Greek god of bore.

This guy thinks that all that's required to make a video for sale is to stand in front of someone using a cell phone as a camera and squirm a little while running his hands over himself under shitty lighting conditions. And apparently, he's right -- at least one other fellow got suckered into buying this junk, so "Ares" got his production costs back, at least.

If you think the guy's hot, you'll probably take the risk of buying the video, only to find out (like I did) that our boy Ares has better downloads for FREE on other sites.

Don't say you weren't warned.

from Buck700 [560] on 16 March 2019

Ares is a king among men. His incredible physique, sculpted to perfection, commands the utmost respect. Ares is the epitome of masculine beauty - a rare find. Watching him flex his massive and defined physique is like watching art in motion - simply stunning!

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