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to HornyIrishStud on 11 March 2018

Wow he is amazing in role play i should have ask for more and for the price he give so much he made me feel so week and i was really in his play just buy you wont regret

to Sixpackswagg on 3 January 2018

He make a great role play video for me I couldn't ask for more

to HornyIrishStud on 2 January 2018

I ask him to made a custom video and i reveive it fast and even that he was making sure i know wjere he was in the conception of the video and the little wait was worthing it because that was so amazing

to Caleb on 2 January 2018

Simply amazing he have is own video site and he gave a fantastic service and that body its just amazing maybe sculpt by the god

to robertinho on 2 January 2018

He is kind and honest just be patient he worth it

to CockyBoy on 6 August 2017

I had one great video with Alex after i send im money and he gave me some sign 2 weeks after saying it will be ready in less than one weeks but he said that one month ago and he do not answer me after at least 20 messages and he block me on Facebook so i cant remember him that i paid. For real th camera quality is bad too .
Sincerly Alex is not kind as he seem
William Dionne

CockyBoy replied...
i dont know who you are and with whio you talked with, probably with the fake account on skype, i was away for 1 week 1 month ago how you saied it ( vacation time for me ) and could not log in on skype so check the details again and mesage me on skype. and i only use instagram for messege from members you have the link in my BIO, xoxo see you soon


The biceps are so big they go over the mountain wow so much workout in that body

14 March 2018



Caleb / Scrappy

24 y/o

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I am a nice guy and i wait you !

23 y/o

182cm (6'0")

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Young muscle god

22 y/o

182cm (6'0")

109kg (240 lbs)